Former UK Prime Minister Blamed for Soldiers Deaths in Iraq War

Rabat – Families of British soldiers killed during the Iraq War rejected the apology of the former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair, and so far 29 families are suing him for alleged damages incurred by his abuses of power during the war.Many believe that Blair had significant financial gain during and after his time in office. It is estimated that he earned around 67 million pounds since his resignation in 2007.“Tony Blair has made a lot of money from public office which I believe he misused,” said Reg Keys, whose son was killed in 2003 during the invasion. “He misused the powers of that office and has gone on to make a lot of money after leaving that office, a lot of it from the contacts he made while in Downing Street.” Information from the Iraq Inquiry, a recent report on the war, suggests that Blair did not exhaust all non-violent efforts to suppress Saddam Hussein before taking a military approach, and that his support of George W. Bush and the US may have been inappropriate. It also suggests that Blair’s staff was unprepared and slow moving.

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