This 8-Foot Egg-Shaped Barrel Is Redefining Aged Gin

first_imgCitadelleGin is typically an unaged spirit. However, for a few years now, distillers have been letting their juniper botanical batches relax in wooden casks, much like a fine whiskey — hence the recent rise of barrel-aged gins. Other than a difference in flavor, these gins are characterized by a golden, straw-like color as opposed to the original clear.This artisanal process of resting gin was spearheaded by French gin maker Citadelle. In 2008, its creator, Alexandre Gabriel, released Citadelle Réserve, a modern-day aged gin matured in wooden casks. In its current iteration, Citadelle Réserve is aged in five different barrels, then completed in a bizarre, 8-foot wooden egg.Citadelle Réserve marked the first aged gin in nearly a century. It’s safe to say, Gabriel lit the spark that set off the renaissance of aged gin. (We’ve even seen fellow non-aged spirits like vodka and tequila being sent to the barrel for a timeout.)But back to this 8-foot egg. The Best New-School Kentucky Distilleries Today, Citadelle is the only French distiller in history to use this yolked-up cask method, which has the potential to redefine the aging process. After Citadelle Réserve ages for five months in these five different wooden barrels — acacia, mulberry, cherry, chestnut, and French oak — the gin is blended together and put into the egg-shaped oak barrel, where the spirit is kept in slow, perpetual motion.This final step gives the product its light color and elegant, smooth texture. The egg also intensifies the citrus notes of Citadelle Réserve Gin and creates a softness in the mouth. Hello, classic gin martini.Citadelle makes use of 19 botanicals like star anise, almonds, cardamom, violet, fennel, and others, plus three extra: yuzu, cornflower, and genepi. The taste, good lord, the taste. We bet you’ve never sipped a gin with this aroma and complexity, but stays true to its juniper origins.CitadelleGabriel says his passion has always been reviving complex gin production methods from the past, so there’s no wonder he went after a barrel-aged gin. Centuries ago, glass was too fragile and expensive to house gin, and plastic and stainless steel weren’t options yet, so product was transported in wooden barrels. Citadelle’s egg design is a modern (and patented) take on the tradition (sorry, Bombay).While “barrel-aged gin” still isn’t defined by the United States Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (the three categories are Distilled Gin, Redistilled Gin, and Compounded Gin), the trends continues to grow. Citadelle Réserve Gin has attracted acclaim from the San Francisco Spirits Competition, World Spirits Award, and Gin Masters, to name a few.It really is egg-celent. (Sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves.) Editors’ Recommendations 5 of the Best Aged Tequilas to Drink When the Weather Cools Down center_img 10 Best Gins Under $20: Just Add Tonic 11 Best Gins for a Refreshing Gin and Tonic Dictador 2 Masters Takes Luxury Rum to a New Levellast_img read more

Don Julio Releases Reposado Double Cask, Its First Innovation in 6 Years

first_img Editors’ Recommendations 5 of the Best Aged Tequilas to Drink When the Weather Cools Down William Grant and Sons Launches New Single Malt Whisky Brand All the New Whiskies You Need to Drink This Fall Highland Park Releases 2 New Limited-Release Bottles Tequila producer Don Julio recently announced new additions to its portfolio in the form of a new expression and a new program for tequila lovers. The new expression — a limited-edition release named Reposado, Double Cask and the brand’s first new product in six years — gives a nod to Scotland while the reposado cask program serves as an homage of sorts to the company’s founder, Don Julio González.What we’re trying to say is if you like reposado tequila, strap in! Don Julio has got some good stuff coming your way.Reposado, Double Cask starts life just like the usual Don Julio Reposado: maturing in American White Oak barrels for eight months. After this period of aging, Double Cask is finished in Buchanan’s Blended Scotch Whisky casks for an additional 30 days. The resulting product is a rich, complex tequila with Scotch whisky overtones to it.According to master distiller Enrique de Colsa, he spent three years trying out different casks from the Diageo portfolio (a beverage company that owns Johnnie Walker, Tanqueray, and Captain Morgan, among others) until he came across the Buchanan’s. “I found that finishing the tequila for one month in casks used in the making of Buchanan’s Blended Scotch Whisky allowed me to create a tequila that perfectly balances the core flavor of Tequila Don Julio as well as the signature flavor of Buchanan’s Blended Scotch Whisky. It’s an incredibly unique flavor profile that is excellent enjoyed responsibly neat or on the rocks,” de Colsa said.In addition to the new expression, Don Julio also unveiled the Reposado Private Cask Program. Starting in the fall of this year, 300 limited edition barrels (all selected by de Colsa) will be made available to retailers to be sold in the store with accompanying personalized certificates of authenticity. These casks were aged for two additional months (10 in total), which is five times longer than the minimum amount a reposado tequila must be aged. The decided on Reposado because it was the first variant that Don Julio González distilled under his name.Tequila Don Julio Reposado, Double Cask will be available beginning summer 2018. It will retail for around $60 and will be found nationwide. If you are interested in learning more about the Private Cask Program, you can visit the brand’s website.Once you’ve gotten your new tequila, make sure to master these essential tequila cocktails with it! 9 Best Spirits For Spiked Apple Cider last_img read more

4 Chefs Share Their Favorite Football Game Day Food

first_imgFood is a quintessential piece of the football season and perhaps no one knows that better than chefs.With the National Football League season on the horizon, we chatted with several chefs, who are also huge football fans, about their favorite game day foods at NFL stadiums and tailgates, then figured out the best way to translate those to the couch, the parking lot, or wherever you find yourself watching your team.Fried Cheese CurdsLauri Patterson/Getty ImagesWho: Nick Korbee, executive chef of Egg Shop, New York CityAllegiance: Green Bay PackersGo-to food: Fried cheese curdsNick Korbee Egg ShopHardcore Packers fans are cheeseheads and they take that to heart at Lambeau Field’s concession stands, Korbee says. He’s quick to order a plate of fried cheese curds, topped nacho-style with cheese and pickled jalapeños.“Super unique to Wisconsin, but they’re super easy to do at home,” he elaborates. “You can find them almost anywhere, so a simple tempura batter from a box works really well in a quick fry with vegetable oil.” Top them off with plenty of salt and pickled jalapeños, then enjoy with a beer.Korbee says if normal cheese curds aren’t available at the local store — or you simply want to time to take it up a notch — cheeses like manchego, smoked mozzarella, young gouda, or aged provolone would work.He’s also fond of Lambeau Field’s “Horse Collar 22-inch kielbasa” topped with beer cheese and sauerkraut. “It’s way over the top, and if you don’t know what it is it probably sounds thoroughly disgusting, but I’d do it at home,” he admits.Polish SausageBrent Hofacker/Getty ImagesWho: Tony Galzin, chef/owner of Nicky’s Coal Fired, NashvilleAllegiance: Chicago BearsGo-to food: Polish sausageTony Glazin Danielle AtkinsBeing from the South Side of Chicago, Galzin is naturally a big fan of a Polish sausage, but it has to be done the right way. “I just feel like the Maxwell Street Polish is so iconic to Chicago,” he says. “Just the preparation of it: griddled onions on the flat top, soft French roll, and usually yellow mustard, with the sausage split in half and charred, cut-side down.”Every time he’s at Soldier Field, he makes sure to grab one. He’s also trying his best to bring that classic dish to Nashville. Galzin says its actually easy to do at home: slice the Polish sausage in half but keep it attached, putting it cut-side down on a cast iron pan over medium-low heat then slowly caramelizing it before kissing it on the other side.As for mustard, it’s important to keep it straight yellow. “It doesn’t bring the nasal-y heat like a Dijon and it’s not sweet like a whole-grain,” he explains. “It’s more about the vinegar in the yellow mustard, that’s the biggest component. The yellow mustard has a vinegary cut through the fatty pork; that’s why it’s so complimentary and also why I don’t like ketchup — it’s so sweet. Not what you want on a Polish or even a hot dog.”Philly CheesesteakYuri Long/FlickrWho: Dave Anoia, chef/owner of DiAnoia’s Eatery, PittsburghAllegiance: Philadelphia EaglesGo-to food: Philly cheesesteakDave Anoia Hannah Schneider CreativeAnoia says there’s nothing like a good Philly cheesesteak while watching a game, as it offers the same handheld convenience of a hot dog or burger, albeit a little messier. “But you’re jumping around, drinking beer, cheering — a little mess is OK,” Anoia adds.Without question, Anoia takes his with cheese whiz. He says it adds both the cheese and a nice complimentary creaminess that can replace mayo. At home, Anoia encourages you to grab a ribeye, slice it as thin as possible (it’s alright if it tears), and saute it up in a pan before grabbing a soft roll — bread makes the sandwich, he says. As for the cheese wiz, homemade is fine , but some things, like many condiments, are just worth buying packaged.While tailgating, he’s a big fan of beer-braised brats (Anoia likes a nice robust porter) on a charcoal grill. Braise until warm on the inside then move to the grill for nice marks before topping with mustard and a bit of giardiniera. “Not too much, you don’t want to lose the flavor of the beer,” he details. “Otherwise you might as well do it with water or Coors Light.”Fried ChickenSFC on NBC/TwitterWho: Darryl Harmon, executive chef of Slate, New York CityAllegiance: Philadelphia EaglesGo-to food: Fried chickenDarryk Harmon Clinton HallHarmon is a fan of stadiums making their way toward fancier, more innovative foods. At Philadelphia’s Lincoln Financial Field, he noshes on the “Slim Chicken,” a chicken breast with a Frosted Flakes crust, sharp cheddar cheese, and ghost chili honey glazed bacon served on an apple fritter. Harmon also points out Yankee Stadium for serving up fried chicken sandwiches from chef David Chang’s Momofuku.“I think everyone is reinventing a chicken sandwich for game days,” he explains. While the “Slim Chicken” might be a bit ambitious for a home cook, Harmon says to just put a nice crispy chicken breast on a sliced glazed donut with a simple butter compound. How to Make a Cuban Sandwich, According to Chefs WhistlePig Teams Up With Four Chefs on a New Whiskey Editors’ Recommendations Understanding Diets and Dieting with Shawn Wells 10 Top Shelf Vodka Brands that are Actually Worth a Damn The Burger Show’s Alvin Cailan Shares His Burger-Making Secrets last_img read more

Inside the World’s 5 Sleekest Capsule Hotels

first_imgMost hotels attempt to woo travelers with a long list of amenities. Japanese-inspired capsule hotels instead take a different tact. They provide clean, modern, and most importantly, cheap accommodations provided guests are willing to sacrifice on space — a lot of space.°C EbisuTokyo, JapanFrom the city that both invented and popularized the capsule hotel, Tokyo’s ℃ Ebisu is a textbook example of these stripped-down accommodations. Located in the capital city’s popular Shibuya district, the newly renovated hotel has everything most travelers want and nothing they don’t. The design feels like something out of Blade Runner with long, raw wood hallways and coffin-style “rooms” whose only features are a tiny LCD TV, a telephone, and a handful of electrical sockets for guests to charge their electronics. Common amenities are limited to a laundry room and a Finnish-style sauna. Average nightly rates start around USD $35, but guests can opt for a quick nine-hour “nap stay” for half that. In a city with one of the highest costs of living in the world, it’s hard to beat the price.inBox Capsule HotelSt. Petersburg, RussiaSt. Petersburg’s new inBox Capsule Hotel splits the difference between a capsule hotel and a traditional hostel. While it offers budget-friendly private rooms, guests looking to save big can opt for the SmartBox. The dorm-style rooms house between six and 16 individual sleep pods. Each one offers a semi-private experience with individual climate control and a roll-down shade to deter the prying eyes of roommates. The design is sleek and minimal throughout, and the location puts guests in the heart of one of Russia’s most iconic cities for around USD $20 per night with breakfast included.Capsule Hotel LucerneLucerne, SwitzerlandSwitzerland is impossibly expensive for many travelers. But, the opening of the new Capsule Hotel Lucerne could pave the way for a more wallet-friendly experience. The hotel sits on the edge of the city’s historic old town, occupying the fifth floor of the Hirschengraben Coworking and Innovations Space. It’s an ideal location for digital nomads who want convenient access to the city and the ability to work in a communal environment. More traditional-style hotel rooms are available, but the big win for budget travelers is the capsule option. Each private capsule is air-conditioned and features clean linens, a mirror, a safe, mood lighting, high-speed Wi-Fi, and universal power outlets. Bathrooms with lockers and showers are also provided. The stark white cosmonaut-inspired design feels perfectly plucked from a cheesy, made-for-TV, SyFy channel movie, but the nightly rates start around €42 (less than USD $50) — a rare bargain for Switzerland.ZIP by Premier InnCardiff, United KingdomNew for 2019, Premier Inn is bringing their first ZIP concept to Cardiff, Wales. At roughly 90 square feet, individual rooms are larger than those in a capsule hotel but far tighter than in a traditional hotel. All feature a flexible bedding setup allowing guests to configure there’s with a single bed, twin single beds, or a larger, double bed. Modest storage space and an en-suite bathroom with a rain shower are provided. Fast Wi-Fi, 24-inch flat-screen TVs, and universal power outlets are available as well. Room rates start around $25 per day.Pangea Pod HotelWhistler, British ColumbiaIf there are two things Whistler is known for, it’s world-class skiing and stratospheric hotel prices. Newly opened Pangea Pod is looking to change the latter for the better. Every capsule — er, pod — here features a clean, minimal layout and a design that’s bold, futuristic, and organic. All offer a double bed, a privacy curtain, locally sourced artwork, and shelving plus soft LED lighting, a locker, and ample electrical/USB charging ports. It’s everything you need, nothing you don’t. Since guests are likely to be packing their own outdoor gear, the hotel provides storage space for bikes, skis, and snowboards in the “Toy Box.” The onsite Living Room restaurant/lounge and The Rooftop Patio are ideal spots for après-ski cocktails in the heart of Whistler Village. The best part is that nightly rates start at under USD $100 for mid-week stays. World’s First Luxury Space Hotel Promises Climbing Wall, Low-Gravity Basketball Courts Editors’ Recommendations Deep Sleep: The World’s Most Incredible Underwater Hotel Rooms A Pop-Up Hotel Is Coming to the North Pole in 2020 Sleep With the Wolves in Canada’s Parc Omega There’s Never a Bad Time to Visit Whistler, the Four-Season Outdoor Playground last_img read more

How to Ride a Horse Like a Proper Gentleman

first_img Is Calisthenics Right For You? A Guide to Bodyweight Workouts How to Smoke Meat: Everything You Need to Know How to Change a Light Fixture Without Getting Shocked A Beginner’s Guide to Road Biking Possessing basic horse-riding skills means you can travel where vehicles can’t while holding your own in high society. It’s also a killer man-skill and exhilarating as hell.English-style horseback riding. Emir Memedovski/Getty ImagesRowan Tweddle, senior equestrian coach at The Equestrian School at Gleneagles, describes it as “the ultimate experience of mindfulness … On the back of a horse, you are in communication with a half-ton of power that can carry you at speeds of up to 25 mph and jump over a meter off the ground, yet will rest its head in your arms on the ground.”Below, Tweddle breaks down the basics of horseback riding for gentlemen. The Gleneagles Hotel in Scotland where Tweddle teaches is a five-star luxury hotel with three championship golf courses, an award-winning spa, and the only restaurant in Scotland to hold two Michelin stars. So yeah, you’re learning from the best.English Riding vs. Western RidingYes, there is a difference between Western riding and English riding, aka doing it like a gent. English Riding is actually harder (sorry, Eastwood).Western-style horseback riding. Southerlycourse/Getty Images“Western trail riding is a more passive experience with a chair-like saddle and horn arrangement that hold the rider firmly in place,” says Tweddle. “Typically, Western trail ride horses follow each other in a line with little input from their rider. English-style riding requires more balance and skill as the saddle is very much flatter and there is no horn to hold. The rider needs to guide the horse with the legs, body, and hands.”“English-style riding requires more balance and skill … The rider needs to guide the horse with the legs, body, and hands.”How to Pick the Right HorseFor first-time riders, Tweddle suggests picking a horse that, for all purposes, is chill. “Temperament is of paramount importance; the horse should be calm and non-reactive to unintentional signals that the first-time rider may give. The horse should also be an appropriate size and build for the rider’s weight, as a rough guide a rider should be no more than 10 percent to 15 percent of the horse’s body weight.”How to Saddle UpHave someone help position the horse with its left-hand side at a mounting block or a step that is at least two feet high.Take up the reins in the left hand and place the left foot in the stirrup iron, with the right hand holding the front of the saddle.Stand up on the left stirrup, swing the right leg up over the back of the saddle, and lower gently onto the saddle.Both feet should be put into the stirrup irons. The helper may adjust the stirrup leathers so your leg has an angle at the back of the knee of slightly more than 90 degrees and check the girth is secure.Sit straight up with your seat in the deepest part of the saddle. The stirrup irons should be on the ball of your feet, in line with the knee, and with the heel slightly lower than the toe. The reins are held one in each hand with the thumbs on top pointing forwards and the smallest finger behind the reins. There should be gentle contact on the reins through to the bit which is in the horse’s mouth.How to SteerTo go forward: Squeeze the horse with the calves.To slow down: Tighten the muscles of the seat and thighs while gently applying a little pressure down the reins.To steer: Turn your head and body in the direction you wish to go so the horse can feel the weight change on the saddle. Then, press the horse’s side with the leg you wish the horse to move away from, and at the same time open the reins away from the horse’s neck in the direction of travel. For example: left leg presses and right rein opens to turn right.Loop Images/Chris Reeve/Getty ImagesHow to CommunicateRiding is “two-way communication between a predator and a prey animal,” Tweddle explains. “Learn to listen to your horse and ask; don’t bully. Remember, the horse will find it easiest to carry you and so can respond better to your signals if you sit up, engage your core, and be careful not to make contradictory signals.”Riding is “two-way communication between a predator and a prey animal,” Tweddle explains. “Learn to listen to your horse and ask.”What to WearTweedle suggests, “Sturdy shoes or boots with a smooth sole (cleated soles can become caught in stirrup irons) and a protective helmet that conforms to current standards. Long trousers are preferable over shorts, and the rest of the outfit can be selected merely to suit weather conditions.”Protecting Your Nether RegionsYou may be thinking, “How long should I ride before needing to protect my guys?”According to Tweddle, gentlemen do not need any special protection apart from “a snug pair of elasticated underpants, a smooth-striding horse, and a sympathetic instructor.” This combination “will ensure there is no threat to unborn generations.”However, he also says general muscle aches will occur after horse riding as it would with any new sport. “These will dissipate as the rider attains fitness,” Tweddle assures. How to Play Pool Like You Know What You’re Doing Editors’ Recommendations last_img read more

Croatia and Slovenia Custom Tours – JayWay Travel

first_imgWritten By: JayWay Travel  We go back a long way with Croatia, because this gorgeous country on the Adriatic was where we started. This is our tenth season arranging custom tours to Croatia for guests of all budget levels and age groups, from honeymooners to seniors and from budget-conscious to five-star luxury. As we’ve expanded our map over the years, Slovenia has become another favorite of our guests, with the charming capital Ljubljana and the Julian Alps region, and specifically Lake Bled the major draws. JayWay’s Custom Tours allow our guests to shape their own itineraries while we take care of transportation, guides and accommodations, maximizing sightseeing time and removing the stress. The must-seesCroatia and Slovenia have outstanding sights, both natural and man-made. Here’s a run-through of the most popular locations in our custom itineraries. DubrovnikDubrovnik has become a major port of call for Mediterranean cruises and with good reason. The Old Town is spectacular from any angle. While the cruise ships do cause some crowds in the high season, we help our guests avoid them. The best time to be in the city is after the crowds have left, but there’s plenty to do in and around the city that avoids them. SplitThe Roman Emperor Diocletian built his retirement home, a palace, right up to the sea in Split back in the 4th century AD. Much of it still stands, a testament to the solidity of Roman architecture and the Croatian reverence for antiquity. Some of our favorite hotels in Split are built right into the walls of the palace. That exposed old stonework seems to connect you with the city’s rich past. HvarEurope’s self-styled sunniest island is popular with the yacht set, film stars and big name recording artists, but that doesn’t mean it has lost its authenticity. You can choose to rub shoulders with the rich and famous in one of the few five-star hotels, or experience a more local way of life by staying in an apartment. Outside of Hvar you can explore rugged countryside on an off-road tour, and the incredible Pakleni archipelago makes for the perfect boat trip. Plitvice LakesA UNESCO World Heritage Site and a place of outstanding natural beauty, this is Croatia’s first National Park. A stroll around this flawless environment where the only modes of transport are electric powered boats and land trains is one of the highlights of the country. We recommend staying the night then visiting the park first thing in the morning. RovinjDating from the time of the Venetian empire, Rovinj is by far the loveliest town on Croatia’s Istrian peninsula. It’s an excellent base for exploring the interior of the peninsula, often referred to as Croatia’s Tuscany, with hilltop villages like Motovun and Groznjan. To the south is the port city of Pula, notable for the Roman amphitheatre and the lively fresh food market. LjubljanaThe capital of Slovenia has a population of under 400,000. Its Old Town, tucked beneath the castle hill and complete with a river running through it, makes this one of our favorite small cities anywhere on our map. The numerous cultural and culinary influences here make our food tour a hit with everyone, showcasing the regional cuisines of the whole country. Lake BledWe’re not sure if there’s a more picture-perfect lake anywhere, complete with a church on an island and a beautiful location watched over by a castle. Bled is the ideal place for some light exercise, either cycling around the lake or renting a row boat to reach the island. Oh, and did we mention the signature cream cakes you can reward yourself with? What’s a JayWay Custom Tour Like?Our happy guests say it better than we ever could: “Every step of the way, JayWay was there to plan, customize and perfect our trip. The personalized service, the expert advice and guidance as well as attention to detail helped make our honeymoon in Croatia feel seamless. Plus, their online portal, with trip itinerary and detailed info on our destinations, was absolutely incredible. A+ service and experience.”Candice & Jonathan from New York, NY “Our entire trip was personalized and exceeded our expectations in every way. The accommodations that JayWay has chosen afford comfort and a true taste of Croatia. Everyone from the owner, Jay, to the ground manager Marija in Croatia and the drivers did everything in their power to be of help and assistance with great professionalism and kindness.”Ann & Kaylyn, from Pennsylvania “JayWay made our honeymoon planning so carefree: once we got to Croatia we knew everything was already taken care of! We enjoyed all of the extra excursions and insider knowledge suggested to us as well as the hotels and apartments we stayed at. To think of planning a trip of this magnitude while also planning my wedding was overwhelming. I am so very thankful for JayWay and the team that helped make our honeymoon so memorable.”Holly & Michael, Boston, MA And a comment from one of the many travel agents whose clients we’ve arranged trips for: “I found your company very easy to work with. You took all the time we needed and you were so good about helping pull all the pieces together to create the exact vacation my clients were looking for. Hopefully we will work together again in the future when I have clients looking to go to Croatia or any of the other countries you offer.”Jacki Hanson of JH World Travel If you’d like to hear that kind of appreciation from your clients, get in touch. We specialize in hand-crafting tours and our local teams throughout Central and Eastern Europe are on-hand to ensure that your clients’ trip will go perfectly.last_img read more

Transport Ministry Looking at Infrastructure for Disabled Road Users

first_imgThe Ministry of Transport, Works and Housing, through the National Road Safety Unit, is looking at putting in proper road infrastructure to ensure the safety of disabled persons.The measure is in keeping with the ministry’s commitment to provide safe and reliable services for all road users. The Papine area of St. Andrew, which houses a number of institutions that serve the disabled community, will be targeted for improvement.“We are looking to ensure that the traffic environment is safe for persons. So one of the things we are looking at, is to put in the necessary infrastructure to ensure that the disabled community in Papine is able to have a disabled-friendly environment,” said Director of the Road Safety Unit in the Ministry, Kenute Hare.Mr. Hare was speaking during a recent interview on the Jamaica Information Service’s (JIS) Issues and Answers programme.Meanwhile, he noted that efforts are being made to have the new Road Traffic Act in place this year.The amended Act will ensure that road safety issues are addressed according to 21st century requirements. It will, among other things, deal with the use of mobile phones while driving, and also cover the use of in-car devices such as DVD players.Once the new Act is passed, driving schools and instructors will be required to be certified by the Island Traffic Authority and adhere to an approved curriculum, which will address issues such as defensive driving.The country recorded a total of 258 road fatalities for 2012, some 49 less than the previous year, and for the first time in over a decade, achieved its ‘Below 300’ target.last_img read more

PM Honoured With Key to Portmore

first_imgPrime Minister, the Most Hon. Portia Simpson Miller, was on Friday, June 28, presented with the key to the Municipality of Portmore, in a civic ceremony that was the highlight of a week long celebration of the municipality’s 10-year anniversaryw.At the function held at the Power of Faith Ministries, the Prime Minister was honoured for her invaluable contribution and service in assisting Portmore to achieve municipal status while serving as Minister of Local Government and Community Development in 2003.Expressing gratitude and delight at the special recognition, the Prime Minister said she was honoured to be marking the special milestone with the residents.She noted that as Portmore celebrates its 10th anniversary as a municipality, it can look towards an even brighter future, as the area stands to benefit from some major investment projects being undertaken by the Government.She cited for example, the planned Caymanas Logistics Centre, located close to the municipality, which is part of the Logistics Hub Initiative.The Prime Minister encouraged the Municipal Council to plan for and position the municipality to take advantage of opportunities that will be created by the hub.“I encourage you to begin preparing your young people to acquire the necessary skills training and certification to take up the jobs when they are created from the investments in the hub,” she said.She noted too that the municipality can celebrate the fact that at Naggo Head, some 750,000 square feet of factory space will be developed into an ultra-modern technology park with the potential to employ some 13,000 persons.She informed that already, one investor, in anticipation of the opening of the technology park, has booked the first 100,000 square feet in the facility.The Prime Minister noted that the community has come a far way in 10 years and encouraged the council and citizens to reflect on the journey and plan for the future.The event was celebrated with pomp and pageantry with marching bands heralding the Prime Minister’s arrival and a guard of honour mounted by members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF).Several members of the diplomatic corps; councillors; government officials and scores of students, also attended the event.CONTACT: ANDREA BRAHAMlast_img read more

2017 Festival Queen Recognised By Rotaract Club of St. Andrew

first_imgMiss Jamaica Festival Queen 2017, Dainalyn Swaby, has been awarded by the Rotaract Club of St. Andrew (RCSA) for outstanding contribution to their community and club service projects during her reign.The 25-year-old Festival Queen, who created history by being the first winner from the parish of St. Elizabeth, was recognised by RCSA at The Knutsford Court Hotel in New Kingston recently.President, RCSA, Sherika Watson, said Ms. Swaby has been one of the most instrumental persons in the delivery of projects for the Club within the last 10 months, and, as such, the Club decided to award her.“Ms. Swaby exemplifies what it means to be a true Rotaractor. She gives ‘Service above self’. Immediately after she was awarded as Queen in 2017, she has been to most of our Club’s meetings and she has also participated in most of our community service projects. She has also brought a unique Jamaican vibe that empowers and uplifts the spirit of our youth in the Club, which brings well-needed motivation,” Ms. Watson said.“She is very energetic. She is engaging. She loves to tackle and discuss issues affecting our youth, and she has been trying to find ways to create meaningful solutions to their negative situations,” she added.Ms. Swaby was inducted as a member of the Club on March 7. At the awards ceremony, Ms. Watson also announced Ms. Swaby’s appointment to the Board of RCSA as Professional Development Director for the 2018/2019 Rotaract year, which started on July 1.last_img read more

Ulstein Designed Vessels Nominated for OSJ Awards

first_imgzoom The deepwater construction vessel ‘Aegir’ and the installation support vessel ‘Siem Moxie’ are nominated for OSJ Awards. Both are designed by ULSTEIN.The two ULSTEIN designed vessels are listed as nominees for the Offshore Support Journal 2014 Awards. Additionally, 3 of the 4 nominees for the OSJ Shipowner of the Year Award are ULSTEIN clients (Eidesvik Offshore, Island Offshore and Pacific Offshore). The winners will be announced at the 2014 OSJ Gala Award on 19 February in London. Votes can be submitted till 14 February.The installation support vessel ‘Siem Moxie’, an ULSTEIN SX163 design, is nominated for the Offshore Renewables Award. The vessel is a unique windfarm support/installation support vessel, specially designed and equipped to allow quick and safe ‘walk to work’ access to offshore windturbine foundations and offshore platforms. The design marks a new milestone for ULSTEIN, as it is their first design for the offshore renewables segment to be built. The ship is currently under construction at the Fjellstrand yard.The other ULSTEIN designed nominee is Heerema’s deepwater construction vessel ‘Aegir’, competing for the Support Vessel of the Year Award. The ‘Aegir’ (link to product sheet)’, a customized ULSTEIN SOC 5000 design, is a versatile vessel that allows for quick change between various operational modes (J-lay, reellay, heavy lift). She has the unique capability of being able to execute complex infrastructure and pipeline projects in ultra deep water, while offering sufficient lifting capacity to install platforms in relatively shallow water. The range of operational modes allows its clients to execute projects with less vessels and sailing time, making a contribution to sustainable operations. My location Print  Close 此页面无法正确加载 Google 地图。您是否拥有此网站?确定 Ulstein Group, February 4, 2014last_img read more

World’s Largest PCTC Enters Service

first_imgHöegh Target is the first in a series of six Post Panamax vessels under the company’s New Horizon design. The remaining five PCTCs in the series are expected for delivery throughout the next 18 months.The vessel has a higher door opening than Höegh Autoliners’ current vessels, enabling cargo up to 6.5 metres high and 12 metres wide to be loaded.Extra ramp strength allows for cargo weighing up to 375 tonnes to be loaded over the stern ramp and 22 tonnes over the side ramp.Höegh Target will service East Asia – Europe trade. zoom Höegh Autoliners took delivery of Höegh Target, the world’s largest Pure Car and Truck Carrier (PCTC) with a deck space of 71,400 square meters and carrying capacity of 8,500 car equivalent units.last_img

Scorpio Tankers in Potential USD 536 Million Newbuilding Deal

first_imgzoom Scorpio Tankers has ordered two MR product tankers and two Handymax product tankers at South Korea’s Hyundai Mipo Dockyard, with options for up to six more MRs and six more Handymaxes which could push the total newbuilding order to USD 536 million.The contract price for the MR product tankers is approximately USD 34.5 million, and they are scheduled for delivery in the first and second quarter of 2017.The contract price for the Handymax product tankers is approximately USD 32.5 million, and these vessels are scheduled for delivery in the second and third quarter of 2017.If ordered, the optional 12 vessels would have fixed delivery dates and fixed prices.The new orders were disclosed in the company’s results for the second quarter and the first six months of 2015.Scorpio reported net income of USD 57.6 million for the three months ended June 30, 2015, compared to a net loss of USD 0.6 million for the three months ended June 30, 2014.The improved net earnings in the second quarter pushed the company’s income for the first six months to USD 98.3  million, compared to USD 52.8 million reported for the same period a year earlier.The improved net income is the result of an increased vessel revenue in the second quarter, which at USD 188.5 million jumped more than threefold compared to USD 57.5m recorded in 2QFY2014.Vessel revenue for the first six months of FY2015 was USD 349.2m, compared to USD 134.2m reported for the same period a year earlier.World Maritime News Stafflast_img read more

NextDecade Looks to Build LNG Terminal at Port of Cork

first_imgzoom LNG development company NextDecade has signed an agreement to investigate the development of a new floating storage and regasification unit (FSRU) and LNG import terminal at Ireland’s Port of Cork.Under the terms of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), the potential development at the Port of Cork would receive LNG from NextDecade’s planned Rio Grande LNG project in South Texas.NextDecade believes the Port of Cork facility could support imports of up to 3 mtpa from RGLNG.“The MOU commits the parties to undertake exclusive negotiations to develop the LNG import project,” NextDecade said. The development would provide “competitively priced energy solutions” to Ireland and its regional partners under long-term contracts.In late 2016, NextDecade agreed with FSRU provider FLEX LNG for the joint development of a full value chain infrastructure solution utilizing FSRU and dockside regasification import technology. FLEX LNG will be supporting the company to provide a fully integrated regas import solution for the proposed LNG terminal at the Port of Cork.The company is in discussions with European energy companies to enter into long-term purchase contracts for delivery of LNG at the Port of Cork.Additionally, NextDecade will manage shipping from its proposed RGLNG export facility at the Port of Brownsville in South Texas to the Port of Cork.last_img read more

Diana Shippings Capesize Scores Higher Rate

first_imgzoom Greek dry bulk owner Diana Shipping has entered into a time charter contract with Geneva’s SwissMarine Services for one of its Capesize dry bulk vessels.M/V Norfolk was hired at a gross charter rate of USD 13,250 per day, minus a 5% commission paid to third parties. The 164,218 dwt vessel will work for a period of minimum twenty-one to maximum twenty-four months.Diana Shipping expected the charter to commence on December 1, 2017.M/V Norfolk is currently chartered to Singapore-based Trafigura Maritime Logistics at a rate of USD 12,000 per day.This employment is anticipated to generate around USD 8.35 million of gross revenue for the minimum scheduled period of the time charter.Diana Shipping’s fleet currently consists of 50 dry bulk vessels, including 4 Newcastlemax, 14 Capesize, 5 Post-Panamax, 5 Kamsarmax and 22 Panamax ships.last_img read more

Vopak Wraps Up Sale of Amsterdam Hamburg Terminals

first_imgzoomIllustration. Image Courtesy: Pixabay under CC0 Creative Commons license The Netherlands-based tank storage company Royal Vopak has completed the divestment of its terminals in Amsterdam and Hamburg to First State Investments.Unveiled in April this year, the transaction involving the terminals in Amsterdam and Hamburg is worth about EUR 600 million (USD 655.5 million).The move is said to be in line with Vopak’s strategy focused on industrial, chemical and gas terminals as well as strengthening its position in Rotterdam and Antwerp.At completion, the transaction generates a cash inflow for Vopak of approximately EUR 555 million. The total exceptional gain after taxation will be around EUR 190 million, to be recorded in the third quarter of 2019, according to the company.With regards to the terminal in Algeciras, Vopak said it is in discussion with the current minority shareholder in this terminal to dispose of its 80% share interest.The stake in the 403,000 cbm facility would be sold for the same purchase price and terms and conditions as agreed with First State Investments, Vopak added.last_img read more

Event Celebrates Nova Scotia Filmmakers

first_img Film and television fans will have the opportunity to see some ofthe province’s best work on Saturday, Nov. 1 and Sunday, Nov. 2as the Atlantic Film Festival partners with the Nova Scotia FilmDevelopment Corporation for A Celebration of Nova ScotiaFilmmakers. The two-day film festival, programmed and sponsored by the filmdevelopment corporation, will screen several Nova Scotia produceddocumentaries, television series and feature films including thedocumentaries The Shag Harbour UFO Incident, Tough Guys, SoulSearching for the Blues, and Cecil’s Journey. Television series to be screened include The Classical Now (whichwill be airing on Bravo), highlights from the mini-series Storiesfrom the Sea (to air on Discovery Channel), an episode from TheChef at Large series aired on the Food Network, and an episodefrom the third season of Teletoon’s animated series Olliver’sAdventures. Also screening is the episode that Showcase networkviewers chose as the funniest of the Trailer Park Boys series.The feature film New Waterford Girl rounds out the schedule. “The Atlantic Film Festival has been introducing a number ofactivities, such as alFresco filmFesto and ViewFinders:International Film Festival for Youth, to extend its activitybeyond the nine-day event in September and is pleased to partnerwith the Nova Scotia Film Development Corporation to showcasesome of Nova Scotia’s compelling and entertaining film andtelevision,” said Gregor Ash, executive director of the AtlanticFilm Festival. The Atlantic Film Festival is one of the premier Canadian filmfestivals of the year, with an international reputation thatattracts filmmakers from across the country and around the world.Every September, an ever-increasing number of film fans andindustry delegates converge onto Halifax to experience thefestival, which features an entertaining and aspiring collectionof short and feature-length films from Canada and beyond. “We are pleased to partner with the Atlantic Film Festival toshowcase locally-grown film and television productions,” said AnnMacKenzie, chief executive officer of the film developmentcorporation. “The film development corporation invests in manyhigh quality Nova Scotia films and television shows and it isexciting to be able to showcase some of these projects to a homeaudience. Not only will the audience have the opportunity to viewsome of Nova Scotia’s best, they will also have the chance tospeak with the filmmakers about their experience making theseproductions.” The Nova Scotia Film Development Corporation is a provincialCrown corporation reporting to the Minister of EconomicDevelopment. The corporation provides a range of programs andservices to build the capacity and competitiveness of theprovince’s film, television and new media industries. The screenings will take place on Nov. 1 and Nov. 2 at the EmpireTheatre in Bayers Lake Business Park. Screenings will run from 6p.m. to 8 p.m. and from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. on both evenings. Checklocal listings for exact screening schedule. Admission is free. Tickets are available at the offices of theNova Scotia Film Development Corporation and the Atlantic FilmFestival. N.S. FILM DEVELOPMENT CORP.–Event Celebrates Nova ScotiaFilmmakerslast_img read more

Province Supports Job Creation in Valley

first_imgAn Annapolis Valley juice producer is modifying its productionline to accommodate for single-serve juice and beverage products,making more work available in the region and securing markets forlocal fruit growers. The province is investing up to $500,000 in an innovation loan atthe Greatvalley Juice plant in Port Williams. When the plant’sproduction line for single-serve juice and beverage products isin full operation there is the potential to create 14 full-timeequivalent positions. “The additional production means new opportunities for workersand local apple producers,” said Economic Development MinisterErnest Fage. “We are pleased that we can help the company branchout into the single-serve marketplace.” “The agriculture sector is so important to the Valley region andthis expansion is integral to its continued growth,” saidAgriculture Minister Chris d’Entremont. “Adding value, by havingthe products packaged here, will help producers find more securemarkets for local juice apples. That’s good for everyone.” “The management of Greatvalley Juices is pleased to have enteredinto an agreement with the province of Nova Scotia,” said SylvainMayrand vice-president of operations for A. Lassonde Inc. Jay Johnson, director of operation for Greatvalley Juices, said:”With the financial assistance provided by the province, we areworking to determine which single-serve juices and beveragescould be produced in the Port Williams facility that will bestfit the needs of the company as a whole.” “Taking this seasonal operation to year-round status willstrengthen the apple processing infrastructure in Nova Scotia,”said Dela Erith, executive director of the Nova Scotia FruitGrowers’ Association. Greatvalley Juices is a division of A. Lassonde Inc. of Quebec. The five-year loan is forgivable if payroll and job maintenancetargets are met.last_img read more

Swearingin of Cabinet MLAs and House of Assembly Opening

first_imgA new provincial cabinet will be sworn in on Tuesday, June 27, at 11 a.m., at Province House, Halifax. Members of the Legislative Assembly will be sworn in during a ceremony at 9 a.m. on Thursday, June 29, at Province House, Halifax. The House of Assembly will convene later that morning, at 11 a.m., to elect a new speaker. The speech from the throne will be read by Lt.-Gov. Myra Freeman at 2 p.m. -30-last_img

Judoka captures Team Nova Scotias first medal

first_imgA judoka from Halifax fought to claim Nova Scotia’s first medal at the 2007 Canada Winter Games in Whitehorse, Yukon. Matthew Vaughan won three matches Tuesday, Feb. 27, before losing the title match to Sergio Pessoa of Quebec to capture a silver medal in the 60 kg category. “I’m proud of my performance — I lost a good fight to a great opponent,” said Mr. Vaughan. “It’s always nice to put in a good performance for your province, and I hope it’s only the start for Team Nova Scotia.” In other judo action, Colby MacNeil of Port Hawkesbury finished fifth in the 73 kg category, while Chrystal Penney of Port Hawkesbury also placed fifth, in the 52 kg class. The judo team has a chance at more medals today and tomorrow. All of Team Nova Scotia’s archers have qualified for quarterfinal competition. In the women’s compound event, Nicole Theriault ranks sixth and Rhiannon Wyatt 13th. Nicole set a new national record for her age category. The 14-year-old is competing with archers five to seven years her senior. In the men’s compound event, Jeff Ryan ranks second, while Shane Rafuse stands 14th. Blair Kane and Michel Maillet both qualified for men’s recurve quarterfinals. Team Nova Scotia’s shooters narrowly missed medals in team air pistol competitions with Joey Selig and Richard Macaulay placing fourth, and Sarah Ackermann and Tiffany Blaauwendraat fifth. Shooters will compete in air rifle competition today. The men’s hockey team is 1-3 and plays Manitoba today. The women’s curling team is 2-2, defeating Nunavut and Yukon, and losing to B.C. and Saskatchewan. For more results and upcoming events, visit the team’s website at . Team Nova Scotia 2007 has 290 members — 213 athletes, 36 coaches, 23 managers, three artists and 15 mission staff. The Canada Games is the country’s largest amateur multi-sport event. More than 3,600 athletes, coaches and managers are gathering in Whitehorse to compete for 1,122 medals in 22 sports from Feb. 23 to March 10.last_img read more

Province Offers to Buy Portions of Irving Land

first_img The province has offered to buy more than 21,000 acres of land in western Nova Scotia with significant ecological, recreational and heritage value to Nova Scotians. The land is owned by JD Irving Ltd., which is selling 170,000 acres through sealed bids. “Our goal is to ensure that as much of this land as possible remains accessible to Nova Scotians,” said Natural Resources Minister Carolyn Bolivar-Getson. “We’re offering to buy lands with a full range of values to the province, while at the same time we are doing what is affordable as a government.” The province has offered to purchase lands of high priority to Nova Scotians, including: forestry and resource lands; recreational areas for hunting, fishing and canoeing; lakes and rivers; conservation lands for protection; and the New France heritage site, also known as Electric City. “I met with Jim Irving last weekend and made it clear that the land was of great importance to Nova Scotians,” said Ms. Bolivar-Getson. “I also expressed that we look to JD Irving Ltd., as a good corporate citizen with a long relationship with Nova Scotia, to partner in our efforts to protect this land.” The minister said that she believes the offer is reasonable and will be taken seriously. “I am pleased the Environment Department could assist in preparing an offer to purchase lands that will help meet the province’s goal of legally protecting 12 per cent of Nova Scotia’s land base,” said David Morse, Minister of Environment. As part of this process, government listened to many groups, including the Mi’kmaq. This decision is a step towards responding to their concerns. The province has learned that the Nature Conservancy of Canada is negotiating separately on five parcels of JD Irving-owned land in western Nova Scotia. The lands are not included in the sealed bid process but are known to be of high conservation value. “I am very pleased that the Nature Conservancy of Canada is engaged in buying land,” said Ms. Bolivar-Getson. “I’ve spoken with federal Environment Minister Jim Prentice about the sale, and he expressed keen interest in federal involvement in a land purchase of Irving land near Kejimkujik National Park.” Government is purchasing the land through the current budget. A map showing the areas which the province is bidding on is available at .last_img read more