Xbox One sales target was originally set at 200 million consoles

first_imgThe Xbox One S we see on store shelves today is a very different console to the one envisioned being hooked up in homes back in 2014. Who remembers Don Mattrick? He’s the guy that decided all Xbox One games would only play if you were connected to the Internet for DRM checks. he’s also the guy that made Kinect mandatory, and said if you didn’t have an Internet connection the Xbox 360 would remain on sale as an alternative.Mattrick is now long gone and Phil Spencer was left to pick up the pieces of that dismal launch period. Spencer is doing a pretty good job considering, and he’s now revealed another eye-opening fact about the Xbox team’s original intent for the new console. Mattrick set the sales bar incredibly high for sales. He wanted them to aim for 200 million units.No games console has ever sold 200 million units. Top of the list right now is the PlayStation 2, which achieved 155 million. After that you have handhelds, with the Nintendo DS reaching 154 million and the Game Boy/Game Boy Color combined achieving 118 million sales. The Xbox 360 managed 84 million units. But Mattrick wanted more, much more.You have to remember that the Xbox One wasn’t being treated as just a games console at launch. Mattrick positioned it to be the hub under your TV and as much an all-round entertainment box as a games-playing machine. It really didn’t work, but the lofty 200 million sales target must have been based off of the console appealing to a much wider audience than just gamers.What we are left with 2 years on from the launch is an Xbox console Microsoft has long since stopped sharing sales figures for. Last we heard it has sold 19 million units in January of this year–half of what the PS4 had achieved. It’s clear now that the Xbox One will struggle to hit even 50 million units let alone 200 million.last_img

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