Fans recreate the Rogue One trailer in Fallout 4

first_imgLast month we brought you a story about a YouTube group named UpIsNotJump that recreated the Captain America: Civil War trailer in Fallout 4. Although it wasn’t a 100% perfect recreation, it was a really fun and quirky video that managed to capture the spirit of the original trailer but with the griminess of the Fallout universe. The same group is back at it again and has given the same treatment to the recently released Rogue One: A Star Wars Story teaser trailer. This recreated video is nothing short of internet gold.Several of Fallout 4‘s locations are used to stand in for those seen in the trailer. For example, the hangars of Yavin-4 are actually the interior of the Brotherhood of Steel’s airship, while the main communication room of the rebel hideout is actually one of the offices of The Institute. Instead of giant AT-ATs attacking the rebels, we see a couple of Liberty Prime robots take their place. There is even a shot of the dreaded Death Star, though it appears to be an image of the planet-destroying battle station instead of something that was rendered in-game.For the sake of comparison, here is the original Rogue One trailer:UpIsNotJump has given the Fallout treatment to the Daredevil season two trailer in addition to Civil War and Rogue One, so let’s hope that we can expect similar videos from them in the future. There certainly are a lot of geek-centric films coming out this year, so who knows what we can expect to see next.last_img

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