iPhone in 2020 likely to come with tiny notch and improved rear camera lens

first_imgWe are yet to see the iPhone or rather the iPhones that will be released this year in 2019. But already there are rumours about the iPhone 2020 — will it be called the iPhone 12 — coming in. An analyst believes that the iPhone 202 will sport a narrower bezel and hence look much better.At the same time, the iPhone 2020 will also come with a 7-piece lens for its main camera. Currently, most smartphone have 6-piece or 5-piece lens assembly. As the number of pieces go in a lens, the complexity of manufacturing those lenses also grows. However, more pieces in a lens often help cameras produce sharper images with better contrast and lens distortions, ghosting or flares.But enough about cameras. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who tracks Apple and its supply chains, reveals on Chinese website called My Drivers, that Apple has figured out a way to make the Face ID module smaller and hence will be able to use a narrower and smaller notch in the iPhone 2020.This notch, although smaller than what we see in the iPhone XR, will still be bigger than the water-drop or narrow notches that Android phones use. This is because until Apple finds a way to place the FaceID hardware under the screen, or removes this feature, the iPhone will require a notch.Having said that, there are reports that Apple may indeed move away from the FaceID. A few reports claim that this year, or probably next year, Apple will launch an iPhone with fingerprint sensor that will be placed under the display, similar to how it is there in the phones like the OnePlus 7 Pro. It has been rumoured that this phone will be sold in China, but it is entirely possible that if users in China don’t find lack of FaceID an issue, Apple may remove the feature from all iPhone variants and move to the in-display fingerprint sensor.advertisementThere are also reports that once Apple has moved to in-display fingerprint sensor — and Apple is reportedly working on its own technology for this feature — the company will move the front camera under the display, behind a punch hole. This is a feature we have already seen on a number of Android phones this year, including in the Vivo Z1 Pro. If Apple indeed puts the front camera and the fingerprint sensor under the display, it will give the iPhone a screen that is completely edge-to-edge.Apart from the camera and display details, nothing more is known about the iPhone 2020.Anyway, before that we will get the iPhone 11 — or will it be the iPhone XI — this year. The launch of the iPhone 11 is expected to be in September or early October. In terms of design, the iPhone 11 is likely to look similar to the iPhone X. But instead of two rear cameras, there are rumours that the iPhone 11 will come with 3 rear cameras, placed in a square module on the top left corner of the phone.ALSO READ | Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak wants people to get off Facebook permanentlyALSO READ | Apple working on a foldable iPad with 5G connectivity, likely to be launched next yearlast_img

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