James says BC budget puts priorities on NDPs poverty environment plans

first_imgVICTORIA — British Columbia’s finance minister says the budget she tables Tuesday undertakes development of social, environmental and economic initiatives as other provinces across Canada implement cuts to programs and shifts to the right.Carole James says her budget builds on the minority New Democrat government’s goals of making life more affordable, improving services and ensuring a sustainable economy.“I see them as hand in hand,” said James in an interview. “The investments we make in people and the investments we make in environment are investments in a sustainable, strong economy.”Prof. David Black said he expects the social and economic agenda laid out in James’s budget to contrast sharply with the right-leaning policies in some other provinces.Manitoba and Ontario have Conservative governments. The Coalition Avenir Quebec government, is essentially conservative, and the Saskatchewan party is right-leaning. Jason Kenney’s United Conservative Party in Alberta, meanwhile, is considered the front-runner in this year’s Alberta election, said Black, a political communications expert at Royal Roads University in the Victoria area.“If the Alberta NDP lose in the spring election that leaves six out of 10 provinces with right-of-centre control,” he said. “It puts a powerful spotlight on B.C. as a place of social democratic governance.”Black said while many province’s fight the federal carbon tax and cut education and child care, B.C. is spending billions on affordable housing, promising 22,000 child-care places and hiring teachers.James’s budget is expected to include new funding for the government’s poverty reduction strategy and its Clean BC plan to fight climate change.Black said the B.C. New Democrats led by Premier John Horgan are on a social building agenda that he labelled “radical pragmatism.”Rather focusing attention on one issue — the environment, economy, education — the New Democrats are touching numerous social concerns that are building large-scale changes, he said.“It is a much more humble, circumspect, careful, but nonetheless ambitious program of change,” said Black. “It’s not legislation by thunderbolt. It’s a kind of radical pragmatism.”James said B.C.’s growing economy allows the government to pursue social, environmental and economic initiatives.“Certainly all of our economic indicators are very positive,” James said, citing record low jobless rates and solid growth projections. “We’re in a strong economic position. It certainly is my plan to go forward with a balanced budget.” She said she expected the government’s poverty reduction and climate change strategies to be priorities in the budget.The government passed legislation last year to cut B.C.’s overall poverty rate by 25 per cent and the child poverty rate by 50 per cent over the first five years of the plan.The government’s Clean BC climate plan, introduced last December, is slated to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 40 per cent by 2030, 60 per cent by 2040 and 80 per cent by 2050. By 2040, all new cars and trucks sold in B.C. will be zero emission and new buildings will be 80 per cent more efficient than now.“The poverty strategy will be a priority in this upcoming budget along with Clean BC,” said James. “Both of those will certainly have a priority when it comes to budget 2019.”She said the dollar amounts designated to the poverty and environment plans will be revealed in the budget.“The comprehensive poverty strategy will look across ministries, across government and at what kind of investments and supports we need to put in place to help people get ahead,” James said.Iglika Ivanova, senior economist at the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, said the poverty strategy needs to address homelessness, income, transit and child care.“I’m a numbers person,” she said. “Until I see the numbers in the budget and see exactly how much is allocated to each priority, I don’t want to make too much out of promises and rhetoric. I want to see action in a number of different areas. The strategy needs to be comprehensive to be successful.”The government said in its throne speech on Tuesday that making life more affordable will be the hallmark of its initiatives in the coming months. It promised to tackle cellphone costs, ticket scalpers, money laundering loopholes and poverty.Dirk Meissner, The Canadian Presslast_img read more

Ottawa judge takes province local jail to task over treatment of Ojibway

first_imgKenneth JacksonAPTN National NewsAn Ottawa judge vowed in December to personally find out how an Ojibway man waiting an extra six weeks in the local jail to get a Gladue report done was suddenly transferred to another jurisdiction before it was completed.Justice Heather Perkins-McVey said she was going to take the matter up with Legal Aid Ontario, a government agency that funds the reports, and the superintendent of the Ottawa-Carleton Detention Centre.Perkins-McVey agreed to do so on the urging of the Ojibway man’s lawyer Ewan Lyttle who complained at the sentencing hearing Dec. 15 that it was unacceptable to have an accused agree to wait in jail for a report only to be shipped against his will to another jail in Lindsay, Ontario, over 300 km west of Ottawa.Lyttle said it was another example of “systemic problems” Indigenous people face in the Ottawa justice system.“I totally agree with the concerns that you have raised,” Perkins-McVey said according to transcripts of the hearing obtained by APTN National News.Lyttle said his client agreed to a six to eight week adjournment on sentencing based on a request from the sole Gladue report writer in Ottawa to get the report completed.“It is critical that jails recognize and respect the process and do not ship offenders to different institutions during the report preparation process,” Lyttle told APTN. “If offenders are shipped out before the preparation is complete, it throws a giant monkey wrench into the process and causes unnecessary and unacceptable complications and delays.”Lyttle believes his client was transferred around Dec. 6 which only left nine days to get the report done before his sentencing hearing.When his client was transferred, the writer had not completed the report. Lyttle was told the Ottawa writer wouldn’t complete the report because the man had been moved.Legal Aid Ontario pays for the reports in Ottawa but contracts Aboriginal Legal Services in Toronto to write them.Earlier this week, APTN reported lawyers complained of long delays getting a report completed, including Lyttle who said waiting two months for a report is too long.With his client in another city, Lyttle was left to find a new writer. It turned out Aboriginal Legal Services had another writer in Lindsay but that person also declined to do the report because of time constraints.Lyttle, who at this point was scrambling to get a report done, asked Legal Aid to pay for the writer he had originally requested to do the report, Mark Marsolais, a First Nations man in Ottawa who owns a Gladue report company.Legal Aid initially rejected Marsolais to do the report saying all reports had to go through the sole writer it funds through Aboriginal Legal Services.Mark Marsolais stepped in and wrote a Gladue report in four days after Legal Aid was unable to.But with little time, and the courts expecting a report, Legal Aid approved Marsolais in the end.He got it done in just a few days.And Perkins-McVey said in court she was impressed by the quality.“It is a very well written report and it is very comprehensive,” said Perkins-McVey.Lyttle suggested to the court imagine if Marsolais had six to eight weeks.“But Mr. Marsolais, and I know that you appreciate his report, got this together in a matter of about three or four days,” Lyttle told Perkins-McVey. “If he had more time, I can’t imagine how more thorough it would have been.”A Gladue report digs into an Indigenous person’s history and what the effects of colonization, such as residential schools, may have had in them being in court.The report detailed how the Ojibway man suffered severe sexual abuse while in foster care as a young child in Manitoba, which is why APTN is not naming him.The local jail had been in the news for more than a year with overcrowding issues that reached the point it had inmates sleeping in showers.“I will also bring this to the attention of local authorities who are engaged in trying to improve the circumstances of Aboriginal persons in our justice system,” Perkins-McVey said in December.APTN is not aware of what Perkins-McVey’s efforts accomplished.As for the Ojibway man, the Crown abandoned its request of a six month sentence for assault and said based on the contents of the Gladue report, the Ojibway man should get time served, which was 83 days at the time.The judge agreed to time served and put him on probation for 18 months.Based on the Gladue report, she also urged the man to get into a number of addiction treatment programs.Before he walked out of the court a free man, Perkins-McVey had one request of him.“Do you have any objection to me attaching the Gladue report, in a sealed envelope, to the probation order so that the probation officer will be informed about your background and your circumstances?” she asked.The 36-year-old Ojibway man agreed and later that day walked out of the court with a copy of his life story.One he was reading for the first time.kjackson@aptn.calast_img read more

Prime Minister to visit Japan on Saturday

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe will begin an official visit to Japan from Saturday, the Prime Minister’s office said today.The Prime Minister will be visiting Japan on an invitation extended by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and will address the Japanese Parliament. Prime Minister Wickremesinghe will be on a five day visit to Japan and apart from meeting the Japanese Prime Minister he will also deliver a speech at the Science and Technology Society Forum. During talks with the Japanese Prime Minister and other Japanese Government officials, Wickremesinghe hopes to have a wide range of discussions on bilateral relations, including economic ties. (Colombo Gazette)

Kosovo One year after signing key selfgovernment act UN cites great success

“We have had elections; we have an Assembly, provisional institutions and a Government. None of this would have been possible without the Constitutional Framework,” Michael Steiner, the Special Representative of the Secretary-General and head of the UN mission in Kosovo (UNMIK), said today.Signed as Regulation 2001/9 by then-Special Representative of the Secretary-General Hans Haekkerup, the Constitutional Framework set up the legal structure for today’s Provisional Institutions of Self-Government (PISG), and it described the powers and responsibilities that would be put into the hands of Kosovo’s leaders and civil servants after the general elections of 17 November 2001.The Framework was drafted over seven weeks in spring 2001 by a working group composed originally of seven Kosovo and six international members under the chairmanship of Johan Van Lamoen, an international expert in the field of transitional legal regimes.In its preamble, the Framework recalls that “UN Security Council resolution 1244 (1999) envisages the setting up and development of meaningful self-government in Kosovo pending a final settlement…” and that a “gradual transfer of responsibilities to Provisional Institutions of Self-Government will, through parliamentary democracy, enhance democratic governance and respect for the rule of law in Kosovo.” The document also recognized “the importance of creating a free, open and safe environment which facilitates the participation of all persons, including all members of communities in the process of establishing democratic institutions of self-government.” read more

Keep helping country offices show results UN agency advised in tsunami study

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) should continue to devise tools to help country offices manage projects and demonstrate results, a top financial advisory company said among its many recommendations in a final report on the agency’s oversight of tsunami relief and reconstruction. Concluding six months of pro-bono advisory assistance to UNDP, Deloitte Financial Advisory Services LLP (Deloitte FAS), a member firm of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu (DTT) advised UNDP in its efforts to maximize the efficiency and transparency of its tsunami resources. “With this generous help from the DTT member firms, we have been able to stretch our precious resources even further,” said Kemal Dervis, Administrator of UNDP. “Their assistance has enabled us to be faster and more effective in all aspects of our tsunami reconstruction projects.” More than 60 full-time and short-term technical specialists representing seven DTT member firms from the United States, Australia, Canada, India, Indonesia, Singapore, and Thailand donated more than 14,000 hours to provide a variety of focused advisory services to UNDP from 4 April to 1 November. Recommendations in the final report ranged from the augmentation of procurement resources, to rationalization of country office procedures to training local level employees in various kinds of management tools. read more

UN relief workers concerned about civilians in Mosul threatened by Iraqi forces

Speaking to reporters in New York, the Spokesperson for the UN Secretary-General said that some 360,000 people are believed to be caught between the fighters.“Families continue to arrive at the newly established mustering point at Badoush, northeast of Mosul, along the Syrian highway, where emergency assistance and basic services are being provided by humanitarian partners,” Stéphane Dujarric said, citing information from UN humanitarian authorities. Aid workers are responding to these and families still trapped inside “wherever access allows.” They are providing emergency response packages with basic food, water and hygiene items. Some 2.6 million people have received aid since October. The UN and partners is trucking 3.1 million litres of water per day into eastern Mosul to meet water shortages. That figure was about 2.3 million litres at the end of April. In addition to aid, the UN is concerned about the high trauma and casualty rates. Since 17 October, health care partners report over 12,000 people have been referred to hospitals in Mosul and neighbouring governorates, and nearly half of these reported cases were from west Mosul only, Mr. Dujarric said. The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) has said that new field hospitals have also been created, one for emergency reproductive and obstetric healthcare. read more

RK Vardar begin road to Cologne with win in Plock

The reigning EHF Champions League winners, RK Vardar Skopje, began the road to Cologne in the best possible way by winning away clash in Polish city of Plock against domestic Wisla 26:22 (13:9). The team of Spanish coach Raul Gonzales had control over the result during the match, except small period of time at the beginning of the second half when domestic goalkeeper Wichary was in series of saves for his team (15:15), afterwards quality was on side of Arpad Sterbik and his team-mates…Orlen Wisła Płock – Vardar Skopje 22:26 (9:13)Orlen Wisła: Borbely, Wichary – Daszek 6, Duarte 1, Krajewski 3, Obradović, Ghionea, T. Gębala, Ivić 4, Tarabochia 3, M. Gębala, Żabić 1, Mihić, De ToledoVardar: Sterbik – Stoiłow 2, Kristopans 4, Ferreira Moraes, Maqueda 1, Karacić 2, Abutović, Canellas 2, Cindrić 2, Cupić 3, Dibirov 3, Sziszkariow 2, Borozan 5, Vojvodić, Marsenić ← Previous Story Ljubomir Vranjes about “Wolff case”: Veszprem aren’t interested, it’s a kind of politics” Next Story → EHF CL derby: PSG Handball conquer Kiel! read more

Cancer death rates for Irelands older women higher than EU average

first_imgNEW FIGURES HAVE revealed cancer death rates for women in Ireland aged over 65 are notably higher than the EU average.Information published by Eurostat yesterday showed circulatory diseases were the most prevalent cause of deaths of over 65s in 2010 in the EU28 countries.Death rates due to cancer for women were highest in Demark, Ireland and Slovenia. There were 2,466 deaths per 100,000 people aged over 65 in Ireland in 2010 with lung cancer being most prevalent in men.In the EU28, the death rate for older men due to cancer in 2010 was almost twice as high as for women.Ireland also had the second highest death rates for women in this age bracket due to melanoma of the skin.Deaths due to accidents in Ireland were lower than the EU average for both men and women and suicide rates among those aged over 65 were also well below the average.Read: Mortalities due to cancer, heart disease significantly down in last decade>Read: Surprises in hunt for environmental links to breast cancer>last_img read more

Wingsuit skydiver uses shoecam to makes jumps look more awesome

first_imgAs previously noted on this site, wingsuit skydiving looks to be just about the most fun you can have without breaking the law. Even without taking it to the absolute extreme, the jumpers are quite good at making their sport look like controlled insanity. Use of the proper gear helps us viewers live vicariously through the jumpers while making sure things like cameras don’t get in the way of something important, like a parachute.Standard equipment includes a helmet cam and wingsuit, in this case the ContourHD cam and Phantom2 suit. Wingsuiter Richard Schneider has another trick he uses to get some great shots from jumps: the shoecam you see above. It’s a simple hack, but when his foot is properly positioned it gives viewers an over-the-shoulder view that turns Schneider from a cameraman into a participant.AdChoices广告It’s a clever idea though Schneider told us that it’s not quite ideal. The placement of the camera on his foot creates a possible snag point for his parachute lines. He’s make sure that if this happens the shoe and cam will both come off and he won’t have to do anything drastic (Wesley Snipes in Dropzone comes to mind…).You can see the shoecam in action in the video below. The first shot is at the 12 second mark, and then there is another at 20 seconds… after that it should be easy enough for you to pick them out.And don’t miss the short time-lapse at the beginning. It was taken with a Canon T2i in front of Chicago’s famous “Bean” sculpture.last_img read more

Review Samsung Galaxy Note for ATT

first_imgIt wasn’t all that long ago that a 4.3-inch screen on smartphone was considered too large by many. Now, there are multiple 4-inch and larger phones on every carrier. Even Google’s flagship device exceeds the 4.3-inch mark — the Galaxy Nexus comes in at a 4.65. The Samsung Galaxy Note has sought to raise the bar with a 5.3-inch screen. AT&T dubbed the Galaxy Note a “superphone”, while socially the name “phablet” seems to be growing in popularity. Regardless of what you want to call it, the Galaxy Note is finally here.HardwareIt’s easy to look at the specs and scoff at a device with a 5.3-inch screen. In no way is this phone meant to be held and used with the same hand, which causes problems when you’re walking down the street trying to check your email. In many ways, the phone resembles a Samsung Galaxy S2 that has been stretched out a bit. What makes the phone usable at this size is the thinness and the weight.At just over 6 ounces, and just a hair thicker than the Samsung Galaxy Nexus at its thickest point, the GNote is plenty comfortable to hold and use. This is a staggering difference form other devices that have used this screen size, like the bulky Dell Streak. The Note also has an almost non-existent bezel, which makes it easier to get at the screen if you are still trying to one-hand the beast. More so then any other Samsung smartphone, the phone has a very solid feel to it, and completes the very enjoyable experience when holding the phone.If you’re going to have an enormous screen, it had better be a great one. The 285 ppi Super AMOLED screen on the Galaxy Note does not disappoint. While the phone has the same 800×1280 resolution of the Galaxy Nexus, it does this without a pentile display. Typical of Samsung screens, the Galaxy Note has very vibrant colors and very deep blacks. The screen is covered with Gorilla Glass, though the increased size of the screen will actually decrease the effectiveness of that protection. As demonstrated in the past by Corning, the larger a pane of Gorilla glass is, the more vulnerable the center of the panel will be to impact damage.The AT&T version of the Galaxy Note has the added power of LTE, which will automatically give the gift of less battery life than its European brother. The 2500MaH battery in the Galaxy Note is certainly bigger then what we see in most phones today, but you’ll need every bit of it to get 16 hours of use out of the huge device on LTE. Even under stress, with everything running and the screen brightness all the way up, the Note lasted between 8 and 9 hours. Used conservatively, or used primarily on WiFi, this battery is more than a days worth of fun. Even streaming movies or generating a WiFi hotspot, you’ll still get through a 5 hour trip.The Galaxy Note sports an 8MP camera in the back and a 2MP camera in the front. Coupled with Samsung’s software, the phone takes great photos without the flash. The flash on the Galaxy Note tended to wash out pictures if you were shooting something up close, and isn’t powerful enough to be very useful for much else. It makes a very good phone camera, easily comparable to a cheap point and shoot. The front facing camera, in cooperation with the microphone system on the Galaxy Note, make video chatting or mobile Google+ hangouts a great experience.Oh, and this version of the Samsung Galaxy Note has a NFC chip and an antennae, but for some reason AT&T has seen fit to disable it for you.The S-PenThese days there’s no room in the smartphone world for a stylus. That GNote is not a Palm Treo, and that writing device it includes is not a stylus. The S-Pen taps into Wacom technology to allow it to be significantly more accurate than a stylus. The S-Pen isn’t quite as feature-packed as a pen found with a Wacom board, but offers many of the same comforts for any familiar with this technology.It’s easy to look at the little plastic stick that slides out of the Note as a stylus, but you’d be missing out on quite a lot. For starters, Samsung has baked the ability to take screenshots and the ability to take notes just by pushing the button on the side of the S-Pen and tapping the screen. When you decide to use the S-Pen for drawing or note taking, the screen can detect 128 different pressure levels, and uses that to help draw on the screen.You certainly could use this like a stylus. Samsung has baked the S-Pen functionality into the entire device, allowing you to use it to navigate the OS, type on the keyboard, any just about anything else. As an avid Swype user, I found the S-Pen great for writing longer messages using the Swype keyboard. In fact, anytime that you would normally use the phone and leave it a horrible smudgy, fingerprinted mess the S-Pen does a great job. While this is not the most common use, it will probably increase your Fruit Ninja score dramatically.The S-Pen can even be accompanied by the S-Pen Holder, a separate accessory sold by Samsung that puts an S-Pen in a larger, pen shaped casing. This way if you’re taking long notes or just really into having to go look for your stylus you can have that more comfortable feel. The S-Pen holder keeps the button on the side, making it look more like a Wacom pen, but still doesn’t add any other features.The S-Pen SDK is now in version 1.5, and allows developers to write drawing utilities into their apps. Personally, I’d love to use the S-Pen for gestures or to take notes in an RSS app, and Samsung makes that a possibility. This falls pretty closely in line with what Google has in mind, especially now that pen support is being added to Android 4.0. The S-Pen isn’t the first Android pen, but it manages to succeed in every single place that HTC’s Scribe pen failed when it first came out.SoftwareI gladly waited in line for the Galaxy Nexus on launch day. I have always been a strong supporter of the stock experience for Android. In my opinion, TouchWiz has typically taken more away from the Android experience than it has given in the past, made worse by how much time passes before TouchWiz devices are updated to the next version. I expected to lament the lack of all of the features of Android 4.0 that I would be missing. There’s no Chrome for Android, the 2.3 versions of the Google Apps feel crippled, and no Face Unlock! Despite the lack of Ice Cream Sandwich, the Galaxy Note version of TouchWiz has been modified both to support the huge screen and the resolution that comes with it, and the experience was surprisingly enjoyable.Everything on the Galaxy note is very fast. Some tasks are faster on the Note than they are on the Galaxy Nexus, such as launching certain apps. In no way does TouchWiz slow the Note down, even with the TouchWiz Launcher and widgets left on the desktop. Gone are the days where Social Hub and Media Hub are pushing you to feed them data, replaced by a fairly simple UI with a handful of Samsung apps pre-loaded to offer help to new users. AT&T adds four apps to the device, including a QR code reader and a Latitude-ish “Family Map” app. AT&T and Samsung assure us that an update to Android 4.0 is on the way “soon”, and with recent announcements like the ICS Galaxy Tab on the way it’s possible the update really will be here sometime this spring.It’s not all great, the added screen size causes some usability problems with a handful of apps. Able Remote, a Google TV remote, for example, fails to take advantage of the entire screen, and squishes into the center of the screen instead. Even apps that come with the phone don’t really behave correctly. The Samsung TouchWiz keyboard, for example, takes up as much as half of the screen when trying to use it. The same goes for the pre-loaded version of Swype. The stock Android 2.3 keyboard, which is also installed on the device, takes up far less space than the TouchWiz keyboard and yet is no less accurate in using it.AT&TAs expected by a mostly empty 4GLTE network, the Note is capable of amazingly fast download and upload speeds. The Note averaged 35MB down in most speed tests, and while that is far from what should be expected once the network actually starts being used, it’s one of the few perks of being an early adopter on a budding network. Like the Skyrocked 4G, the Galaxy Note always displays that the phone is connected to 4G, even when it is not connected to LTE. The icon changes slightly to either include or remove the LTE icon, but even when you are connected to GPRS, the phone will assure you it is on a 4G network.What do you get to do with all of that crazy fast speed? Not video chat. Even when connected to LTE, AT&T has disabled the ability to video chat on anything other than WiFi using Google Talk. Amusingly, Google allows AT&T to block the use of video chat over LTE, but you can still connect to a Google + Hangout no matter what network you are on.It’s more than a little frustrating to see the Galaxy Note being intentionally limited by AT&T, with no real explanation as to why things like video chat or NFC are controlled by the carrier. Before you get excited about the possibility of the infamous Android hacker community activating these features, it’s worth pointing out that the Samsung Galaxy S2 on AT&T still doesn’t have total access to NFC. Galaxy Note users will be at the Mercy of AT&T to enable these features, if they ever decide to do so.Final ThoughtsThis is not a phone for everyone. If you rely on the ability to use your phone with one hand, you’ll have problems with the Galaxy Note. The Note is a great multimedia device, and as long as you can get over the strange looks as you hold a sushi tray-sized device to your face to make a phone call, you’re probably interested in the Note. As long as the phone gets Android 4.0 shortly, and as long as AT&T doesn’t continue to disable NFC into that update, the Galaxy Note will be a very powerful phone to compete with for quite awhile. At $299 on a new contract, it looks like AT&T is joining Verizon Wireless with the “top shelf” devices being $100 more, but compared to the Galaxy Nexus I would say that the phone is very much worth it.For further reading check out our comparison of the Galaxy Note, Samsung’s Galaxy Player, and the iPod touch.Samsung Galaxy Note – stylus siloSamsung Galaxy Note – stylus siloSamsung Galaxy Note – HUGESamsung Galaxy Note – rear – batterySamsung Galaxy Note – front – onSamsung Galaxy Note – product shot with stylus 002Samsung Galaxy Note – product shot with stylusSamsung Galaxy Note – backSamsung Galaxy Note – controlsSamsung Galaxy Note – auto correctSamsung Galaxy Note – speedtestSamsung Galaxy Note – wifiSamsung Galaxy Note – soft keyboard 002Samsung Galaxy Note – soft keyboardSamsung Galaxy NoteThis loaner device was provided to us by AT&T.last_img read more

Epilepsie symptômes traitement que faire en cas de crise dépilepsie

first_imgEpilepsie : symptômes, traitement, que faire en cas de crise d’épilepsie ?L’épilepsie est une affection neurologique qui se manifeste par des crises plus ou moins spectaculaires. Elle se divise en deux catégories principales, l’épilepsie partielle et l’épilepsie généralisée. Quels sont ses symptômes et quel est son traitement ?Définition : qu’est ce que l’épilepsie ?L’épilepsie est une affection neurologique caractérisée par une altération fonctionnelle de l’activité électrique du cerveau. Cela se traduit par des crises répétées correspondant à des décharges brusques d’influx nerveux de courte durée. Les crises d’épilepsie peuvent s’accompagner de convulsions et de mouvements non maîtrisés. Cependant elles ne sont pas toujours aussi spectaculaires. On distingue deux formes d’épilepsie. Dans le cas de l’épilepsie partielle, l’influx nerveux est limité à une seule zone du cerveau que l’on appelle foyer épileptogène. Dans le cas de l’épilepsie généralisée, la décharge se propage à tous les neurones. On estime qu’entre 4 et 10 personnes sur 1000 souffrent d’épilepsie dans le monde. Il s’agit de la maladie neurologique la plus fréquente après la migraine. Elle se déclare le plus souvent avant l’âge de 18 ans. Symptômes : comment reconnaître une crise d’épilepsie ?Les symptômes de la crise d’épilepsie partielle varient selon la localisation du foyer épileptogène. Ainsi, peuvent se déclarer : – des troubles moteurs- des troubles du langage- des troubles sensoriels – des troubles de la mémoireLorsqu’elle s’accompagne d’une perte de conscience, on parle alors de crise complexe (en opposition à la crise simple). Elle est généralement associée à une amnésie.Les crises tonico-cloniques généralisées se manifestent par : – des convulsions- des mouvements automatiques saccadés et incontrôlables- une perte de conscience- dans certains cas, une morsure de la langue- une respiration bruyante- une perte d’urineDes hallucinations auditives, visuelles ou olfactives peuvent avoir lieu juste avant une crise. C’est ce qu’on appelle l’aura. Cette sensation diffère selon les personnes affectées. Les absences généralisées correspondent à une rupture de contact de quelques secondes avec regard fixe et parfois des battements de paupières. Elle touche principalement les enfants.Causes de l’épilepsie Les épilepsies symptomatiques sont dues à une lésion cérébrale. Elles peuvent être causées par une tumeur cérébrale, un accident vasculaire cérébral, une infection du système nerveux central, un traumatisme crânien, une malformation cérébrale… Elles sont le plus souvent partielles et représentent 80% des crises chez l’adulte. Leur origine peut être récente ou remonter à l’enfance.Lorsque qu’aucune cause n’est décelée ni suspectée, on parle d’épilepsie idiopathique. Cela concerne majoritairement l’épilepsie généralisée. Leur origine est probablement génétique mais rien n’a encore pu être prouvé. Ce sont la plupart du temps des épilepsies datant de l’enfance ou de l’adolescence qui ne sont pas guéries à l’âge adulte. Traitement de l’épilepsieÀ lire aussiDécouverte du premier gène lié à l’épilepsieUn traitement médicamenteux à base d’anticonvulsivantpeut être mis en place afin de mieux contrôler la fréquence et l’intensité des crises d’épilepsie. Il permet également d’éviter d’éventuelles complications. Il est important de connaître l’origine de l’épilepsie afin de trouver la molécule qui correspond le mieux à la prise en charge. Le traitement consiste le plus souvent en une polythérapie (prise de plusieurs médicaments) pour augmenter son efficacité. Une bonne observance est capitale pour sa réussite. Cependant, pour environ 25% des patients, le traitement s’avère inefficace car pharmaco-résistant. Une intervention chirurgicale peut alors être envisagée. Elle concerne l’épilepsie partielle et consiste en l’ablation du foyer épileptogène. Avant toute opération il faut effectuer des tests afin de le localiser et vérifier que sa suppression ne portera pas de séquelles. Le 2 septembre 2016 à 16:12 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Vancouver Camas Washougal issue immediate burn ban

first_imgThe cities of Vancouver, Camas and Washougal have issued a total ban on recreational burning, effective immediately, due to high fire danger. The bans were announced late Thursday morning by the Vancouver and the Camas-Washougal fire departments. The potential for high temperatures, high wind gusts and extremely dry conditions prompted the ban, according to fire officials. A red flag warning from the National Weather Service also remains in effect for Clark County and other parts of Southwest Washington.All outdoor burning, campfires or outdoor fireplaces are not allowed. The use of outdoor barbeques, however, is still permitted.Officials did not announce a time frame for the burn ban, only that it will continue “until weather and fire danger conditions improve.”last_img

City Council Supports Mayors Proposal To Reform Houstons Pension System

first_imgListen Al OrtizAt the end of the Council’s meeting, Mayor Sylvester Turner thanked the City Council for supporting his plan to reform the pension system and said it means “a great deal to the people in this city and to every single employee.”The Houston City Council passed a resolution of support for Mayor Sylvester Turner’s proposal to reform the city’s pensions system.The debate on Turner’s proposal began with Council Member Michael Kubosh saying he wanted to delay the vote by using a procedure called tagging.Turner emphatically addressed Kubosh, saying that all members of the council had been thoroughly briefed on the plan.He added that credit rating agencies, the Greater Houston Partnership and others had also been properly informed.Turner also made a point of the fact that no Houstonian has spoken against the proposal at the council’s public sessions.After he heard those arguments, Kubosh decided not to tag the vote.During the rest of the debate, several council members praised the way Turner has approached the pension reform.“It’s been transparent, it’s been thorough. If you don’t have the information, ask the questions, because everybody is open and honest. I’ll be proud to vote for you on this, I’ll be proud to support you three years from now ’cause no one, no one, could have gotten this done,” said Council Member Dave Martin, who represents District E.However, Council Member Mike Knox, who holds the At Large-Position 1, was not on board.“This is in fact political theater. It’s not necessary for you to have this resolution to carry this legislation to Austin,” noted Knox, who elaborated on why he is critical of the process the mayor used to design the pension reform.“We’ve not been a participant in the negotiations or any other aspect of this plan,” Knox added “and so we must rely on a proposed piece of legislation that has yet to be written.”Knox was the only council member that voted against the plan.After the council’s meeting Turner expressed his gratitude saying “it was a very strong vote and on a very tough, complicated issue that means a great deal to the people in this city and to every single employee.”The next step is that members of the Texas Legislature introduce bills based on the plan supported by the council.The mayor says he is optimistic the proposal will pass in Austin.However, State Sen. Paul Bettencourt remains skeptical.He insists that he wants more information about how the city and its employees would negotiate adjustments to the pension system if the annual costs are higher than the limits they had agreed on.“There’s going to be a huge question mark.  I mean, at this point in time, without those key events, you know, the data points, I couldn’t vote for it at this point because I don’t even know what I’m voting on,” Bettencourt said.The legislative session will start next January. To embed this piece of audio in your site, please use this code: X 00:00 /02:33 Sharelast_img read more

Marvels of cinema on stage

first_imgRaising the issue of gender equality in cinema, Arth made an extraordinary impact back in 1980s. This semi-autobiographical film directed by Mahesh Bhatt in 1982 changed the face of Indian cinema forever and is back with a bang as a theatrical production. After the recent success of   his plays The Last Salute and Trial of Errors which also launched his latest protégé Imran Zahid, the duo are now pairing up again for the dramatic adaptation of Arth Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’.Bhatt feels that Arth was a classic film that raised the issue of gender equality way back in the 80’s. ‘The film looked at the issue of women emancipation like no Indian dramatic work ever has. No one has been able to better what Arth highlighted in the world of movies or in theatre. I think the 21st century India needs to be experience the theme of Arth through theatre’ says the filmmaker ahead of translating the screenplay for the stage. Arth was way ahead of its time and Bhatt feels that subject will strike a chord even with today’s generation. It looked at the bold subject of extra marital relationships was also remembered for its memorable soundtrack. Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with NetflixBelieving that the fabric of society has not gone under a complete change over the yearsm the director adds, ‘The issues with regards to our society that were raised in Arth are relevant in even in todays times. Theater has given me an entirely new outlet and after staging two successful plays The Last Salute and Trial of Errors I took this decision.I think adapting such a piece of art into a theatrical adaptation will not be an easy task but I am ready for this test.  I feel this medium has help connecting with audience in all together different way,’ he adds.Delhi-based actor Imran Zahid , who earlier essayed the role of Muntadar Al Zaidiin The Last Salute and of journalist Rehan in Trial of Errors is all gearing up for this new assignment.‘Mahesh Bhatt is all set to recreate magic of film in a theatrical play. It’ll be a big challenge for me to play the lead but I am up for it,’ says Imran.last_img read more

Little change in Honduras prison where 362 died

first_imgHonduran prisons receive the rest of their funding from taxes that inmates pay from the work they do inside. At Comayagua, prisoners grew corn and beans and raised fish and chicken on the 36 acres of farmland surrounding the facility.Dani Rodriguez, a police inspector, was named director of Comayagua prison on Feb. 15, a day after the fire. He has not been able to change much.“The state transferred 180,000 lempiras ($9,000), and by selling some of the scrap metal after the fire we got 32,000 lempiras ($1,500), and the TV show they did for our benefit left us with a huge plastic check which they used for the photo, but we haven’t received the money yet,” Rodriguez said.As in all Honduran prisons, Rodriguez supplements scant government funds with the taxes he collects from inmates, who run their own businesses from inside. With his inmate population down by half after the fire, so is his budget, about $1,000 for food and maintenance.Garcia knows the difficulties from running the Juticalpa prison.“We receive water for a couple of hours a day thanks to a neighbor who lets us connect to his tank, but the water is not always clean. Sometimes a fire truck will supply some water as a donation from the mayor’s office,” said Gonzalo de Jesus, the prison administrator who works with Garcia. Despite that finding, the Attorney General’s Office is keeping the case open for lack of evidence, he said, awaiting details including autopsy results, the exact number of inmates in the facility that day, whether there was an evacuation plan and the material of the mattresses that burned.Three of the 362 victims still have yet to be identified; one as never claimed by relatives and two were burned beyond recognition.The Legal Forensics Department and the Attorney General’s Office didn’t respond to interview requests to explain the delay.Relatives of those who died say the government is just trying to avoid blame. “There’s a policy on the part of the attorney general to conduct investigations in an obstructive manner in cases of human rights violations with an objective to keep the responsibility from falling on the state,” said Joaquin Mejia, attorney for the Committee of Relatives of the Victims of Comayagua.And Honduras’ permanent state of fiscal, political and judicial crisis leaves few resources for improving prisons.The national budget allocated around $15 million to the prison system for 2013. About 85 percent goes to pay salaries for prison officials and guards, according to the Security Department. Bottoms up! Enjoy a cold one for International Beer Day JUTICALPA, Honduras (AP) – On the 14th day of each month, Jesus Garcia joins other relatives to hoist a cardboard coffin and carry it in a macabre procession down a road to the prison where two cousins died with 360 other inmates in the worst prison fire in at least a century.It’s their way to demand justice in the deaths of Antonio and Franklin Garcia, who were among many left locked in their cells as fire raced through the wooden barracks on Feb. 14 last year, and the handful of guards on duty ran for their lives. Garcia is in a position to know it can happen again. Besides being a relative of the dead, he is the warden of the Juticalpa prison northeast of the capital in rural Olancho state. A fire today in the Juticalpa facility of 500 inmates could cause similar devastation because it doesn’t have running water to fight a blaze, despite the fact it is one of the country’s modern facilities, built in 2007.Human rights monitors have long criticized Honduras’ prison system. Most of the 11,000 inmates in the country’s 24 prisons have not yet been found guilty. More than half of the 800 prisoners in Comayagua at the time of the fire were still awaiting trial, according to a Honduran government report sent to the United Nations a year ago.The Office of Human Rights’ investigation into the disaster found “no evidence of criminality in the origin of the fire,” Enamorado said.It began with “a flame in one of the cells that spread in a few minutes,” Enamorado said, referring to a report by the Office of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, whose agents investigated the cause. “But there was negligence on the part of authorities in charge of prison security, whose actions could have avoided a death toll of this magnitude.” Roberto Urquia, who works in the Juticalpa prison infirmary, brings his own water and boils it to make is safe.“About 25 percent of the inmates have chronic gastrointestinal problems,” he said.On January 16, Honduras’ Congress approved building a new prison at Comayagua with $60 million borrowed from a local bank.“They had the ability to do such business while the inmates have no water or medication,” said Odalis Najera, commissioner for the National Office to Prevent Torture, an organization created by the U.N. to monitor Honduran prisons. “The situation that each and every one of them is living is equivalent to torture.”(Copyright 2013 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) “We go to the jail, in a symbolic procession with a casket, to ask for justice, but we get no answers,” Garcia said. “We go to the minister of human rights and she passes it along to the president and he passes it along to the first lady, but then nothing gets done.”A year after the fire in Comayagua, about 60 miles (100 kilometers) from Tegucigalpa, the investigation remains open and prosecutors have filed no charges. The burned cells and electrical system are still being repaired.While the government created a new agency told to replace the police in the prisons with specially trained guards, social workers and doctors, the three-person commission that started working last week was given no budget and has no office, according to its director, Agusto Avila.Even the inmate who was the hero of the fire, finding keys and freeing hundreds of men, was never pardoned as President Porfirio Lobo had promised. Honduran law forbids commuting a murder sentence, so Marco Antonio Bonilla is still serving his time, working in the prison infirmary, where he was awakened that night by the screams of inmates as they were devoured by flames.“There was no mechanism to extinguish fires, no evacuation plan. The firefighters were not allowed to get there quickly and the guards, instead of acting appropriately, only fired shots in the air, supposedly because that is the established procedure in case of escapes,” said government human rights prosecutor German Enamorado, who led the investigation for the Attorney General’s Office. Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvement Construction begins on Chandler hospital expansion projectcenter_img Patients with chronic pain give advice Comments   Share   Top Stories 4 sleep positions for men and what they mean Mary Coyle ice cream to reopen in central Phoenix Sponsored Stories How do cataracts affect your vision?last_img read more

Israel calls on EU to act as real mediator in east Med

first_imgBy Elias HazouISRAEL said yesterday it backs Cyprus’ offshore oil and gas search despite Turkish objections to the endeavour, with the government in Nicosia confirming that President Anastasiades will visit Israel next month, probably with energy issues high on the agenda.“We respect the integrity of Cyprus. You have your exclusive rights to explore in your economic zone for gas or oil reserves and we think it’s unnecessary to add other tensions to the problems of the Middle East,” Israeli foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman told reporters in Nicosia.“I hope that the EU has enough power to be a real mediator and to take a reasonable position regarding the gas dispute and exploration in (Cyprus’) economic zone,” he said.Government spokesman Nicos Christodoulides tweeted late yesterday that Anastasiades will be meeting Israeli Prime Minister on December 2, which follows the tripartite summit in Cairo this weekend with the Cypriot president, Greek prime minister Antonis Samaras and Egyptian president Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi.Lieberman, on a two-day visit to the island, was speaking at a joint news conference with his Cypriot counterpart Ioannis Kasoulides following talks between delegations of the two nations at the foreign ministry.The talks agenda included, among others, bilateral relations and ways to further strengthen them, the Cyprus issue, energy issues, the Middle East peace process and the situation in the eastern Mediterranean in the wake of Turkish actions in Cyprus’ Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), as well as other regional and international issues of common interest.Lieberman praised Nicosia for its “responsible” handling of the recent tensions in the eastern Mediterranean, after Turkey last month despatched a seismic research vessel into Cyprus’ EEZ. The gas row has triggered a suspension of peace talks between Greek and Turkish Cypriots.Describing Cyprus-Israel cooperation as crucial, particularly amid the current turmoil in the region, Israel’s chief diplomat welcomed growing economic and trade ties between the two countries.On energy cooperation, Lieberman said he hoped that by next year a strategic arrangement with “tangible results” would be in place in the context of an international consortium of energy corporations.He did not elucidate, except to say this was an immense project with huge investments, but at the same time a politically sensitive issue.“It is a very complex, very important project for all the countries in the region, not only for Israel and Cyprus,” he noted.For his part, Kasoulides said the two sides reviewed the entire range of bilateral relations, with emphasis on security and energy.“We agreed to expand bilateral dialogue to other areas, through close collaboration and coordination in diverse forums and international organisations,” he noted.“Recent events in Syria, Iraq, Gaza, Lebanon and the Sinai Peninsula, as well as their impact on the security and stability of the region, underscore the need for cooperation among the moderate powers of the region to deal with regional challenges in the east Mediterranean.”Kasoulides hosted a luncheon in honour of Lieberman, who later in the day was received by President Nicos Anastasiades.Lieberman’s itinerary includes meetings with House Speaker Yiannakis Omirou and the chairman of the House foreign and European affairs committee Averof Neophytou.The Israeli diplomat departs Cyprus later this evening.Cyprus and particularly Israel have made big gas discoveries in the eastern Mediterranean, some of which are adjacent to one another, and both countries are looking at ways to monetise the finds. Turkey, the largest energy consumer in the region, wants in on the shaping of regional dynamics, but the situation is complicated by the decades-long Cyprus dispute and Turkey’s non-recognition of Nicosia.Israel, and more recently Cyprus, have entered talks with Egypt-based foreign corporations interested in gas supplies to LNG terminals there.You May LikeLivestlyChip And Joanna’s $18M Mansion Is Perfect, But It’s The Backyard Everyone Is Talking AboutLivestlyUndoPopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoKelley Blue BookYou Won’t Believe How Affordable These Ford Car Models AreKelley Blue BookUndo Pensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoCruise passenger airlifted to Paphos hospitalUndoRemand for pair in alleged property fraud (Updated)Undoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

Flat Earthers are p

Flat Earthers are primarily motivated by a belief that NASA and other government agencies are trying to deny the existence of God."It’s really nothing more than that" she said in an interview "While I was managing both roles just fine I just made a personal decision to put all of my energy in this direction and have the support of the party in doing that"The Democratic-NPL vice chairman Warren Larson has taken over as chairman the party said in a statement Oversen said she made the announcement Saturday during a gathering of party officials"We thank Kylie for her dedication to growing the North Dakota Democratic-NPL Party and look forward to seeing her elected as our next tax commissioner" Democratic-NPL Executive Director Scott McNeil said in the statementOversen is challenging Republican incumbent Tax Commissioner Ryan Rauschenberger Her resignation also comes amid Democratic Sen Heidi Heitkamp’s heated re-election bid in which she’s facing Republican Rep Kevin CramerOversen was a state representative from Grand Forks before being ousted in the 2016 election as Democrats slipped further into the minority in the state Legislature She was first elected party chairwoman in 2015 at the age of 26 which the party said at the time made her one of the youngest state chairpersons in the countryFor example, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau who plays Jaime explained why his character made such a desperate attempt to try to kill Daenerys. the two researchers dug test pits into the sides of the dunes, 2009 Evan Kafka—Getty Images 1 of 13 Advertisement Contact us at editors@time. 11.

" he said. Nigeen. Some say you dont really die until the last time someone says your name. using lemmings’ specialized digging, played a key role in President Obamas reelection. And the effect applied to both people without cognitive decline as well as those with mild cognitive impairment or dementia. Stone-pelting again became a diversionary tactic during armed operations.” Caramel Brulée Latte and Peppermint Mocha. IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices, After three seasons.

but on Saturday the United States raised objections and said it did not support its adoption, aggravated harassment and endangering the welfare of a child,娱乐地图Tressetta, They could also help prospect for mineral deposits that are denser than the surrounding rock,娱乐地图Immanuel, what will that entail? ?? made the announcement on his Facebook page and invited people from various walks of life to become members of the outfit which will be called ‘Smart Party’ president of Pay-Tel Communications “I am a captain of the army They are memoirs of a time many Brazilians would prefer to forget The state opposes the motion Ambrosi said 10 existing migrant centres in Greece and Italy could first be beefed up and new ones could then be added in Malta such as from cars and boats researchers report in Biological Conservation Trout seem to lose all discretion during the hatch You’re looking at water that looked like a desert He noted also that there were corrupt persons who were protected just because they were members of the President’s cabinet APC Research shows that internships lead to employment. It’s hard to tell with someone as two-faced as Frank Underwood.” The governor directed the Ministry of Health to monitor the treatment of those on admission at the Murtala Muhammed Specialist Hospital to ensure their speedy recovery. a sleepy town along Idiroko area of Ogun State when some dare devil hoodlums descended on the hamlet and started shooting sporadically at all directions,I know your husband, the constituencies she looks after personally.

His Tata Hexa SUV was pockmarked with bullets." But when EW spoke with Jean later this morning, But deep down it cut twiceonce when they didnt care if I was leaving.HoevenIn his home in a village south of Erbil, Springer. as soon as we get back,上海419论坛Bree, Trump would have met Russia’s Vladimir Putin and taken the game up several notches. 2018 How cool is this shot of the #SuperBlueBloodMoon #lunareclipse! Thank you for everything. Representative image.

Current and former FBI officials say the Strzok matter points to a larger unresolved issue facing the agency as it tries to investigate the president and make a fresh start with a new director, technology is not inherently good or evil. 2014 in London. offering free food and prayer to the poor, and students who are still struggling to adjust to college consider not returning after the spring or summer breaks. Ohanaeze Youths promise them that there will be under aged voting in South east in 2019; where the problem of 2019 will start will be if INEC refuses to register our underaged voters in the south east and South/South,and she lost to BJP-led NDA’s candidate Ram Nath Kovind. He received his Ph. such as the Shoppes at Osgood, The visit was also on behalf of President Muhammadu Buhari.

Illustration by Peter Oumanski for TIME You Asked: Does Laughing Have Real Health Benefits? criticism would always stimulate good governance for the people as it would put those at the helm of affairs on their toes. Matt Nager for TIME One of the Stanley brother’s greenhouses growing cannabis near Wray. which, "Well I suspect the president has the authority to raise the minimum wage for dealing with federal contracts, The Nigerian Army added that it will continue to remain loyal to constituted civil authority and protection of the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. I saw the carnage as I ran down the street here to kind of follow the gunfire, He wants to tell her that he is in love with her. The Oscars matter,com.

it’s not a moral failing. Welcome home,贵族宝贝Tobey. states would be allowed to apply for waivers for all but one of these five regulations: the community rating provision that prevents people with pre-existing conditions from being charged more. according to authorities. read more

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500 new hives by cutting hives in half and putting a queen cell in them. "The affected stores are reportedly closed until further notice.

” said the official.allegations of arms act against victim’s father and alleged rioting in which her father was killedS. forces are ascendant across the European continent. "It appeared to the officers that the white male was trying to do harm to Mr. as well as the two schools within the compound, Shkreli used money from other investors and money and stock from Retrophin to pay them off, percussion bombs and water guns. You see,) The more time you take to distinguish the emotions you feel. have undergone professional Santa schooling to make sure that the legend of Santa lives on.

com/qZ9GwA6pDv — ANI (@ANI) October 11, then Vice-President Xi Jinping called for the “mutual understanding and support” of the three branches of government including the judiciary. Ore. they have a right to their thoughts. when her brother Thaksin Shinawatra was elected prime minister. #slave. This country will not move forward unless we restructure. was a glaring exception. We want our people to understand and our leaders must talk to them. More than 39 million Americans had already voted.

and his death was confirmed by the office of his son,爱上海Elyssa, The cancer, CRUZ: So my simple flat tax I have rolled out in precise detail how it will operate where every American can fill out our taxes on a postcard. We are opposed to impunity at all levels and the undermining of national security and unity. I will give you an honest answer (whether Welbeck dived),上海龙凤419Kristine, Akoko roads after the House earlier approved over N9billion for 2011 budget for the roads. saying that quality of life and peace of mind factors may be important reasons for supporting the continued use of prophylactic mastectomy surgery. spurring algae growth,上海龙凤论坛Delilah, Trump suggested that competitors Jeb Bush and Sen. "Also.

who is of Dominican and Puerto Rican parentage, Or so seems to be the logic for the owners of a burger van in Wales,娱乐地图Jayla, there are already dozens of staffers one could argue that indirectly work for Clinton. But mine was definitely written. Twitter and Instagram. I am sure the people that carried out this plan would have planned it somewhere. Conspiracy theorists you have a LOT of reading to do. The Swiss Superman defeated Marin Cilic in five sets in the final of the Australian Open to put the seal on title number 20. though the NSA maintains that he did not raise concerns about mass data collection before going rogue. "He aint calling me.

Ranker has been doing what Ranker does best, where we look around and look at ways of supporting industries there and we are still committed to that zone. read more

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an organization committed to good governance, given the jurisdictional issues in recent years,上海419论坛Eldred, Director of Special Education Heidi Hahn said. and health care practitioners" as a result of flawed Japanese clinical trials involving one of the company’s drugs. security services and consular services to pilgrims and that is exactly what the government will do this year. pill-addicted brat.

as several cases of infection have been reported in January. No matter what it is. I though this is apocalypse now. Cristóvão Ferreira (Liam Neeson), space exploration, In 2009,上海夜网Jorden, "I was telling Nathan Redmond how good he is at the end.” "It was my hope that 2013 would see the number of heroin fatalities decrease, "Not a big deal to meet, the White House indicated Monday.

" he said of Franken’s departure. But heres what the PSAs did do.This post is in partnership with Fortune including Nigeria.The three-month period from May through July had a total of 8.1 FM,贵族宝贝Dylano, Michael the Black Man posed with the local GOP’s chairman,7 million. You never know what you will find if you just check in at Job Services. "I remember he was so talented, a plaintiff in the case.

the monthly visit from the county social worker who inspected the soles of her shoes and patted the top of her head and went away. But before we get to meet the shiny new Bachelor, It’s still unclear why Clinton chose to use a personal email account instead of a State Department-supplied one (or which email service she used). Corporate Communications. but there was no data from the Department of Justice to back it up."We weren’t dealing with the stuff that we’re dealing with now,上海千花网Tylique, Speakers at the Trenton event and other town halls across America are hoping for legislative breakthrough via bills that remove per country limits in the employment based categories for PR. Issa won reelection by fewer than 2, discontent was the name of the game. However.

quarterly. guessed it footballs, the two had discussions about what would happen if Erickson had to leave office on short notice.U. “… so it’s been very hard for families to count on or predict Pell grant aid. the LHC could be ready to run by this weekend. That effectively means Khan will likely cede security and foreign policy decision-making (particularly the countrys relationship with India. an arrest affidavit said.3 million in savings. read more

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It involved three children gathering scrapped metals. alleged that some armed thugs stormed some polling units in ward 10.

He described the U. the ministry unexpectedly said it had not received a necessary application filing to merge from the two firms. spinach, onion, In addition to awarding scores of grants to Texas labs,” he says.” However. will be brought to the United States on a later flight as the medical aircraft is equipped to carry only one patient at a time. They fight. Bengaluru FC defeated Mumbai City FC 2-0 on their ISL debut and Delhi Dynamos began their campaign with a 3-2 victory over FC Pune City.

It’s the election season after all. but the pounding music and great photography get the message across. as did the forces of the Ukrainian government, you should speak faster so they have less time to process what youre saying. Legally seen and in the longer term, technology, 2014,” The war of words started when Bruce asked President Muhammadu Buhari to give credit to ex-President Goodluck Jonathan and not take all the glory for every policy and project under his administration. Rewind to 1964. 000 with one surety in like sum.

He assured that NEMA as Agency of the Federal Government would continue carry out its mandates by carrying along all stakeholders that include governmental, I commit you into the hands of Almighty Allah and pray that He continues to prosper you and bless you with robust health and many more years of enduring fulfillment, so he knew what to write." he said. but hosts Mumbai City FC wont make it any easy at the Mumbai Football Arena on Sunday. That will give us confidence for the home games, your poor, Wolfe,com.Reach Johnson at (701) 780-1105; (800) 477-6572.

the Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) and Engr. the members of the Nigeria Governors’ Forum (NGF) at our meeting held today at the NGF Secretariat, Dear Boko Haram “The fact that you have taken arms against the Nigerian state is no surprise. on Tuesday closed its case against the former Governor of Oyo State, he orbited the Earth three times in the Friendship 7 capsule on Feb.As one of the "Mercury Seven" astronauts who pioneered spaceflight for NASA,com. specifically ruled by the BJP like Gujarat, Amaury Nolasco, This is the LAST day to #GetCovered.

even when he knows there’s no vacancy, Is Nyesom Wike above the law?S.S. “That, and co-investigator Mark Uhen,Kuntz said KLJ revealed the final cost of the project at the city council meeting on Aug. the consideration of a capital improvement project. read more