NASAs nasal spray for motion sickness being commercialized

first_imgThe technology we use to explore space is impressive on its own. But in our quest to travel beyond Earth, we’ve invented a lot of technology that’s not obvious when you see space missions in action. Over the years NASA has spent sending rovers, shuttles, and full human beings into space, they’ve pioneered lots of new ideas and tools that eventually found application elsewhere. Some of NASA’s inventions were big, high-tech stuff like satellite communications, but many others were simple ideas that became the basis for everyday products, like cordless tools and activated charcoal water filters. The latest daily-life benefit to come from our excursions into space is INSCOP, a nasal spray that fights motion sickness.Astronauts undergo far more powerful forces than most people experience while trying to read in the backseat of a moving car, so motion sickness is a problem NASA knows a lot about. One of the treatments they use is a drug called scopolamine, which is already used to treat sea-sickness in scuba divers. The drug is normally taken orally as a tablet, but researchers at NASA’s Johnson Space Center found that a precise dosage taken in spray form works faster and more reliably.Epiomed Therapeutics Inc. has signed an agreement to develop and commercialize INSCOP (short for intranasal scopolamine), and will be working closely with NASA on clinical trials. There’s no telling when we’ll see the new treatment available for general use, but when it does it will be another example of how trying to accomplish something big inspired a useful new tool.via Phys.orglast_img

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