Two get bail in priest robbery case

first_imgTwo of the four people charged with robbing Roman Catholic priest Father Clyde Harvey last week, were granted bail when they reappeared in Port of Spain’s Magistrates’ Court on Thursday.The other two, which includes a 17-year-old boy, were denied bail by Magistrate Adrian Darmanie, given their past criminal record. As such, they were both remanded into custody and reminded of their right to apply to a High Court judge for bail.Charged with robbing Harvey are Christian Huggings, 19, Miguel Collins, 18, Dion Gillard and the 17-year-old boy.The four first appeared in court on Monday charged with breaking and entering into the St Martin’s RC Church at Hermitage Road, Gonzales, and falsely imprisoning Harvey, during an incident last Monday. They were also accused of using personal violence to rob him of a watch valued at US$500, a Samsung Galaxy cellphone valued at $4,500 and $1,000 cash. During their first appearance all four were all remanded into custody since their criminal background trace was not available.At Thursday’s hearing, it was revealed that both Gillard and the teenager had several matters of a similar nature pending before the court. It was based on this that the magistrate refused the granting bail to them.Huggins and Collins on the other hand were granted bail in the sum of TT$200,000 and TT$150,000 respectively, to be approved by a clerk of the peace.The matter will next be called on July 20.last_img read more

Kingston gets “Thumbs Up” from Diaspora Delegates

first_imgDelegates attending the Jamaica 55 Diaspora Conference 2017 have commended conference organizers for returning the biennial event to Kingston this year. The 2017 renewal was the first time in nine years that the conference was being held in the country’s capital.“I appreciate it was held in Kingston,” said Adaoma Patterson, President of the Jamaican Canadian Association. “Most of the issues discussed affected Kingston; and it was important that we immersed in the capital city. How can you solve problems if you are not immersed in them?” she asked.A Jamaican living in New York, who only gave her name as Audia, also believed holding the conference in Kingston was a positive move. “I like that it was in Kingston. The change of venue is good. Kingston has fewer tourists; and I could enjoy being Jamaican, walking around the city and buying my own food,” she said.Untapped tourist destinationFor Gary Powell, a retired Jamaican living in London, Kingston is an untapped tourist destination.“I’m a firm believer that downtown Kingston should be redeveloped. There has been some progress in this regard; however, some people are now seeing the light. When I walk downtown, I see the beautiful architecture of the buildings, which show the rich multi-culture of the city,” he observed.Kingston’s redevelopment underwayThe Urban Development Corporation (UDC) is the government entity responsible for the redevelopment of downtown Kingston. The corporation recently disclosed it had partnered with Jamaica’s private sector to provide tourists with a “total cultural immersion,” through the development of downtown Kingston.It’s predicted the “rooms for visitors” program will serve as short-term accommodation for tourists wanting to visit Kingston’s inner cities. Some tourists have expressed interest in exploring the streets of the former home of reggae and Rastafarian Ambassador Bob Marley, and its surrounding environs in Trench Town, Tivoli and Rose Town.World Bank’s recommendationMeanwhile, the World Bank has recommended that Jamaica diversifies its enclave, “all-inclusive,” tourism product, to embrace: ecotourism, cultural tourism and farm tourism.Earl Jarrett, chairman of the Jamaica 55 Diaspora Conference, speaking at the Diaspora Conference said,“The Jamaican Diaspora has contributed to Jamaica socially, culturally and economically. For many years, it have brought much needed expertise, financial support, return visits to boost tourism; and provide an outlet for Jamaican exports, thereby contributing directly to economic growth and job creation.”last_img read more

Ity & Fancy Cat coming to Fort Lauderdale

first_imgSouth Florida will be treated to “An Evening of Comedy and Culture” featuring Jamaica’s top comedy duo, Ity & Fancy Cat, renowned actor, educator and stand-up comic, Blakka Ellis, entertainer and musician extraordinaire Harold Davis, the young and talented singer Kristen Alicia along with other performers. Scheduled for Saturday, April 21, 2018 6pm – 9pm at THE AFRICAN AMERICAN RESEARCH LIBRARY & CULTURAL CENTER, 2650 Sistrunk Blvd., in Fort Lauderdale, the evening promises to be a delightful mix of music and comedy, offering something for everyone to enjoy.The event is a fundraiser to assist children in need and will benefit the restoration of the ‘Walkers Place of Safety for Children’ which was recently destroyed by fire in Jamaica.Ity and Fancy Cat is unquestionably the hottest comedy act in the English-speaking Caribbean. This innovative, inventive and inspiring duo has captured hearts, engendered praise and evoked uncontrollable laughter among audiences all over the world for over two decades.  Their hugely successful groundbreaking television series The Ity and Fancy Cat show has garnered them a solid global fan base and their rich, wide-ranging repertoire carries resonant appeal that crosses all age, social and cultural boundaries.Blakka Ellis, got the attention of the public as half of the Bello & Blakka duo in the early eighties. This talented performing artist, writer, educator and motivational speaker, has been part of the Caribbean arts and entertainment landscape for over three decades. Known mostly for his comedic ingenuity, he has written scripts for stage, screen and television, taught in high schools and lectured at colleges in Jamaica and Canada. Blakka will definitely captivate the audience with his down-to-earth humor and commentary on life in the Caribbean.  On the musical front, accomplished pianist, jazz and reggae singer Harold Davis, will bring his charismatic stage presence and voice, presenting his distinctively Jamaican sound/style which incorporates various genres of contemporary jazz and reggae selection.   Rising star Kristine Alicia will boldly deliver music with a message; “music of freedom and elevation” as she describes it. Whether on stage, in the streets or online, Kristine Alicia delivers a consistent message: Love God, love people and stand for justice. Her honest approach to music is refreshing and touches people in a way that piques their interest in who she is and what she truly believes.Tickets are available on Eventbrite and EventsRUsOnline or by phone at 954-648-2800. The event is presented by The Dr Sue and You Charitable Foundation Inc. (DSCF), a 501(c)3, in partnership with Kreative Konnectionz, and sponsored by the Friends of the African American Research Library & Cultural Center, Jamaica National Bank, The Excelsior Alumni Association, EventsRUsOnline, Riddims Marketing, DavidiPhotolast_img read more

Guyana government awaits ruling by Speaker, hints at taking matter to…

first_imgGEORGETOWN, Guyana – The Guyana government says it will await a ruling of the Speaker of Parliament, Dr. Barton Scotland, regarding the successful motion of no confidence filed by the opposition earlier this month, even as it hinted at taking the matter to court.Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs, Basil Williams, said the government will rely on the ruling of the Speaker on the consequences of the December 21 motion of no-confidence that was successfully tabled and debated by Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo, when the Parliament meets on Thursday.Williams, speaking on a television program here, said the government’s position has always been that the motion which passed by a vote of 33-32 with support from former government backbencher Charrandass Persaud, was not validly carried since the opposition needed 34 instead of 33 votes for an absolute majority.He said the Speaker has the power to revisit any decision he sees fit.“Parliament is actually supreme in its own arena. So, we are responsible for our internal rules and procedures. There are rules that can be changed by amending certain standing orders and once the vote is carried, then that is it,” Williams said, adding that the Speaker in his capacity, is preeminent, meaning that if he finds that an error has been made in any decision, it can be corrected.During his television interview, Williams brushed aside calls in some quarters for the coalition government of President David Granger to resign as a result of the vote.“Even if you say it (no-confidence motion) was validly passed, under Article 106:6 (of the Constitution), Article 106:7 says notwithstanding such defeat, the government shall remain in office and shall hold an election within three months”.Governments will be using precedentsMeanwhile, Public Security Minister, Khemraj Ramjattan, who also appeared on the television program, said the government would be using precedents as it relates to the passage of a no-confidence motion to build its argument during the next sitting of Parliament.“In view of what happened on the 21st when the Speaker of the House indicated that he is going to adjourn Parliament to deal with the consequences, we have decided that we are going to argue the case that it has not been a threshold figure that was arrived at” Ramjattan stated.He told viewers that “once the threshold figure is arrived at and we are now arguing it is 34 as against 33, then Article 106 is triggered, meaning that the elections must be held within a 90-day period.“However, we are saying that will have to now be determined by the Speaker because the internal arrangements of the House is headed by the Speaker and if the Speaker determines there is clearly a mistake in relation to computation of what the threshold level is and that could be corrected… we feel that is the way to go.”The Public Security Minister said while he recognises that immediately after the motion was passed there were statements by President Granger and Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo accepting the outcome of the motion, their statements were necessary based on what the government had felt at that time.Nevertheless, he said that after realizing that a mistake was made and that the constitution must not be subverted by a miscalculation, it has to be remedied.last_img read more

#DentalFeature: The Risks And Benefits Of Kissing On Oral Health

first_imgClose up of smiling couple kissing PLANTATION, Florida – It might be weird to think about in the moment but sharing a kiss can be beneficial to your mouth. This is because the act of kissing activates certain biological processes you might not be aware of.While there are benefits of kissing on oral health, risks also exist. Learn more about both the positive and negative oral health effects associated with this gesture.What’s Really Exchanged in a Kiss?According to a study done, you have over 700 species of bacteria and organisms in your mouth. These bacteria are found in your saliva and on your oral surfaces, including your teeth, tongue, cheeks and surrounding areas. As the study explains, your tongue, in particular, is responsible for many of the microorganisms that wind up in your saliva.So, what happens when two people kiss? In a single kiss lasting approximately 10 seconds, a whopping 80 million bacteria can be transferred from mouth to mouth!Benefits of Kissing on Oral HealthYou may question how the exchange of saliva and bacteria could possibly be healthy, but kissing may offer some notable oral health benefits.For starters, kissing can increase salivary flow. Saliva is important because it helps to wash away excess food debris in the mouth and neutralizes harmful acids that can cause tooth decay. Some organisms in your saliva can help to decrease bacterial growth and even slow down plaque formation. Certain organisms in saliva help stop the growth of harmful bacteria, such as those responsible for oral thrush or strains of Streptococcus bacteria, which play a part in tooth decay. In short, a healthy saliva flow promotes a healthy mouth.And while kissing isn’t a sure path to immunity, kissing exposes you to more germs, which can help to boost your immune system. So, to some degree, you’re strengthening your body’s resistance to infectious organisms when sharing a kiss!Risks of Swapping SalivaThere is always some risk of illness when meeting bodily fluid. Kissing can make you susceptible to contagious illnesses, such as the common cold, herpes simplex virus or certain mouth warts.Kissing can also transmit the bad bacteria that lead to cavities. This risk is particularly important to keep in mind when kissing babies and newborns. They don’t have the bacteria that cause tooth decay in their mouths at birth, but if someone with infected saliva kisses them, those bacteria can then colonize.How to Maintain Oral Health When KissingThe act of kissing has its benefits and risks, and it can ultimately affect your oral health. Follow these tips and best practices to ensure that your gesture has no unintended consequences:Avoid kissing babies directly on the lips to prevent putting them at risk for tooth decay.Do not kiss someone if you — or they — are ill or have any mouth sores present.Maintain optimal oral hygiene, which includes brushing your teeth twice daily, flossing once daily and visiting your dentist every six months.It’s in everyone’s best interest to maintain excellent oral and bodily health. Keep in mind these risks and benefits of kissing on oral health and feel good about sharing this intimate gesture safely!Dr Sharon Robinson, DDS, owns and operates the Dental Place in Plantation, Florida, with a second office – the Dental Place Cosmetix Spa in Kingston, Jamaica. She may be contacted at 954-792-1857. Visit their website, www.dentalplace4u.comlast_img read more

NOTORIOUSLY PRETTY – McGregor vs Mayweather

first_imgOn Tuesday, July 11, 2012, the pair appeared in front of thousands of fans at a news conference in Los Angeles – both with venomous words enough to sink a ship. McGregor was the first of the fighters to taunt their rival“Little legs, little head…the movement, power, ferociousness – he has not experienced this…” McGregor said.Mayweather responded in kind “I guarantee you’re going out on your face or your back. We know ‘Mr Tap Out’ likes to quit and you will wave that white flag.”The LA conference was the first of four events called to promote the Las Vegas fight which will reportedly earn each man around one hundred million dollars ($100m). Surely, it seems the reward for the combatants is the drive as this fight most likely in years ahead wouldn’t be dissected by scholars, or put in jars containing jots of some of the great Boxing bouts.To those on the ‘circus’ divide, and the few eagerly anticipating this blockbuster, one thing is certain, we all would be entertained, even more than the bore fest that was Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Manny Pacquiao.Photo Credit – ReutersRelatedVIDEO: Watch Jose Mourinho Give His Verdict On Mayweather Vs McGregor FightAugust 25, 2017In “Sports”Mayweather v McGregor: Fight Will End Early And “Won’t Go The Distance”, Says MayweatherAugust 11, 2017In “Sports”VIDEO: Watch Floyd Mayweather Defeat McGregor To Make Boxing HistoryAugust 27, 2017In “Sports” Boxing – A COMBAT sport in which two people wearing protective gloves throw punches at each other for a predetermined set of time in a boxing ring.Mixed martial arts (MMA) – A full-contact COMBAT sport that allows both striking and grappling, both standing and on the ground, using techniques from other combat sports and martial arts.This isn’t a definition class, but an article on what I term an “acceptable anomaly” on the proposed BOXING bout involving a career-long pugilist and a mixed martial artist.Goose bumps, Stomach butterflies, Mouth agape – were bit part reactions when the official announcement was made on a fight involving reigning UFC Lightweight Champion, Connor McGregor against American undefeated professional boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. A former fighter, Bernard Hopkins tagged the fight “a circus”. Truly, it’s hard to carpet that remark albeit cynical from the former boxer.How does a man who all his life has mastered the act of engaging in professional combat with gloves battle he who knows not more than mixed martial art? It is much like having Jan-Ove Waldner, the man widely regarded as being the greatest table tennis player of all time; take on Lawn Tennis legend, Roger Federer – because (Tennis) is involved in their craft. Befuddling!Experts believe this fight is tolerable based on the definition above, both fighters are COMBATANTS.last_img read more

Eagles End Impressive World Cup Qualifying Campaign With Draw

first_imgThe Super Eagles of Nigeria have ended their 2018 FIFA World Cup qualifying campaign with a 1-1 draw against the Fennec Foxes of Algeria thus preserving their unbeaten run in their group.Gernot Rohr’s team had earlier booked a place at next year’s tournament in Russia on Matchday 5 following a 1-0 win over Zambia however that didn’t stop the team from producing a dogged performance against the Algerians.Rohr made six changes to the team ahead of the Algeria game and they more than coped well with their hosts. After a goalless first half, Hapoel Beersheva midfielder John Ogu scored a long range effort after the interval to give Nigeria the lead.Algeria should have equalised through striker Islam Slimani but he fluffed his lined with the goal gaping. He was however saved by the referee’s decision to give the home side a soft penalty for Shehu Abdullahi’s tussle with Yacine Brahimi in the box.Brahimi thereafter netted the penalty to earn his side a 1-1 draw and also prevent new coach Rabah Madjer’s reign from starting with a defeat.The aforementioned Brahimi was lucky to still be on the field when the penalty incident occurred as he appeared to headbutt Abdullahi and was given a yellow card some minutes before he stepped up to convert the spot kick.The Super Eagles of Nigeria have been very impressive during the World Cup qualifiers with a return of 14 points from 6 games while Algeria will finish bottom of Group B (CAF section) with just 2 points.RelatedQatar 2022: Rohr Absent As Super Eagles Set To Discover World Cup Qualifying OpponentsJanuary 20, 2020In “Africa”AUDIO: Eagles Focused On Argentina Showdown After Algeria Stalemate-John OguNovember 12, 2017In “National Team”INSIDE AFCON 2019: Nigeria Battle Algeria as They Inch a Step Closer to Continental GloryJuly 13, 2019In “AFCON”last_img read more

Liverpool 1-1 Chelsea: Willian Strike Cancels Out Salah Opener

first_imgLiverpool and Chelsea slipped further in the race for the English Premier League (EPL) title after both sides played out an entertaining 1-1 draw at Anfield in what was a Matchday 13 clash.Chelsea created the better chances in the first half but failed to convert any and they paid dearly for it twenty minutes after the interval in the form of their former player Mohammed Salah who scored for the hosts.In reaction to Liverpool’s goal, Chelsea manager Antonio Conte sent on Cesc Fabegras, Pedro and Willian and it was the Brazilian forward who rewarded his manager’s decision with a cross-shot to earn a valuable point for the champions.The draw takes Chelsea to 26 points (they remain in 3rd position) and within eight points of Manchester City while Liverpool also stay in 5th spot with 23 points. A win would have taken the Reds above Tottenham Hotspur into the top 4.RelatedSalah Wins November Player Of The Month AwardDecember 15, 2017In “England”EPL: Jurgen Klopp Hails ‘Fantastic’ Salah Goal In Win Against ChelseaApril 15, 2019In “England”Premier League Review: Liverpool End City’s Unbeaten Run In Seven-Goal Thriller As Bournemouth Beat Arsenal For The First TimeJanuary 14, 2018In “England”last_img read more

EveryMatrix secures content agreement with Norsk Tipping

first_img Related Articles Jason Ader – No Boogeyman… Activism will play a vital part in reshaping gambling August 20, 2020 Share MoneyMatrix boosts wire transfer options by integrating Klarna’s Sofort August 24, 2020 Share Norsk Tipping has selected EveryMatrix to provide the iGaming integration platform for games from casino vendors including IGT, NetEnt, Quickspin, Novomatic, Magnet Gaming and Scientific Games.The Norwegian state lottery has selected EveryMatrix’s CasinoEngine following a competitive tender process with 10 other suppliers, which was kicked-started by the Norwegian government in April 2016.The deal, which will run for six years with the option for a further two years, also sees EveryMatrix assume responsibility for operational services and content provider support.Stian Hornsletten, EveryMatrix Executive Chairman, said: “Norsk Tipping will bring one of the best and most competitive product offerings to the Norwegian players.“Choosing to outsource the iGaming integration platform, as well as operational services surrounding the operation and support of their gaming vendors, is an excellent decision that allows Norsk Tipping to swiftly and efficiently bring a competitive product to the market.”Norsk Tipping reported H1 2016 revenues of NOK249m (£23m) with a year on year growth of 25%, which should bring the total 2016 revenues to well above NOK500m (£46m). The company said that it expects annual revenue to be between NOK400m and NOK620m, split on a shared revenue basis between the operator, content providers, EveryMatrix, and Norsk Tipping’s primary platform provider.Hornsletten continued: “Being a Norwegian, this is a big milestone and achievement for me personally, but also for our company due to size and the competition for this tender.“We have invested heavily in brand new software and platforms over the last two years. That Norsk Tipping chose our CasinoEngine clearly shows that the hard work and effort we have dedicated are also what the market is looking for.” Submit SG OpenMarket approval sees SportCaller expand FTP distribution capacity August 18, 2020 StumbleUponlast_img read more

GambleAware provides guidance for evaluating responsible gambling

first_imgShare StumbleUpon GambleAware: Engage those with lived experience of gambling harms August 28, 2020 Related Articles Marc Etches to step down as CEO of GambleAware in 2021 August 14, 2020 YGAM focuses on BAME community engagement with CVR link-up August 21, 2020 GambleAware, the UK charity committed to minimising gambling related harm, has published a set of resources to help the industry evaluate its responsible gambling initiatives.These published resources have been aimed at executives who want to better understand the shaping of harm minimisation and managers who are running trials or pilot campaigns to counter the problem, as well as corporate social responsibility teams and treatment services who need to use evaluation to improve and demonstrate the effectiveness of their support.The resources, which include a practical guide for using evaluation, are designed for anyone setting up or trying to improve a responsible gambling or harm-minimisation action. It includes frequently asked questions that align with the Responsible Gambling Strategy Board’s Evaluation Protocol.Clare Wyllie, GambleAware Director of Research and Evaluation, said: “One of the five top priorities of the National Responsible Gambling Strategy is ‘to build a culture where new initiatives are routinely evaluated and findings put into practice’. We hope that these resources help the gambling industry to understand what works to minimise harm, so it can invest in actions that make a difference.”The charity, which raised a record-breaking £8 million for the 12 months ending 31 March, was backed in January by the Responsible Gambling Strategy Board (RGSB) to reach its target of £10 million each year in voluntary contributions from the gambling industry operating in Great Britain. Submit Sharelast_img read more