BC judge to deliver verdict for two men in polygamy case dating

first_imgCRANBROOK, B.C. – A verdict is expected Monday in a trial of two former leaders of a British Columbia fundamentalist church who are charged with polygamy.B.C. Supreme Court Justice Sheri Ann Donegan has been presiding over the trial of Winston Blackmore and James Oler, who are accused of having multiple wives.Both men were at one time bishops of separate sects in the isolated community of Bountiful in southeastern B.C.The mainstream Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which is based in Utah, officially renounced polygamy in the late 19th century and disputes the fundamentalist group’s connection to Mormonism.Blackmore is accused of having two dozen wives, while Oler is alleged to have married five women. Each man is charged with one count of polygamy.The legal fight dates back to the early 1990s when police first investigated allegations that residents of an isolated religious community were practising the “celestial” marriages.A lack of clarity around Canada’s polygamy laws led to failed attempts at prosecuting Blackmore, followed by several efforts to clarify the legislation, including a constitutional reference question to the B.C. Supreme Court.The court ruled in 2011 that laws banning polygamy were valid and did not violate religious freedoms guaranteed in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.Blair Suffredine, Blackmore’s lawyer, says he will apply for a stay of the decision because of its reliance on evidence that was gathered while there was confusion around the legality of Canada’s polygamy laws.Oler was appointed to lead community members in Bountiful following Blackmore’s excommunication from the sect in 2002 by Warren Jeffs, head prophet of the U.S.-based Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.Jeffs is serving a life sentence in Texas for sexually assaulting two of his child brides.Much of the evidence in the 12-day trial came from marriage and personal records seized in 2008 by law enforcement officials from the Yearning for Zion Ranch, an FLDS church compound in Texas.Follow @BillGraveland on Twitterlast_img read more

Blake Shelton And Pepsi Want You To Have An Iconic Summer

first_imgPepsi is partnering with reigning CMA Entertainer of the Year and Grammy nominated artist Blake Shelton to kick-off summer 2013 by inviting fans to join Pepsi for an “Iconic Summer” to remember.With the launch of www.iconicsummer.com, Pepsi will offer consumers fun summer rewards and unparalleled access to great music and great summer events, including: Beyonce’s The Mrs. Carter World Tour, the MTV Video Music Awards, the MLB All Star Game in NYC, the iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas, the Pepsi Gulf Coast Jam in Florida, and many more.“I am excited to be part of Pepsi’s Iconic Summer,” said Blake Shelton. “Music fans are the absolute best and I am looking forward to offering up some memorable opportunities to them during CMA’s Music Fest next month and throughout other events coming up. It truly will be an iconic summer.”Shelton will help the brand illustrate the program experience and encourage fans to participate for giveaways and prizes through his digital platforms and select in-person appearances.“This summer, Pepsi will invite consumers to make the most of the season,” said Angelique Krembs, Vice President, Marketing, Trademark Pepsi. “We’re excited to offer our fans so many opportunities to enhance their iconic summer experience.”As part of this campaign, Pepsi unveiled plans to bring fans closer to their favorite country artists at this year’s CMA Music Festival in Nashville. Making the country fan experience truly iconic, Pepsi will invite consumers to experience the CMT Music Awards on June 5 and the CMA Music Festival from June 6-9 in Nashville, TN. The week will include an appearance by Blake Shelton at the newly debuted Pepsi Fan Engagement Bus, artist meet-n-greets, and opportunities to win prizes and rewards.To show off the spirit of red, white and blue, this summer Pepsi will encourage fans to share their iconic summer photos by uploading to www.pepsi.com/iconicsummermoments. These images will be curated by Pepsi to create unique content featured on its multi-media channels. For every photo that is submitted to www.pepsi.com/iconicsummermoments from May 26 to August 31, Pepsi will donate $1 to several charitable organizations, including a nonprofit dedicated to providing relief and aid to the victims of the recent tornado impacting the Oklahoma City area, as well as a select group of exceptional military affiliated charities. Consumers who submit photos will automatically be entered into a contest for a chance to win amazing summertime experiences – which only Pepsi can provide.Additionally, as part of the “Iconic Summer” rewards program, consumers will have an opportunity to make their summertime experiences iconic with a chance to win everyday rewards when they purchase specially marked 20oz, 2-Liter and multi-pack plastic bottles of Pepsi or Mountain Dew through an “Under the Cap” promotion that will unlock prizes. Fans can visit www.iconicsummer.com to view available prizes and redeem codes for special merchandise and experiences ranging from VIP concert tickets to the 2014 Super Bowl in New York.last_img read more

Removing John A Macdonalds name victory for IdleNoMore

first_imgKathleen MartensAPTN NewsA group of Indigenous protesters in Ontario is taking credit for chasing the name of Canada’s first prime minister off the name of a local pub.“It’s a huge victory for us,” said Theresa Eagles, a member of Idle No More Kingston/Katarokwi.“There’s been a lot of people who agree Sir John A. needs to be in a museum. Not in public for everyone to celebrate.”This week the name of Sir John’s Public House in Kingston was shortened to The Public House.The owners said it was because of the group’s protests and their desire to honour the spirit of reconciliation as the country grapples with the negative legacy of the Indian residential school system.A system Sir John A. Macdonald is credited with supporting and enforcing.“One of the reasons that we choose to attack symbols like John A. in Canada, as well as many other approaches to the activist work we do here, is because there’s these symbols of Canada (that) are symbols of racism and symbols of our genocide and our oppression,” said Krista Flute, another member of Idle No More.“He’s hugely celebrated here.”The name change, which is getting cheers and jeers on social media, is one of many ways Indigenous people want to build a more inclusive community, Flute added.“In Kingston it’s a long fight. We’ve been protesting the celebration of John A. for five years.”Fans of Macdonald usually raise a glass publicly by his statue in town as his birthday is celebrated this week. Flute said that event was cancelled last year after her group set up a demonstration.The way such monuments are being viewed is under debate following protests and violence in the United States. Macdonald, as a founder of the Dominion of Canada, has a legacy associated with treaties, residential schools and the Indian Act.“Sir John A., in my opinion, is the godfather of genocide,” added Eagles.“The fact that Sir John A.’s pub has changed their name, I believe, is a huge step in the right direction for us.”The activists now have their sights set on getting rid of the Macdonald statue and a train marked in his honour across from City Hall.However, they are expecting opposition like they saw in September.Flute said the pub called the police when they protested a drinking promotion in Macdonald’s name.“As long as symbols of our oppression are celebrated as a source of pride we’re going to continue to have a lot of work to do to fight racism,” she said.Macdonald is considered one of Kingston’s heroes and the pub reflects that. The building served as his law office from 1849-60.Memorabilia and menu items in his names will remain, the owners said.last_img read more

Algerias shakeup raises questions about energy industry

ALGIERS, Algeria — The man who ruled Algeria for 20 years has resigned under pressure from protesters unhappy about years of economic decline and accusations of corruption.As the future of the country under new leadership remains unclear, questions are swirling about what will happen to its oil and gas industry.Here’s a look at the industry and its outlook.___HOW MUCH ENERGY DOES ALGERIA PRODUCE?It produced a bit over 1 million barrels of crude oil a day in 2018. By contrast, the United States pumps over 11 million barrels daily, according to U.S. government figures.Almost 60% of Algeria’s oil goes to Europe, mainly France and Britain. The U.S. used to be a big importer from Algeria but has cut those purchases as it ramped up its own domestic production.Algeria also exports about 2 trillion cubic feet of natural gas per year, with over 80% of that going to Europe. Italy and Spain are the biggest destinations.___HOW LIKELY IS AN OUTAGE?Analysts at research firm Petromatrix say that the fact that the Algerian military appeared to trigger the retirement of President Abdelaziz Bouteflika points to some level of stability. The military is seen as wanting to secure the status quo.“This makes it unlikely that the street protests will degenerate in anything that puts at risk the oil supply,” the analysts wrote in a briefing to investors.Many production sites are also far from city centres, often in the middle of the desert, where protesters would have trouble reaching.A bigger danger in the past has been attacks from extremist groups. In 2013, a group of Islamic extremists attacked the Ain Amenas facility near the Libyan border, taking hundreds of workers hostage. By the time the facility was freed, 37 hostages and 29 militants were killed.___WHAT WOULD THE IMPACT OF OUTAGES BE?For countries that buy Algeria’s oil and gas, the impact would likely not be great as there are other producers that can ramp up supply. Nations in the OPEC oil cartel did so when Iraq, Iran and Libya were producing at low levels because of internal conflicts or sanctions.Whereas oil deliveries are made by ship and can be rerouted, natural gas is more vulnerable to disruption as it is shipped through pipelines. Here, too, the impact is not expected to be big. Algeria’s biggest customer, Europe, has production of its own in the North Sea and imports from Russia, among other places. Russia delivers around 90% of its 7.5 trillion cubic feet of natural gas to Europe and has vast reserves.Any outages could have a bigger impact within Algeria as it relies on its own energy production. And it has little spare capacity, meaning that in case of outages at some plants, it would have trouble ramping up output at other facilities.___HOW DEPENDENT IS ALGERIA ON OIL AND GAS?Very. Energy accounts for over 90% of the country’s exports and a third of the government’s revenues. That makes it vulnerable to fluctuations in the price of oil.Over the years, that has also distorted the local economy, where other sectors have not developed as much. The Algerian government says it has tried to make its economy less dependent on oil and gas, but progress has been slow.And the riches from the sector are perceive to have increased corruption and helped entrench the group of ruling politicians that the protesters are demonstrating against.The Associated Press read more

Reaping the Value of Cloud Service Management Data

Our service quickly pointed out that the issue was being caused by a single Layer 3 device not respecting the QoS model. The customer engaged suitable expertise, and normal service resumed. One of the necessary elements for artificial intelligence (AI) is data — the more data available, the greater the opportunity for success with AI outcomes. What companies need for their AI initiatives is “big data” — a large volume of both structured and unstructured data, some of which can come from UC and contact center infrastructure. Are Open Source Active Path Testing Tools Viable for You? Terry Slattery July 08, 2019 An open source path testing tool could be an alternative to a commercial product, but you must understand the tradeoffs. Unify Square Taps Cross-Platform Collaboration Management Beth Schultz April 25, 2019 Announces plans to bring Slack, Zoom, Workplace by Facebook under management, alongside traditional Microsoft suites VoIP SLAs: Can You Measure How Your Carrier Is Doing? Gary Audin June 14, 2019 Startup PhoneSentry tackles complex voice monitoring and alerting See All in Monitoring & Management » What does Virsae do for customers? Virsae Service Management keeps UC and contact center systems performing well. UC and contact center systems carry complex real-time interactions; many components have to work in unison to produce a great customer experience. Traditional IT tools are limited in these environments. IT teams struggle to find and fix problems. When issues occur, their customers often chose companies that were easier to contact. Log in or register to post comments 10 Tips for Diagnosing Slow Applications Terry Slattery November 21, 2018 This post, the first in a series, explores possible causes in client-side processing and network transport. What are your customer demographics? The larger and more complex the environment, the better. Our service fits companies of any size that have adopted a culture of top quality and service excellence. It provides benefits for MSPs with operational efficiencies and differentiation over their rivals.Tags:News & ViewsBig DataCloud Management ServiceCloud DataVirsaeMonitoring & ManagementCCaaSCloud CommunicationsContact Center & Customer ExperienceEnterprise NetworkingUCaaS Articles You Might Like Have you had an occasion in which the customer’s network was acceptable but later the performance deteriorated? Some have a perception that pre-deployment network verification suffices. While it’s really important for day-one operation, the reality is that pre-deployment verification provides a green light based on a snapshot in time. In the IT world, change is the only constant, and ongoing management of these environments is essential. Improve customer experience and satisfactionIncrease uptimeShorten the mean time to repair and resolve problemsIncrease operational efficiencyDetect malicious and fraudulent behaviorI asked him additional questions to learn more about big data’s use and Virsae’s approach. 353.3 million calls (99%) rated a 4.0 or higher MOS — very good2.9 million calls (0.8%) rated a MOS of 3.6 to 3.9 — satisfactory0.7 million calls (0.2%) rated a MOS of 3.5 — poorAnalyzing big data from UC and contact platforms can provide hidden insights, Williams said. Companies can use the analytic results to: big-data-1667184__340.jpg However, many companies only gather data from one site. So, curious whether more comprehensive AI data would be available from a cloud-based UC and contact center management service, I contacted Ross Williams, COO of Virsae. Using stats from November 2018, Virsae monitored 357 million calls globally for call quality, Williams said. He shared these mean opinion score (MOS) results: We expand the search to locate critical touchpoints and dependencies between assets. An example of this is the humble IP endpoint, where getting the configuration right is crucial to good quality voice. From collected data, we know the hardware type, firmware version, serial number, IP address, MAC address, physical location, speed, and duplex of the Ethernet ports, V-LAN assignment, quality-of-service settings, and many more aspects. How much improvement can a customer expect after using your analysis to make network changes? We always uncover issues. They fall into two categories:Known, and have been unresolved for a long timeUnknown, as the customer is dependent on faults being reported by alarms or end users, or worse still, the customer’s customerUsing the additional data and actionable recommendations provided by the AI engine, we can tackle these issues, improving everything from customer experience to legal compliance. Operational people are freed up to work on higher-value work like projects. The service does most of the work. When you first assess the customer’s network, what do you typically discover? Understanding the customer’s configuration is key to success. The auto-discovery processes work in exactly the same way as an experienced engineer — they use the same interfaces, and run the same commands. We use AI to analyze the returned data. This automated process runs at a pace that humans simply can’t. Within 12 hours, we discover every asset, every piece of hardware and software — versions, serial numbers, IP addresses, MAC addresses, and physical locations. Don’t customers already have access to this data? In the majority of cases, customers and MSPs don’t fully know what’s deployed, where it is, or how it fits together. We place this information in their hands in an easily consumed format. This ranges from Visio diagrams to federated databases and Excel spreadsheets. For example, a customer recently resolved an issue whereby it had enjoyed great network performance right up until it introduced video. Prior to video, there was little or no contention for bandwidth or network resources, and in fact QoS was not fully set up. But when another bandwidth hungry real-time application was introduced, quality went up in smoke. 6 Tips for Diagnosing Slow Applications Terry Slattery December 06, 2018 This post, the second in a two-part series, delves into possible causes for poor application performance — and how to check them. How do you collect the information you analyze? A small collector, which can be a turnkey appliance or application, is installed on the customer’s network to provide a secure gateway between the customer’s environment and cloud. The collector, which has little intelligence, works under the control of the cloud computing application in Microsoft Azure. Once installed, the collector reaches out to the cloud, performs a secure authentication process, and receives instruction from the Virsae service. read more

Former SNCLavalin CEO Pierre Duhaime pleads guilty in bribery case

MONTREAL — Former SNC-Lavalin CEO Pierre Duhaime has pleaded guilty to a charge of helping a public servant commit breach of trust for his role in a bribery scandal around the construction of a $1.3-billion Montreal hospital.Duhaime was the last defendant in a major corruption and fraud case involving the McGill University Health Centre project. His trial had been scheduled to start next week.Yanai Elbaz, a former MUHC senior manager, pleaded guilty in December to accepting a bribe and was sentenced to 39 months in prison. Former SNC-Lavalin executive Riadh Ben Aissa pleaded guilty to a charge of using forged documents last July and was sentenced to 51 months in prison.Duhaime left SNC-Lavalin in March 2012 after an independent review found that he had approved $56-million in payments to undisclosed agents.In an agreed statement of facts presented in court in Elbaz’s case, the former MUHC official admitted to giving privileged information to SNC-Lavalin to help its submission for the contract to build a massive hospital complex in west-end Montreal.Elbaz also admitted to denigrating SNC’s competitors in front of the hospital’s selection committee.Elbaz and Arthur Porter, the former CEO of the MUHC who died a fugitive in Panamanian custody in 2015, received a total of $22.5 million to rig the bidding process to favour SNC-Lavalin, the statement of facts said.Porter created a shell company that received the $22.5 million from the engineering firm. Elbaz then created his own shell company and received his share of the cash, the document said. Elbaz admitted that all the money in the shell companies was proceeds of crime.Police raided the MUHC’s offices in September 2012. The following February, Quebec’s anti-corruption unit issued warrants for the arrests of Duhaime, Ben Aissa, Elbaz and Porter. Duhaime had initially faced charges of fraud, conspiracy to commit fraud and using forged documents.Porter’s wife, Pamela, was arrested later and in 2014 pleaded guilty to laundering the proceeds of crime. read more

Annan recommends extending mission mandate in Ethiopia Eritrea until next March

“In my last report, I noted that the absence of dialogue between Ethiopia and Eritrea continues to be a missing element of the peace process. I wish to re-emphasize the importance of dialogue without any precondition between the parties as an integral part of ongoing efforts to resolve the existing stalemate and any other bilateral issue,” he says in his latest report to the Council on the UN Mission in Ethiopia and Eritrea (UNMEE). “I would like to call on the international community to spare no effort in bringing the parties together to engage in constructive dialogue aimed at moving the peace process forward and normalizing bilateral relations between Ethiopia and Eritrea.”The two-year war broke out in 1998 over the delimitation of the border between the two countries.Mr. Annan says he is pleased about the decline in the number of incidents in the Temporary Security Zone (TSZ) separating the two countries and commends the two Governments for that development.He also notes once again that the protracted stalemate between the two countries is inherently destabilizing and renews his suggestion that the Security Council visit the countries.But he adds that “once again, I reiterate that the Governments of Ethiopia and Eritrea have the primary responsibility to bring durable peace and security between their two countries. This is a responsibility of the Governments to their own peoples.” read more

Braxton Millers father reportedly says quarterback plans on returning to Ohio State

Ohio State senior quarterback Braxton Miller intends to return to the Buckeyes next season, his father said, according to a Friday article in The Columbus Dispatch.“Unless something drastic changes, that’s his plan, that’s why he went to Ohio State,” Kevin Miller said, according to The Dispatch. “He loves Ohio State. So right now that’s what the plan is, to come back and do whatever he can do to help the team make it to the playoffs again next year and win the title.”Braxton Miller was widely considered to be a Heisman Trophy candidate coming into the season, but tore the labrum in his throwing shoulder during fall camp. The injury ruled him out for the season, paving the way for redshirt-freshman quarterback J.T. Barrett to become a Heisman hopeful as well.Braxton Miller took a redshirt this season after starting 34 games through his first three seasons at OSU. He has career totals of 5,292 passing yards with 52 touchdowns and 17 interceptions while he has run for 3,054 yards and another 32 scores.The Huber Heights native is on track to graduate Dec. 21, meaning he can either return to OSU, declare for the NFL Draft or transfer to another school for next season. Since he will have a degree in hand, he would not have to sit out for a season under the NCAA’s transfer policy.After initially injuring his shoulder on Aug. 18, Braxton Miller said in an OSU release on Aug. 19 that he planned to return to OSU after sitting out the 2014 season.“I love Ohio State and Buckeye nation, and my goal is to come back from this injury stronger and better than ever,” he said in the release. “I am on course to graduate in December and I want to attend graduate school, and then return to lead the Buckeyes next season. In the meantime, I want to give all the support I can to my coaches and teammates as they chase the championship this season.”In late September, coach Urban Meyer committed to Braxton Miller as the Buckeyes’ quarterback for 2015.“Braxton is our quarterback,” he said. “To be fair to Braxton, Big Ten Player of the Year.”At the time, Meyer said it was “good to know” OSU had both Braxton Miller and Barrett on the roster, but later in the season he opened up the idea of a competition between the two players next year.An OSU spokesman did not immediately return a request for comment.After leading the Buckeyes to a 10-1 record through 11 games, Barrett fractured his ankle, paving the way for redshirt-sophomore quarterback Cardale Jones to finish out OSU’s win over Michigan to cap an 11-1 regular season. Jones then led the Buckeyes to a 59-0 win over Wisconsin in the Big Ten Championship Game, in turn helping the team to a spot in the first-ever College Football Playoff.With both Braxton Miller and Barrett on the sidelines once again, the No. 4 Buckeyes are scheduled to take on No. 1 Alabama in the Sugar Bowl on New Year’s Day in New Orleans. Kickoff is set for 8:30 p.m. in the semifinal matchup. read more

Scouting Maryland A look at the 2015 Terrapins

Members of the Maryland Terrapins celebrate a touchdown on Nov. 15, 2014 at Byrd Stadium in College Park, Md. Credit: Courtesy of TNSIt’s been a bumpy start to the season for Maryland, and it does not look like it will level out any time soon. The Terrapins are sitting at 2-3 coming off back-to-back losses as they prepare to travel to Columbus on Saturday to take on top-ranked Ohio State.Here is a look at coach Randy Edsall’s team.Quarterback carouselIf you think the Buckeyes have had a complicated quarterback situation, think again.Maryland has reinvented what it means to have a quarterback controversy this season. It began during the offseason and has yet to subside.Redshirt junior Perry Hills won the three-way battle during fall camp and led the team to a season opening victory over Richmond — a Football Championship Subdivision program — but he was canned midway through Maryland’s disappointing loss to Bowling Green in favor of Caleb Rowe.The fellow redshirt junior stepped in and started the last three games for the Terrapins — a win over South Florida and back-to-back embarrassing losses against West Virginia and then-No. 22 Michigan — but struggled immensely.Rowe — who is dead last in passing efficiency among qualified quarterbacks — has thrown seven interceptions over the last two games, completed a harrowing 33 perecent of his passes and zero touchdowns. In the second half of both games, he was pulled for redshirt senior Daxx Garman.Sadly for Edsall, Garman hasn’t been able to stop the Terrapin ship from sinking.In his two relief appearances, the transfer from Oklahoma State has completed just six of 18 passes, has been sacked five times and tossed only one touchdown while also being picked off once.So which one of these underwhelming résumés will Edsall choose to start in Columbus?The coach said he does not even know, as he told reporters during his Sunday conference call that “everyone is in play.”In fact, Edsall stole a page from OSU coach Urban Meyer’s book, saying he might not announce his starter until Saturday at noon. As of Tuesday afternoon, Maryland’s depth chart lists all three as co-starters.However being on the road against the Buckeyes, it might not matter which of the three it is.No help on defenseWhen a team’s offense struggles, sometimes the defense bails it out by shutting down opponents. Just ask this year’s Buckeyes about it.Unfortunately for Maryland, the said scenario is not happening.The offense ranks 114th nationally and second-to-last in the Big Ten, just ahead of Penn State. Defensively, the Terrapins are not much better, as they are 109th in the country for total defense and second-to-last in the conference, narrowly ahead of Indiana.In its three losses, Maryland has given up point totals of 48, 45 and 28. Additionally, opponents are averaging 199 rushing yards per game.The lone bright spot for the Terrapin defense comes on the pass rush, as the unit is tied for fourth in the country with 19 sacks.But with the offense in a sizable slump — last week against Michigan it had only 105 yards — and the defense not being able to slow down opponents, victories appear like they will be hard to come by for Edsall’s Terrapins during conference play.Offensive line is innocentThe bad quarterbacking cannot be blamed on Maryland’s offensive line.The unit didn’t allow a sack in first three games and has let up just six overall — five of which have been when Garman was under center.Most of its success in pass protection can be attributed to experience.Redshirt junior left tackle Michael Dunn has started 30 consecutive games for Maryland, while redshirt senior right guard Andrew Zeller has appeared in 26 straight games — including 18 straight starts. Ryan Doyle, a redshirt senior, has a combined 31 starts at different positions on the O-line under his belt.The veteran presence these three provide has been valuable for the Maryland offense, despite its ineptitude in other areas.Mile-wide turnover marginIf turnovers have been slowing down OSU, then they have stopped Maryland.The Buckeyes have a turnover margin of minus-four — tying them for 101st in the country along with three other Big Ten teams (Minnesota, Nebraska and Purdue) — but the Terrapins are even further in the hole.Maryland has a turnover margin of minus-nine. Cincinnati is the only team with a greater deficit in the category.The Terrapins, however, do take the crown for most turnovers, as they have coughed up the pigskin 17 times — two more than Cincinnati and Florida Atlantic.With a defense as leaky as it is, the offense can’t afford to give opponents that many more offensive possessions, especially against the Buckeyes and the remainder of its conference foes.Beyond the BuckeyesAfter Saturday’s matchup versus OSU, Maryland will have a bye week before its scheduled contest against Penn State at home on Oct. 24. Kickoff time for that game is yet to be announced. read more

Schoolboy 14 in court over moped robbery spree

A 14-year-old boy robbed seven people of their mobile phones and other gadgets in just one hour while on the back of a moped being driven around London, a court has heard.The teenager, who cannot be named for legal reasons, went on a crime spree with an accomplice around Hornsey, Crouch End and Muswell Hill in north London, it is claimed.Between 1.15pm and 2.15pm on 7 June, seven people had their phones stolen before police identified two suspects on a moped. Officers seized the defendant from the pillion seat but the driver of the moped rode off.When the youth was searched, police found 13 mobile phones – nine of which have since been returned to their owners.The boy, from Tottenham, appeared at Highbury Corner Magistrates’ Court on Saturday morning, charged with seven counts of robbery relating to six mobile phones and an iPod. The court heard that he was likely to be placed back with his family until trial but under strict supervision by the local youth offending team.He was ordered to abide by a curfew between 7am and 7pm, attend meetings with the youth offending team four times a week and barred from riding on any two-wheeled vehicle such as a pushbike, moped or motorcycle.Judge McPhee made the defendant repeat his bail conditions back to him before releasing him from the courtroom.Neither of the defendant’s parents was present in court, and Judge McPhee ordered that they attend on the next occasion. Dressed in a grey tracksuit, he indicated that he denied all charges against him.Because of his age, he sat in the well of the court flanked by two officers rather than in the dock. Listing the case for a management hearing, District Judge Robin McPhee remanded the defendant into the care of the local authority. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. read more

Cambourne School of Mines to host 2018 International Mining Games

first_imgThe International Mining Games is an annual competition contested by mining schools from across the globe, competing in seven events based on traditional mining techniques. Teams of six from each school go head to head in Swede Saw, Jackleg Drilling, Hand-Steeling, Gold Panning, Track Stand, Mucking and Surveying, with medals being awarded to the top three teams in each individual event as well as for the overall winners.The 2017 International Mining Games were hosted by the University of Kentucky in Lexington, USA. The 40th International Mining Games competition will be hosted by Camborne School of Mines in 2018, with teams competing at King Edward’s Mine, just outside of Camborne in Cornwall, UK. Many teams from the last event have expressed an interest in competing, from locations such as the US, Australia, Canada and Brazil. However, the school is also hoping to attract participation from other European teams, through the connections made during this year’s International Student Week. There is a possibility of teams from countries such as Norway, Finland, Poland and others competing for the first time. With the support of the CSM Trust and other key sponsors, this competition has the potential to be the best yet, improving on the successful games in 2012 – the last time it was held in the UK.Whilst awaiting the arrival of aggregate and concrete blocks for the hand-steeling event, the 2018 organising committee have begun planning and organising the event, digging up the site at King Edward’s Mine in order to make the competition area 150% bigger than that of the 2012 Games. “Additional entertainment and social events for both the public and participants is already being discussed and organised, ensuring that these games are not easily forgotten! The hard work will continue over the coming year, with the expectation being to make these Games the most memorable yet, not only for the competitors, but for the local community of Cornwall.”Ahead of the commencement of the 2018 Games, updates and links to the official social media can be found at www.csmimg.com. For information on how to enter current student and alumni teams, please contact Alex Perry, President of the 2018 Committee, at alp224@exeter.ac.uk. For more details on potential sponsorship and on the teams competing, please contact Lewis Fletcher at lcf208@exeter.ac.uk.last_img read more

Researchers Cure Paralyzed Monkeys With NonEmbryonic Stem Cells

first_imgWe’ve been debating the use of embryonic stem cells for more than a decade now. Research with stem cells has proven extremely promising in lab trials treating conditions once thought incurable. The only rub (mostly from a funding standpoint) has been the controversial use of human embryos to harness new stem cells. However, scientists have begun working with “induced Pluripotent stem (iPS)” cells which are culled from adult cells. Early trials with iPS cells have shown the ability to produce similar recuperative effects.One example is from scientists at Japan’s Keio University. The research team recently announced that they have successfully returned full motor functions to paralyzed marmosets within six weeks of beginning treatments with iPS cells made from modified human skin cells. AdChoices广告The ability to treat paralyzed animals isn’t anything that novel. Scientists restored full movement to paralyzed rats in 2005 and trials have even already begun treating human patients using embryonic stem cell lines. However, this new research represents a huge step forward for this non-controversial method and could be instrumental in opening public acceptance (and public dollars) into some very promising research.via SingularityHublast_img read more

Le Japon reporte le lancement de sa première sonde vers Vénus

first_imgLe Japon reporte le lancement de sa première sonde vers Vénus Japon – Le Japon devait lancer dans la nuit de lundi à mardi une fusée transportant sa première sonde vers Vénus. Mais ce lancement a été différé au dernier moment pour cause de “conditions météorologiques insatisfaisantes”.A moins de dix minutes du lancement prévu mardi à 6h44 (lundi 21H44 GMT) depuis la base de Tanegashima, au sud du pays, l’Agence d’exploration spatiale japonaise (Jaxa) et le groupe industriel Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) ont décidé d’annuler le tir. C’est une dégradation des conditions météorologiques (un risque d’orage) qui les a contraints à ce report, ont expliqué les responsables du lancement.Le lanceur H-2A devait envoyer dans l’espace une sonde vers Vénus et plusieurs engins spatiaux expérimentaux, dont un “cerf-volant de l’espace” baptisé Ikaros et dont la particularité est de se déplacer grâce à la pression des particules solaires sur sa voile. Cette voile carrée de 14 mètres de côté et de 20 mètres en diagonale, dont la texture est plus fine qu’un cheveu, est également couverte de cellules photovoltaïques qui génèrent de l’électricité. Après plusieurs essais en orbite autour de la Terre, c’est la première fois que Ikaros, dont le développement a coûté 1,5 milliard de yens (13 millions d’euros) va être expérimenté dans l’espace lointain.La fusée H-2A, qui a été développée par le conglomérat industriel nippon MHI, devait également lancer la première sonde japonaise en direction de Vénus, Venus Climate Orbiter PLANET-C, surnommée Akatsuki (“aube” en japonais). Cette sonde doit compléter les informations recueillies par Venus Express, le satellite lancé fin 2005 par l’Agence spatiale européenne et qui a atteint Vénus au printemps 2006. En observant et étudiant le climat de Vénus, souvent décrite comme “la sœur jumelle” de la Terre, les scientifiques espèrent parvenir à mieux comprendre la formation de l’environnement sur notre planète.La date et l’heure du prochain essai de tir n’ont pas encore été annoncées mais il est probable qu’au moins deux jours soient nécessaires à la préparation d’un nouveau lancement.Le 20 mai 2010 à 15:48 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

Morning Press Inmate suicides Bridge talk Madore in court Carbuying in county

first_imgWhat’s on tap for this week’s weather? Check our local weather coverage.In case you missed them, here are some of the top stories of the weekend:Inmate suicides challenge jailsSince 2007, 16 inmates have killed themselves at the Clark County Jail, leaving Clark County with more in-custody suicides than any jail in the state during that time.In King County, where the average daily population for the jail system in 2015 was roughly 2,000, there were 11 suicides from 2005 to 2015.The Clark County Jail, where the average daily population was about 735 last year, saw its worst year for suicides in recent decades in 2012, when four inmates died. Despite changes at the jail made in the wake of those deaths, this year has seen three inmate suicides so far.“It’s not just the person dying, it’s the impact on the family, it’s the impact on the staff,” Clark County Jail Chief Ric Bishop said.While Clark County stands out among the state’s jails, even among larger jails with average daily populations of more than 100 or so, suicide is the most common cause of death in jails nationwide. The overall suicide rate nationwide is at a 30-year high, according to the federal Center for Health Statistics, and Bishop said jails are seeing that manifest in their facilities.last_img read more

Genting Singapore incorporates new Japanese subsidiaries

first_img RelatedPosts It added that each subsidiary “has an issued and paid-up share capital of JPY2 and its principal activities will be that of development and management of integrated resort and leisure destinations; marketing and promotion of integrated resort and leisure destinations; and investments and management of real estate and trust beneficiary interests.”Incorporation of the new Genting Singapore subsidiaries follows passage of the IR Implementation Bill through Japan’s Upper House last Friday. The IR bill sets out the terms for Japan’s integrated resorts, including the provision for three initial locations, casinos to be limited to no more than 3% of an IR’s total floor area and a ¥6,000 entry fee for locals, who will also have visitation capped at three times a week or 10 times a month. Japan: No prize for second Genting Singapore has upped the ante in its pursuit of a Japan casino license by incorporating five new wholly-owned Japanese subsidiaries.In an announcement, the company named the five subsidiaries as Genting Japan Co., Ltd, Genting Tokyo Co., Ltd, Genting Osaka Co., Ltd, Genting Yokohama Co., Ltd and Resorts World Yokohama Co., Ltd. Singapore’s international visitation up, spending down in 1Q19 Load More Imperial Pacific pays remaining US$10.5 million balance on annual license feelast_img read more

NOW HIRING 10 New Job Openings In Wilmington

first_imgWILMINGTON, MA — Below are some of the newest job openings in Wilmington:Full-Time Morning Loader/Back-Up Driver at Optima ShippingPart-Time Delivery Driver at Optima ShippingFull-Time Company Car Delivery Driver at Optima ShippingFull-Time (Contract) Flatbed Truck Carrier at XPO LogisticsFull-Time Buyer & Planner at MKS InstrumentsFull-Time Client Services Representative at AllOne Health GroupFull-Time GIS Application Support Analyst at LoadSpring SolutionsFull-Time Carpet Cleaning Technician at New England Carpet MasterFull-Time Warehouse Lead at Harrington Industrial PlasticsFull-Time Sales Office Manager at Harrington Industrial Plastics(NOTE: Wilmington businesses — Feel free to send me your job postings at wilmingtonapple@gmail.com.)Like Wilmington Apple on Facebook. Follow Wilmington Apple on Twitter. Follow Wilmington Apple on Instagram. Subscribe to Wilmington Apple’s daily email newsletter HERE. Got a comment, question, photo, press release, or news tip? Email wilmingtonapple@gmail.com.Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… RelatedNOW HIRING: 10 New Job Openings In WilmingtonIn “Business”NOW HIRING: 60 New Job Openings In Wilmington (Week of July 7, 2019)In “Business”NOW HIRING: 10 New Job Openings In WilmingtonIn “Business”last_img read more

CM relief fund cheque presented

first_imgRegode: Andhole MLA Kranthi Kiran gave a cheque of rupees 10000 sanctioned from CM relief fund to Achinapalli Srisailam who was injured in road accident. Srisailam conveyed his regards to Kranthi Kiran for giving financial support from CMRF. Jaipal Reddy, Aravind Reddy, Srinivas Reddy and party activists were present.last_img

Deepika Padukone becomes Indias most trusted female actor in Bollywood

first_imgDeepika PadukoneInstagramDeepika Padukone has bagged yet another feather in her cap as she emerged as India’s most trusted female actor from Bollywood. According to TRA, when it comes to endorsements, Deepika is the most trusted female actress and the testimony of the same are the quality endorsements that the actress does.Being the most trusted female actress of Bollywood, Deepika tops yet another list which proves that the actress is surely one of the leading ladies of Bollywood.After making a strikingly impressive outing at the Met Gala 2019, Deepika dazzled at the red carpet of Cannes 2019 with a spectrum of silhouettes that got the world swooning.Deepika commands the title of being the most commercially viable actress in the industry, in addition to being one of the highest paid actresses.After bringing to screen the courage and valour of Rani Padmini, Deepika is also with personifying another tale of bravery and human spirit with Malti, an acid attack survivor. Drawing instances from the life of Laxmi Agarwal, Chhapaak is a story of the strength and integrity of a woman. Helmed by Meghna Gulzar, the film is all set to release on January 10, 2020.last_img read more

Photographer Recreates Portraits of Seven Generations of her Female Ancestors

first_img“Seven generations of American Women” is a photographic project of Los Angeles based photographer Christine McConnell. She has recreated the portraits of her maternal family line spanning almost 200 years, starting from her great-great-great grandmother who was born in 1821.In her new project, she pays tribute to the women of her family and at the same offers a glimpse into bygone times of American culture.She recreates old family portraits with meticulous attention to detail, capturing the nostalgia, surroundings, makeup, hairstyles and clothes.McConnell and great-great-great-grandmother Martha (born 1821)“I grew up in a spooky old house filled with pictures,” Christina writes for Bored Panda. “However, there was always one that stood out to me. It was of an older woman, hair parted harshly down the middle and a blank tired expression on her face. Initially, I found it creepy, but as I got older, I began to see similarities between her face and mine.”McConnell and her great-great-grandmother Jane (1858)Photo by Christine McConnellMcConnell was always fascinated by the old photographs hanging around her home. The idea for her project came when her mother gave her a dress that she had kept for over twenty-five years — the same dress that her mother wore in a photograph that hung in the stairwell of their family home.McConnell and her great-grandmother Attie Mae (1898) and mePhoto by Christine McConnellChristine tried it on and the dress fit perfectly. Christine was 32-years-old at the time, the same age as her mother was at the time the photograph was taken. Christine therefore decided to recreate a photograph that was so near and dear to her.McConnell and her grandmother Mildred (1928)Photo by Christine McConnellThe idea developed into the full-blown photography project that “Seven generations of American Women” is. She collected the old photographs from her mother’s scrapbook. With the photos came the stories of her female ancestors, their birthdates and names.The whole project took quite a few weeks. Christine has tried to emulate the original lighting in the best possible way and had to sew clothing that resembled the ones in the old portraits. At the end of the project, she was amazed by the similarities she had found running through her bloodline. She recognized something of herself in every one of her ancestors.Photo by Christine McConnellBeside this project, McConnell has become Instagram famous for her “horror housewife” themed photography and her renaissance style.Her trademark is recreating fantasy worlds, for example, Shrek’s Gingerbread man or a date scene with Jason from Friday the 13th.She also photographs everyday scenes, such as cooking and dishwashing, with a certain gothic flair and turns the usual into unusual.Christine McConnell (1981)Photo by Christine McConnellExplore more of McConnell’s imaginative work on her Instagram, Facebook or Flickr.She combines the 1950s housewife and pin-up aesthetic with weirdness and wonder. The best part of it all, she is a one-man band.All her sets are made by herself, she creates her outfits, does her makeup, takes the photographs, and has exquisite editing skills as a cherry on the top.Read another story from us: A daughter finds a treasure trove of 30,000 haunting photographs of life in Leningrad from the 1960s to the 1990sThis talented artist does a great job at capturing the vintage portraiture style and offers us a curious time-travel through her latest project.last_img read more