Latin American NGOs Accuse Polisario of Human Rights Abuses

Rabat – Latin American human rights NGOs and civil society associations denounced serious human rights abuses committed by the Polisario in Tindouf camps.Many Latin American NGOs and associations issued a statement, in which they condemned the “terror” imposed by Polisario in Tindouf camps where “Saharawi women, victims of inhuman treatment, are detained and deprived of the most basic freedoms.”These organizations and associations include the Global Africa Latina Foundation, Mexico’s Socpinda organization and the “urban civil association,” Oaxaca’s human rights organizations, Dominican Republic’s Committee for World Peace, Human and Municipal Rights, and the “Peru’s Foundation of Education and Enterprise,” according to the state-owned press Maghreb Arab News (MAP). The organizations accused Polisario of kidnapping and humiliating Sahrawi women in Tindouf camps. “Women kidnapped and held against their will in Tindouf camps by Polisario, are deprived of their rights as women and the opportunity to realize their dreams and ambitions and forced to submit to a cause without horizon.”Maloma Morales, a Spanish young Sahrawi woman was kidnapped in December 2015, after she had traveled with her adoptive family members to the camps to visit her biological mother. In August 2014, Mahyuba Mohamed Hamdidaf, another Spanish young Saharawi woman was kidnapped in Tindouf camps as soon as traveled to see her grandparents who were seriously ill.In June 20, the Members of the European Parliament condemned forced marriages, deprivation of liberty, ill-treatment, and torture imposed on women in Tindouf camps in Algeria.  The MEPs called on the Algerian and Spanish government to take action to end the situation.The organizations expressed their support for Morocco’s efforts to combat terrorism, drug and human trafficking crimes in the Sahara region borders.The NGOs further expressed their support for Morocco’s efforts and UN Security Council resolutions aimed at finding a mutually acceptable solution to the Western Sahara conflict.Earlier this month, Khat Achahid, a group of former Polisario members, wrote a letter to the AU about the Polisario Front’s violations of human rights and executions of Sahrawis. The group accused Polisario’s leader of human rights abuses in Tindouf camps, including arrests, torture, and executions when he served as Polisario’s Minister of Defense.The movement stated that 650 people went missing from Tindouf camps from 1975 to 1991, and they were subjected to various types of torture and executions without trials.

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