Wingsuit skydiver uses shoecam to makes jumps look more awesome

first_imgAs previously noted on this site, wingsuit skydiving looks to be just about the most fun you can have without breaking the law. Even without taking it to the absolute extreme, the jumpers are quite good at making their sport look like controlled insanity. Use of the proper gear helps us viewers live vicariously through the jumpers while making sure things like cameras don’t get in the way of something important, like a parachute.Standard equipment includes a helmet cam and wingsuit, in this case the ContourHD cam and Phantom2 suit. Wingsuiter Richard Schneider has another trick he uses to get some great shots from jumps: the shoecam you see above. It’s a simple hack, but when his foot is properly positioned it gives viewers an over-the-shoulder view that turns Schneider from a cameraman into a participant.AdChoices广告It’s a clever idea though Schneider told us that it’s not quite ideal. The placement of the camera on his foot creates a possible snag point for his parachute lines. He’s make sure that if this happens the shoe and cam will both come off and he won’t have to do anything drastic (Wesley Snipes in Dropzone comes to mind…).You can see the shoecam in action in the video below. The first shot is at the 12 second mark, and then there is another at 20 seconds… after that it should be easy enough for you to pick them out.And don’t miss the short time-lapse at the beginning. It was taken with a Canon T2i in front of Chicago’s famous “Bean” sculpture.last_img

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