Women’s alliance

first_imgby Jonathan Bailey A petition has been started to save Oxford’s last remaining women-only college. Worried by debate on the governing body of St Hilda’s about whether to allow men to enter the college, the Oxford University Student Union (OUSU) has rallied to the defence of single-sex education. Those organising the petition claim that single-sex colleges provide the sort of atmosphere in which some women thrive. Rosalind Dampier, Women’s officer at the OUSU, suggests that “many women prefer working in a single-sex environment, which is often more supportive and less dominated by old-fashioned patriarchal ideas about women’s abilities.” She also points out that for cultural or religious reasons some women “would not even be able to take up their place at Oxford if St. Hilda’s didn’t exist.” It is this equality of opportunity which the proponents of women-only colleges claim, is so essential in a world where “there is still much to be done before we can claim full equality of the sexes especially given that in Oxford women make up less than 50% of undergraduates and 30% of graduate students and 20% of tutors”. Some members of St Hilda’s are unconvinced by the OUSU’s claims; Rachel Todd, a fresher, said “all you have to do is look at the branding of us as ‘Hildabeasts’ to realise that the all-female environment doesn’t create real equality”. Others students point out that once they leave Oxford they will not have the option of applying to a women-only workplace and that by creating one at university, St Hilda’s is not helping them in the long term. With a thousand signatures in less than a week of campaigning, the OUSU clearly have some support. They have even taken the unprecedented step of allying themselves with the Cambridge University Student Union, who are trying to keep men out of their women-only colleges.ARCHIVE: 1st Week MT2003last_img read more

Press release: UK and France to strengthen ties in AI and data

first_img The UK is a digital dynamo, increasingly recognised across the world as a place where ingenuity and innovation can flourish. We are home to four in ten of Europe’s tech businesses worth more than $1 billion and London is the AI capital of Europe. France is also doing great work in this area, and these new partnerships show the strength and depth of our respective tech industries and are the first stage in us developing a closer working relationship. This will help us better serve our citizens and provide a boost for our digital economies. Alan Wilson, CEO of The Alan Turing Institute, said: Digital Secretary Matt Hancock will today visit Paris to announce a package of measures to strengthen ties between the UK and France’s digital industries.The aim is to boost both countries’ digital economies and forge closer links between cutting-edge companies from both nations.Mr Hancock will address a landmark bilateral conference on data and the digital economy alongside his French counterpart, Mounir Mahjoubi. He will confirm the UK’s world-leading centre for AI and data, The Alan Turing Institute, is signing an agreement with the French institute, DATAIA, to promote collaboration between the French and British sectors.It will see the two organisations pursue collaborative research in areas of shared interest – for example, in fairness and transparency in the design and implementation of algorithms.They will also work together to share expertise, paving the way for visiting researchers to spend time at each Institute and hosting joint workshops and funding calls.At the UK-France Digital Colloque – a summit of more than 350 businesses, researchers and officials from both countries – Mr Hancock and Mr Majoubi will also sign an accord on digital government. This will commit to extending their cooperation in the digital sector – on innovation, artificial intelligence, data and digital administration.Mr Hancock will also confirm London-based Entrepreneur First, a beacon for the UK’s excellence in developing tech talent, is to continue its global expansion with a new Paris office. He will also bang the drum for British tech and promote the opportunities for business-to-business collaboration at a breakfast meeting with business leaders.Digital Secretary Matt Hancock said: New agreement will see countries’ leading research centres deepen collaboration National governments sign five-year accord to work together to improve digital services London start-up accelerator Entrepreneur First to open fifth international office in Paris Matt Clifford, EF co-founder and CEO, said:center_img EF exists to enable the world’s most ambitious people build extraordinary companies. It was founded in London, where we’ve already helped spark the development of high growth companies from scratch. As we continue our global expansion we’re looking forward to working with France’s future founders and strengthening the ties between business and investors in both countries. The fundamental goal behind all our research is to build a data and AI enriched world for the benefit of all. In order to do this, it is critical to forge international collaborations and share our knowledge, expertise and ideas with other research centres around the world. The Institute and DATAIA both share a vision for building research in data science and AI which crosses disciplinary boundaries and recognises the societal implications of data and algorithms. It is a pleasure to kickstart this engagement and we look forward to working with them to advance UK and French excellence in this area. Notes to editorsDigital ColloqueThe UK and France are world leaders in the digitisation of public services and are developing a data ecosystem which supports policy makers, corporates and startups using data from across the spectrum of closed, shared and open data.The Digital Colloque will see leading policymakers and industry experts discuss the technologies revolutionizing the world.It follows the commitment made by the President Emmanuel Macron and Prime Minister Theresa May during the France-UK Summit in January 2018 to boost cooperation in these fields.This Colloque builds on the success of the inaugural UK France Data Summit 2017 in London and the UK-France Summit in Sandhurst in January 2018, where both countries agreed to foster bilateral discussions on digital issues.It comes ahead of the French presidency of the G7 in 2019 and British presidency in 2021 to promote their shared vision on Global challenges.More than 350 businesses, researchers and officials from both the UK and France are due to attend the Colloque.Entrepreneur FirstEntrepreneur First (EF) was founded in London in 2011 by Matt Clifford and Alice Bentinck to connect the world’s most ambitious technologists to the best investors globally. EF’s bespoke programme, the first of its kind in the world, helps outstanding individuals to find co-founders and investment, and build high growth technology companies from scratch.Entrepreneur First, started in London in 2011, is a beacon for the UK’s excellence in developing tech talent, and already has sites in Singapore, Berlin and Hong Kong.Its alumni include Magic Pony Technology, led by Rob Bishop and Zehan Wang, which was acquired by Twitter for £150m. Magic Pony’s founders, Rob Bishop and Zehan Wang, studied together at Imperial College, and met at Entrepreneur First.To date EF – which opened its Singapore office in 2016 and this year opened in Berlin and Hong Kong – has helped over 1,000 individuals build over 150 companies with a total valuation of over $1 billion. EF’s companies have been funded by some of the world’s leaving venture investors in Europe and Silicon Valley.And EF itself has also raised from some of the world’s best investors,including Reid Hoffman (founder of LinkedIn), Demis Hassabis (founder of DeepMind), Greylock Partners, Mosaic Ventures, Founders Fund, Lakestar and more.last_img read more

Letters to the Editor for Tuesday, Feb. 19

first_imgCategories: Letters to the Editor, OpinionTake party politics out of Ballston SpaIt was disappointing to learn that Larry Woolbright declined the Democratic Party nomination for Ballston Spa mayor. The statement released in explanation of his decision rings hollow. It asserts that “politics cannot take center stage to what is most important, getting our finances in order.” Mr. Woolbright’s actions speak louder than his words. Rather than embracing the nomination as an indication of his commitment to that principle, he has chosen partisanship.Apparently, it’s more important to be seen as the Republican candidate for mayor than to welcome the votes of those who prefer to vote Democratic. Mr. Woolbright’s statement also insults the intelligence of the electorate whose votes he seeks. Does he truly believe that Ballston Spa voters are so gullible the they will vote a straight ticket because the Democratic line is first on the ballot? The Democratic Party has fielded well-qualified candidates for the position of trustees who have made specific proposals to address the financial mess that village finds itself in.  Let voters judge the candidates on their merits, not their party affiliation. The financial crisis in the village developed on the Republican Party’s watch. Spurning the overture of the Democratic Party in this election is a step in the wrong direction. Sadly, it’s politics as usual.Bill McPhersonBallston Spa Our video gaming facilities and casinos welcome an examination of gambling addiction services, which state Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli called for in his most recent audit (“Foss: State ill prepared to address problem gambling,” Feb. 6). But we are already committed to comprehensive responsible gaming programs. As members of the National Council on Problem Gaming, NYGA’s video gaming facilities and casinos strictly adhere to established practices to ensure a safe environment that protects patrons. We deliver comprehensive training to staff to identify at-risk patrons, provide support and educational services to patrons, and have exclusion policies in place to help people battling addiction.At the same time, please don’t dismiss the positive impact that the gaming industry is having across our region and state. NYGA facilities now employ over 5,500 employees, including 620 at Saratoga Casino Hotel, and we’re delivering on the promise of gaming expansion.All told, the industry can reliably claim a total economic impact for the state of $2.5 billion for 2017. And for every $10 spent at a casino, over $4 goes back to funding New York schools. Video gaming facilities and casinos are proud to provide resources for the education of New York’s children, make it easier for New Yorkers to raise families, and support vibrant communities.Michael KaneAlbanyThe writer is the president of the New York Gaming Association.More from The Daily Gazette:EDITORIAL: Urgent: Today is the last day to complete the censusFoss: Should main downtown branch of the Schenectady County Public Library reopen?EDITORIAL: Beware of voter intimidationEDITORIAL: Thruway tax unfair to working motoristsEDITORIAL: Find a way to get family members into nursing homes Our problems lie in believing in TrumpIn Mr. Callahan’s Feb. 12 letter regarding political division and blaming someone who isn’t even in politics at the moment shows his own discourse and division. He shows how his one-sided conservatism rules his thinking. In his thinking, the votes of all the citizens in two of our states, California and New York, s shouldn’t even count because they are “ liberal” states. I guess that’s his definition of democracy. Then he mentions putting partisan politics aside, then blames only one side for all our problems. There have been 34 indictments so far of this president’s people, constant lying and misleading statements to the American people every day, not through the press, but directly through his tweets and speeches, and constant belittling and bullying. Yet he blames our country’s discourse on others? Our country’s biggest problem lies in people who keep believing in this deplorable man.Randy HaynerSchenectady State does address problem gamblingResponsible gambling isn’t just a buzzword for the members of New York’s Gaming Association. last_img read more

Senvion Gathers 10MW+ Offshore Wind Turbine Team

first_imgGerman wind turbine manufacturer Senvion has partnered with EnBW and R&D institutes such as DTU, ECN and Fraunhofer IWES, among others, to jointly develop a 10MW+ offshore wind turbine.Senvion has also, in collaboration with partners, submitted an application for a Horizon 2020 funding to the European Commission for the project.The pan-European consortium led by Senvion has gathered around the ReaLCoE project with the aim of developing a next generation double-digit MW offshore wind turbine for clean, competitive electricity. The project is expected to trigger hundreds of millions of Euros of investment into the European clean tech sector.In May 2017, Senvion announced the development of a 10MW+ turbine for the offshore business. By the implementation of an integrated approach within the consortium project, the company is said to take a further step forward in this development.Over the course of nearly one year, 150 participants from nine countries prepared the ReaLCoE project content throughout three workshops in Hamburg.Throughout the project, the consortium plans to develop, install, demonstrate, operate and test a technology platform for the first prototype of a double-digit rated capacity turbine in a realistic offshore environment.“Senvion anticipates being a front-runner in the offshore business with double-digit rated capacities. “ReaLCoE’s” vision is to unleash the full potential of offshore wind energy to be in direct competition with conventional energy sources in electricity markets worldwide. This will be achieved by innovating and combining multiple disciplines within the offshore sector,” Jürgen Geissinger, CEO at Senvion, said.”This will make it possible to leverage on the efficiencies and LCoE reduction potentials in every link of the value chain. The contribution of the European Commission would kickstart new collaborative partnerships and begin the transformation of the offshore wind energy sector towards a truly digital industrial sector.”According to Senvion, the company has invited Europe’s most experienced offshore industry stakeholders and innovative SMEs to join this value adding partnership. This vision comes to reality through the vertical integration of the value chain by moving from sequential to modular and parallel development, testing and certification and new forms of cooperation, Senvion said.“Interchangeable components and parallel testing and certification will lead to a much faster time to market. Increased operational lifetime and lower service and maintenance requirement will substantially reduce LCoE. This robust, reliable and modular turbine design allows us to easily customize the turbine to different markets and client requirements,” Geissinger saidlast_img read more