Jimmy Fallon gets to play PS4 launch game Knack

first_imgJimmy Fallon is focusing on video games this week. Yesterday we covered the Xbox One showing, with Phil Spencer managing to underrate how powerful the Xbox One hardware is by quite a big margin while Fallon played Forza 5.Last night it was the turn of the PS4 to get the Fallon treatment, but unlike Microsoft, Sony decided to focus on just one game: Knack.Mark Cerny, chief systems architect for the PS4 and director on Knack, was sent out to sell the PS4 and game on camera. Unlike Spencer, Cerny made it clear the PS4 is 10x as powerful as the PS3 and got a cheer from the crowd when he confirmed the new console would play used games and not require the Internet to function. It’s also telling that Fallon made the mistake of stating PS4 is the only next-gen console that will play used games.As for the game demo, it certainly looked next-gen in terms of the visuals. And as Cerny explains, the gameplay is a mix of what you’d expect to find in Katamari Damacy and Crash Bandicoot games. How entertaining that turns out to be depends on how well they use Knack’s ability to consume different materials and use them for mixing up the gameplay.The fact Knack is a launch game certainly helps Sony push the PS4 as a family-friendly console, but when that launch happens is still a mystery. Cerny wasn’t giving anything away in terms of release date and stuck to the “Holiday” window when asked.So was the PS4 showing on Fallon a success? I think a few more games would have been nice to see, but I get the feeling Sony intends to focus on specific launch titles in the coming months and give each one a showcase. This was just the first of those.last_img

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