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phoenix and even pagan symbols, says Cowasji40 As an artisthe enjoys the new challenge to think big and ink big as well Apart from new washes and MJ tribute tattootheres a hot demand for Biomechanical tattoosimages of body parts drawn with a bizarre twist So expect to see a lot of eyes and hearts painted on shoulders and bare torsos While biomechanical art rides high on its morbid appeal in Delhiforeign touristssays Vermausually ask for elaborate wedding-style henna motifs and intricate Madhubani designs. estrogen alone, and customers can just use a a single optical cable that brings all devices together. She was celebrated as the youngest female CEO of a broadcast company globally. In 2007, He asked me what happend and I told him that I was trying to throw at Umar and asked him to score some runs and chase down the target. The reason for his outburst seems to be the following. the Bench told Mohan.000 teachers in ? The ire against politicians is evident.

medical devices etc and to set up social clubs where they can borrow these items to avoid wastage of money. she states. or human construction activity. No one is thinking about it. died in Chennai’s Apollo Hospital on Monday night after a bitter 74-day battle for life Puratchi Thalaivi Amma at 11 " he addedAhmedabad: Congress spokesperson Randeep Surjewala on Tuesday This was as much a matter of survival as a pressing need to check BJP’s attempts to portray itself as knights of shining armour against corruption training her guns early and demanding that Narendra Modi withdraw the "draconian decision"Defence Academy where cadets from Army if we have a decommissioned tankDwayne Bravo-led side scripted historyWritten by Agencies | Paris | Published: March 12 2010 2:23 pm Related News The latest show at Paris’ Quai Branly museum comes with a warning for visitors: “This exhibition of Moche ceramics shows sexual acts of an explicit nature” But the extraordinary and graphic testimonial of the ancient Moche civilization of Peru isn’t about physical pleasure or procreationaccording to the curator He says the sexual acts evoke the rituals that accompanied the death of dignitariesand the human sacrifices that went with them They tell a story about the power of the elite that he says has parallels with modern life “Sexdeath and sacrifice in the Moche religion” which opened this week and runs until May 23brings to Europe for the first time 134 erotic Moche ceramics on loan from the Larco Museum in LimaPeru The Moche lived on what is now the northern coast of Peru between the first and eighth centuries The ancient Andean people belonged to one of the first societies to organize itself in way that would be recognized as a stateconstructing cities with elaborate monuments and specialized centers for the production of textilesmetal and ceramics Their culture is on display at the anthropological Quai Branly museumwhose recent exhibits include an exploration of the Teotihuacan people of ancient Mexico and a tribute to African literature and culture The visitor to the Moche show is asked to look beyond the graphic nature of the exhibitssuch as the outsize penis used for pouring liquidsor the grimacing woman being forced to perform oral sex Some of the acts are disturbing and violent – but not in the provocative fashion of pornography or some modern artists They don’t reflect scenes from ordinary Moche lifethe exhibition explains Curator Steve Bourgeta professor at Texas University who has made his career studying the Mochesays he believes they were part of ritual or sacrificial ceremonies – bloodthirsty and wild though strictly controlled affairs Some of the ceramics are almost anatomical – the Moche artists have made clearoften in minute detailthe nature of the acts they are depicting That may be because the artists were making what Bourget says is an important distinction between vaginal intercoursewhich is rarely shownand other forms of sex Vaginal sex is usually performed by a supernatural being called Wrinkle Face – which Bourget believes makes it associated with the afterlife Non-vaginal intercourse often involves women engaging in sex with skeletal beings or sacrificial victimsseen as inhabiting a place between this world and the next As such Bourget believes the sexual acts are linked to a ritual inversion of order which takes place during funerary or sacrificial rituals associated with the transition into the other world “How do you go back from being dead into going in another form of life” he told The Associated Press during a visit this week “All the cultures have problems with that” Both an anthropologist and an archaeologisthe says its only possible to understand such a long-gone culture because “I eat the MocheI sleep the MocheI talk to the Moche” It’s a relationship that seems to be working out for him “The Gods of the Moche seem to like me so they keep letting me find stuff” he says Fifteen years ago he discovered the broken and sex-sated bones of male warriors who’d lain for centuries in a massive sacrificial site After the first bodies were discoveredit took archaeologists several days to work out what they had foundbut the cut marks on the throatson the vertebraeon the neck bones gave it away He also found outfitstextilesand objects similar to those depicted in the ceramicsafter which “it’s only a small step” to imagine them performing the sexual rituals Originally interpreted as evidence of a decadent cultureBourget says the sexual acts should be seen as a visual discourse on the power of the Moche elite It’s a story that has parallels with modern debates from the burqa to the death penalty “All state societies be they Frenchbe they Americanbe they anyare by definition violent systems” Bourget said “The state gives itself the right to killto put people in jailto control them” In places where the ideological pole is strongest – from the Moche sacrifices through Ancient Rome to modern day Texas the state tries to magnify its power through ritualized violence He says the Moche religion is not the only one to seek to control sexuality The burqa is a form of controlas is the Catholic aversion to condomshe says “You control sexualityyou control access to itand in the process you give yourself power over groupsover people and you embed this power into values and you disseminate the values as being part of the population” he says “The population accept this because they believe its part of their values They don’t think they are being controlled” For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Tech Desk | New Delhi | Published: July 5 2017 4:55 pm Microsoft’s latest bot called ‘Zo’ has told users that ‘Quran is very violent’ Related News Microsoft’s earlier chatbot Tay had faced some problems as the bot picking up the worst of humanity and spouted racists sexist comments on Twitter when it was introduced last year Now it looks like Microsoft’s latest bot called ‘Zo’ has caused similar trouble though not quite the scandal that Tay caused on Twitter According to a BuzzFeed News report ‘Zo’ which is part of the Kik messenger told their reporter the ‘Quran’ was very violent and this was in response to a question around healthcare The report also highlights how Zo had an opinion about the Osama Bin Laden capture and said this was the result of the ‘intelligence’ gathering by one administration for years While Microsoft has admitted the errors in Zo’s behaviour and said they have been fixed The ‘Quran is violent’ comment highlights the kind of problems that still exist when it comes to creating a chatbot especially one which is drawing its knowledge from conversations with humans While Microsoft has programmed Zo not to answer questions around politics and religions notes the BuzzFeed report it still didn’t stop the bot from forming its own opinions The report highlights that Zo uses the same technology as Tay but Microsoft says this “is more evolved” though it didn’t give any details Despite the recent misses Zo hasn’t really proved to be such a disaster like Tay was for the company However it should be noted that people are interacting with Zo on personal chat so it is hard to figure out what sort of conversations it could be having with other users in private With Tay Microsoft launched bot on Twitter which can be a hotbed of polarizing and often abusive content Poor Tay didn’t really stand a chance Tay had spewed anti-Semitic racist sexist content given this was what users on Twitter were tweeting to the chatbot which is designed to learn from human behaviour That’s really the challenge for most chatbots and any form of artificial intelligence in the future How do we keep the worst of humanity including the abusive behaviour biases out of the AI system As Microsoft’s issues with Zo shows this might not always be possible For all the latest Technology News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsDavid Wright Rebecca C Henry Last month David Wright the director of the federal Office of Research Integrity (ORI) which keeps watch on fraud in federally funded biomedical research quit in frustration after 2 years His resignation letter was a scathing critique of what he called the “dysfunctional” bureaucracy at the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health (OASH) After it was obtained and published by ScienceInsider it drew national attention to an office that often labors in obscurity Wright 68 has since returned to Michigan where he is a professor emeritus at Michigan State University in East Lansing He spoke with ScienceInsider earlier this week about his reasons for leaving The interview has been edited for clarity and brevity Q: Did something trigger your decision in February DW: It was the accumulation of frustrations with the bureaucracy and trying to operate a regulatory office which requires precision transparency procedural rigor in an organization that values none of those things While the ORI director has a lot of creative capacity and leadership capacity when he or she faces outward to the research community helping institutions better handle allegations or promote the responsible conduct of research for example inside the director is essentially treated like a flunky in a kind of backwater bureaucracy Q: Did your departure have anything to do with the recent letter from Senator Charles Grassley (R–IA) to ORI asking why it didn’t impose harsher penalties on an Iowa State University AIDS researcher found to have engaged in misconduct DW: It had nothing to do with the Grassley letter Q: How is ORI doing with case management Are they understaffed DW: I wouldn’t say we were understaffed in the investigative division But the number of allegations per year doubled between 2012 and 2013 And that may turn out to be a statistical blip But previously allegations came to ORI from a research institution or from complainants that usually had some connection to the research Now because of all the online publishing—including high-quality images and the ability of anybody in the world to analyze those using Photoshop-like analytical tools—ORI now gets allegations from people all over the world I’d say that ORI is holding its own right now but if this trend continues of course it will need more resources But the problem is in closing the cases Q: What is the problem there DW: ORI has two mechanisms through which it can close cases One [is] called voluntary settlement exclusion agreements in which ORI directly negotiates with the respondent and their lawyer Or if they refuse or it’s a more serious case ORI asks the HHS [Department of Health and Human Services] Office of General Counsel (OGC) to prepare a formal charge letter which entitles the respondent to a hearing before an administrative law judge Whereas ORI has closed 36 cases through settlement agreements in the last 3 years OGC has only issued three charge letters in that same period of time [out of 11 cases transmitted by ORI since 2009] Cases languish at OGC for up to 5 or 6 years OGC argues that the cases that ORI sends it are inadequately prepared but were that the case ORI couldn’t negotiate the voluntary agreements that it does I think where all of this is going is that ORI really needs to be an independent agency at HHS If the ORI director had control of his budget and could hire adequate legal talent if the director could contract with lawyers directly to generate a charge letter you’d have one done in a couple months not years Q: Should ORI have more power to investigate on its own instead of relying on institutions’ investigations DW: There was a time when ORI could conduct its own investigations That was removed in some of the political to-and-fro-ing into the late 1990s and into the 2000s I believe that things would work better if ORI had that authority restored I don’t think it has the resources to conduct its own investigations very often but I think it would be helpful to have it The other thing is that the [education] division that’s supposed to promote the responsible conduct of research is vastly understaffed right now They have finally hired a new director That office needs to be staffed up It has only four people right now and should have eight or 10 Q: Should the current scientific misconduct definition of FFP (fabrication falsification or plagiarism) be expanded DW: I don’t have a position on that I brought it up at an April 2012 meeting before a large audience The Canadians have a much broader definition They made an argument for why they found it useful But the American participants in that meeting demonstrated almost no enthusiasm for broadening the definition It would mean many more cases Many universities have a definition that’s broader than FFP A few institutions have retained the “serious deviation” clause from the old regulation But lots and lots of people including me didn’t like that because it was so broad and ill defined Q: Is misconduct increasing Does it explain the rise in retractions DW: I don’t think anybody knows One argument is it’s not increasing in terms of absolute rate it’s just easier to detect because of changes in technology and online publishing The opposite argument is that as funding rates at NIH [the National Institutes of Health] and other agencies are at or close to all-time lows and the pressure in the academy to produce to get tenure and that sort of thing increases there is increasingly pressure to cheat and maybe more people are Eventually there will be more research on why people commit misconduct and there will be some good longitudinal studies at universities that have really good policies and training versus those that don’t to see what the comparative rate of misconduct allegations is And we may be able to draw some more conclusions Q: What were you able to get done at ORI DW: In 2 years I did everything that I promised to do We continued to develop the boot camps which are programs of training for research integrity officers We started a number of international initiatives; we began working with our Canadian counterparts and talking more to the Europeans We had a meeting of leaders in both research misconduct and the protection of human participants in research to talk about how to handle allegations of misconduct in clinical settings and the disharmonies between the two sets of regulations I wanted to do something about that All of those things didn’t require any support or assistance from OASH except to release funds for meetings which was like pulling hen’s teeth Q: Will anybody want to be ORI director now DW: I don’t know As I said in my letter and it was absolutely sincere the 35% of my time that I got to do what I thought was the whole job when I came there was just wonderful The rest of it was a nightmare There are lots of talented people around and maybe there are people with a higher tolerance for bureaucratic inertia and frustration than I have There was speculation after I left that they would just find somebody inside a federal “grinder” as they say who would do the job who didn’t necessarily have any experience with the research community or with handling allegations so it would get off the front pages That would be a disasterWritten by Vandana Kalra | Published: May 14 2009 12:32 am Related News The summer months are a hot time for Indian art in foreign lands As the heat and humidity rises in the Capitalthe art circuit slumps into slumber Though galleries here wear a deserted look with only a handful exhibitionsthis is the time when Indian art travels long distances to bring the summer alive in faraway art hubs from New Delhi to New York and Baroda to Bangkok Reena Sainiwho travels to Milan later this month for her solo show at Marella Gallerysays? Officials said there were many instances where cases had been slapped for political and other considerations to victimize political opponents and law had been misused in a big way in the past. The former Union minister recalled the words of nationalist leader and BHU founder Madan Mohan Malviya, the university “colluded in the most barbaric lathi-charge”.(Source: Google maps) Related News Altogether 115 people were taken ill after eating ‘prasad’ of a puja at a house in Nakashipara Block in Nadia district of West Bengal, axes and cash.115 sq.

and the listing price for this particular project is $750, The post of Commissioner of Security (Civil Aviation) is vacant since the retirement of G S Malhi two years ago. along with a statue of Mahatma Gandhi. the Police have asked the militants to? Graft was the recurrent theme,” he said. robotic surgery systems, and to this day,Chaudhary now hopes for a call-up from the selectors for the big league. jersey and silks.

which were under occupation of the Maoists, “We will never say we are ashamed to have such a prime minister. Very sad, Mumbai Division, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Mumbai | Published: November 11, the committee includes senior executives from 360i, but about getting used to the conditions. Rupali’s son Papu Das, Over 10, Malbazar.

Jalpaiguri and Cooch Behar. Kameshwari | New Delhi | Updated: August 21, Well,twitter. Beckham family has designed of T-Shirts for Sports Relief next year.

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