Paying the Dues: Keeping the Faith

first_imgDear Editor,Thursday, September 19, 2019, was indeed an eventful day of progress and setbacks. We of the PPP and PPP/C are keeping the faith in our Guyanese people and in Guyana; keeping our eyes on creating an ever more prosperous, ever brighter future; overcoming and putting our hurt feelings aside, seeking and focusing on paths to keep Guyanese and Guyana whole through the twists and turns of life.I will not pretend: unhappy, disappointed and angry we have often been in the way our non-conforming President and non-resigning Cabinet have played things out since December 21, 2018, trying and testing our faith, implicitly daring us on a number of occasions to take it or leave it.But we will persevere in that good fight, carrying on the fight of Cheddi Jagan, Founder of the PAC, the PPP and the PPP/C: Cheddi Jagan, that first-generation Guyanese who must have had a large portion of rebellious, revolutionary yet responsible, compromising and constructive nature in his genes; and who has been second to none in sacrificing and paying his dues for his commitment to the people and land to whom he was born.History records the efforts and sacrifices of Cheddi, and his colleagues in the leadership and membership as a whole, and the lengths to which they went to make the leadership of the PAC and the PPP from their founding in 1946 and 1950 respectively, representative of all of the people of our country.Clearly, Cheddi would have known of the arguments, that in an essentially bi-racial society such as ours, with our history, stage of development, and overlapping of significant differences amongst our peoples, it would have been a huge challenge if at all possible, to attract a membership and generate a leadership representative of all of the people of our country. Cheddi accepted that challenge and could never accept that his party, the PPP, could ever be looking to win membership from only one race, speak for only one race, advocate for only one race or be concerned about the well-being of only one race, and not for all Guyanese and all Guyana.Cheddi and the PPP have been paying the price for swimming against the tide, without rancour and bitterness: from the split of 1955, the anti- PP propaganda from the run-up to the 1957 and 1961 elections through our troubled times of 1962, 1963, 1964 and that long period of openly unfair and rigged elections from 1964-1992.Thus it was that Cheddi and the PPP, when free and fair elections once again appeared to be likely, who reached out to embrace all Guyanese whatever their history as long as they were not then hostile to the PPP and were willing to work with the PPP, to form the PPP/C. That call has been maintained and is emphasised again and many Guyanese, recognising their past distorted views of the PPP, have been finding welcome.Editor, the leadership of the PNC, PNCR, APNU and the coalition is aware of and has been exploiting the paradox, that it is he/she/they who have already given more to something, having more invested in it, who have more to lose are the ones who continue contributing more. We see good returns of the dues that we have been paying. We of the PPP and PPP/C see good reason to be optimistic that the walls of ethnic insecurity are crumbling however slowly, and that more and more, our deeds and realistic programmes bringing benefits to all will be rewarded with our peoples’ votes.To be frank, many of us not getting what we expected might be questioning the choice of Chairman of GECOM, but just think that we might have been, still, today, without a Chairman of GECOM; and yes we would have wanted a Chairman who might have more deliberately and precipitously reversed the imposition of that suspicious H2H new registration and thrown it all out. As pointed out by GECOM’s legal adviser, Excellence Dazzell and later acknowledged by the CEO, Mr Keith Lowenfield, the list of the last LGE in 2018 could have been refreshed and we could have had elections this October/November. Would that have been the occasion for the disturbances of which our former AG, Basil Williams has been hinting? (Something that should be a matter of regret and not a threat).Therefore, should it not now be seen that the Leader of the Opposition and General Secretary of the PPP, walking in the footsteps of previous PPP leaders, has been providing Guyana with the leadership of growing maturity, responsibility and wisdom?Mr President, name the date for elections and let’s get on with it!Yours sincerely,Samuel A A HindsFormer President and former Prime Ministerlast_img read more

IPL 2017: Tight security at Chinnaswamy after ‘bomb scare’

first_imgSecurity was tightened in and around Chinnaswamy Stadium here for the IPL-10 match between hosts Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) and Rising Pune Supergiant (RPS) after a bomb scare, which was later found to be a hoax, police said on Sunday.”Security has been tightened and vigil stepped up though no bomb or any harmful object was found in a bag left at a bus stop adjacent to one of the stadium gates,” Bengaluru Additional Commissioner of Police Malini Krishnamoorthy told IANS. RCB vs RPS Live updates herePolice personnel deployed at the venue went into a tizzy when an unidentified bag was found on a bench at the bus stop near VIP gate number 1 during a security drill earlier in the day. On being searched, the bag was found to contain some old clothes wrapped in newspaper. Chris Gayle dropped again as Shane Watson returns”Someone who may have slept on the bench overnight must have left it (bag) behind or some miscreants would have tried to play mischief. The fact that it was found shows our security is in place with strict vigil,” reiterated Krishnamoorthy.The bomb scare worried the police as it reminded them of the twin bomb blasts outside the stadium on April 17, 2010 at an Indian Premier League match between RCB and Mumbai Indians (MI), in which 15 people were injured. The match was delayed by hour.”High security is always provided for the IPL matches as thousands of fans come to the stadium and crowd management is a challenging task for us. Besides sanitising the entire venue, we make elaborate arrangements to ensure the security of fans and players,” said another police official.advertisementAbout 1,100 personnel from the city police, state reserve police and two teams of special forces from the state anti-terror squad are deployed around the stadium to maintain law and order and prevent any untoward incident.”In addition to surveillance cameras installed in and around the venue, we have a bomb detection and disposal squad, and a dog squad to ensure fool-proof security,” added the official.As part of stringent security, fans are not allowed to take even handbags, water bottles, food packets, helmets, power-banks or any item with them into the stands. Special counters have been set up outside the stadium to deposit them before entering the gates.last_img read more