Woman rescued from River Shannon in Limerick

first_imgLocal backlash over Aer Lingus threat woman rescued from Shannon River A woman has been rescued from the River Shannon by Gardaí and firefighters in Limerick City. Housing 37 Compulsory Purchase Orders issued as council takes action on derelict sites TAGSLimerick City and CountyNews Advertisement “She was taken from the water alive which is always a great result,” said a reliable source. Print WhatsApp Twitter NewsHealthWoman rescued from River Shannon in LimerickBy David Raleigh – April 17, 2020 4385 Linkedin TechPost | Episode 9 | Pay with Google, WAZE – the new Google Maps? and Speak don’t Type! The woman entered the water at what is locally referred to as the Treaty Stone, near Thomond Bridge, around 3.20pm, Friday.A major rescue operation took place involving Gardaí, a boat crew of three members attached to Limerick Marine Search and Rescue Service, as well as local fire service personnel.According to a reliable eye-witness, Gardaí threw the woman a lifebuoy, before she was recovered from the water by a swift water rescue technician boat crew attached to Limerick City and County Fire and Rescue Service.Another reliable source said the woman was transferred to St Michaels Boat Club slipway and handed over to HSE paramedics.The woman was transferred by ambulance to University Hospital Limerick where her condition is believed to be stable. Is Aer Lingus taking flight from Shannon? Limerick on Covid watch list RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR Facebook Email Shannon Airport braced for a devastating blow Previous articleLimerick Post Show | 17 April, 2020Next articleGardaí investigating multi-vehicle collision near Clare-Limerick border David Raleigh last_img read more

Time to put your cards on the table

first_imgTime to put your cards on the tableOn 22 Jul 2003 in Personnel Today The Information and Consultation Directive will take time and resources toimplement, which is why HR must ensure it is not left to the last minute.Roisin Woolnough reportsEmployers need to think long and hard about how they communicate businessnews and changes to staff, following the Government’s announcement on theInformation and Consultation Directive. While the legislation itself does notrequire companies to have an employee consultative body, it does stipulate thatif just 10 per cent of the workforce demand it, then the company must provideit. What form that consultative body takes is to a certain extent left up to theemployer. The framework has taken into account the varied nature of existingarrangements between employers and employees, some of which are highlysuccessful, and the DTI has avoided a one-size fits all approach. One thing the DTI, employer and employee industry bodies are all agreed uponis that companies should at the very least establish if they comply with thedirective and what the business implications are. Any organisations that fallfoul of the directive could face a fine of up to £75,000. “HR people are going to want to drive this initiative, rather thanrespond to demands from employees,” says Ken Allison, Head of HRConsulting at Bond Pearce. “There are good business reasons for doing itahead of time, so that you have the machinery in place and representatives canhandle their roles well.” The EU-legislation takes effect for companies with 150 employees or more inMarch 2005, in 2007 for those with 100 or more employees and in 2008 for thosewith 50 or more employees. Information and consultation means just that and nothing more. “People tend to think consultation is the same as negotiation, but itis not,” says Patrick Burns, director of advocacy for The Work Foundationconsultancy and think-tank. “Consultation still very much leaves decisionmaking in managers’ hands. The directive says a company must be prepared tolisten to employees’ views, state its own views and then make a decision,”he adds. The legislation came about because of EU concerns about the number ofcompanies making public announcements about fundamental changes to their businesses– such as restructuring and mass redundancies – with no prior warning to staff.Employees have to be informed and consulted on management decisions thataffect their future, and the consultation has to be meaningful. It also needsto be done right down to departmental level and at the time the decision-makingprocess is taking place – not when plans have already been finalised. “If the board signs this off, saying ‘Yes we must consult’, but thenthey go through the motions at national level, then there is a problem,”says Burns. “All the personnel we have spoken to said consultations haveto take place while there are still options and the decision can still beaffected.” If companies only pay lip service to the notion of consultation, Burns believesemployees and unions could bring about cases of non-compliance. “If I had to predict a potential flashpoint,” says Burns, “itwould be confidentiality. Accidental exposure is a problem, but not if peoplelearn from good management.” A major concern expressed by employers is that employee reps will leaksensitive corporate information, but Burns sees no reason why this shouldhappen if they understand what is expected of them. He says representativesneed to be given good training to ensure issues such as confidentiality are notbreached. Senior and middle management also need to understand just what theprocess entails, what information needs to be disseminated and when it shouldhappen. “It is very important to work out if both sides feel confident thatthey have the skills to deal with this,” says Burns. “Clarity is veryimportant as accidents of confidentiality often happen because protocols andprocedures are not clear enough.” It is up to HR to set the guidelines, audit the systems already in place,provide the framework, organise elections and monitor progress. That wholeprocess takes time and resources, which is why it is important that it is notleft until the very last minute. “It’s very hard to see how an organisation will get something set upthat is credible, functioning and compliant in under six months,” saysBurns. “You need to find out how well your system works and match it torequirements and have effective dialogue with employee representatives and atboard level.” Global companies also need to bear in mind how their EU counterpartsinteract with employees. “There are issues around links between UK arrangements and Europeanarrangements,” says Allison. “The works council in the UK would haveto nominate a rep to the EU council, which might be a lot more trade-uniondominated.” This could be tricky for employers and it’s up to HR to negotiate itsuccessfully. Whatever happens, Allison says that for employee councils to beeffective, companies need to set them up and treat them in an appropriatemanner. “Make sure it’s not imposed from the top – implement it in aconsultative way,” he says. weblinks www.cbi.org.uk www.dti.gov.uk  www.tuc.org.uk  www.theworkfoundation.co.uk  Philippa James, HR Officer at AlfalvalThe sales and services arm of Swedish process engineering manufacturerAlfalaval has had an employee representative body since mid-1999. “We started it because we had a new managing director who was very muchinto being open and communicating with employees,” says HR officerPhilippa James. Called the Employee Consultative Forum, it meets three times a year withfive representatives from different divisions of the business. Representativesfrom the UK’s 200-strong workforce are elected for a two-year period. “Employees can ask most questions they want to, particularly thingssuch as whether there are any areas that cause problems and office improvementsin working methods,” says James. The company will not discuss any issues that are deemed strictlyconfidential or anything relating to particular individuals, and the forum doesnot cover minor workplace issues, such as washroom provisions. “That’s forthe facilities people,” says James. Before each meeting, the agenda is set out so that suggestions can be putforward, and James says that employee opinion surveys show the staff feel theforum is working. On the question ‘I’m kept well informed on the company’sprogress’, the opinion surveys show that 50 per cent of employees agreed in2002, compared with 34.2 per cent in 2001. And the staff response to ‘Thecompany does a good job of keeping employees informed about matters affectingus’, showed an increase of 25 per cent from 2001 to 40.4 per cent in 2002. James feels the forum is fairly well aligned with the directive, althoughshe feels the company may need to make the processes a bit more in-depth in thefuture. www.alfalaval.com Information and consultation regulationsWhen will the regulations begin toapply to my company?Organisations which employ more than 150 employees will be liableto act on a staff request to set up a new information and consultation(I&C) body (a works council) from 23 March 2005 onwards. Where the organisations have more than 100 employees, theoperational date is 23 March 2007, and where the undertakings have more than 50employees, the operational date is 23 March 2008. As from those dates, the lawdoes not require employers to do anything. However, if requested by theiremployees, they will from those operational dates be required to commencenegotiations on the setting up of an information and consultation body/workscouncil. How will such a request for aninformation and consultation body/works council be triggered?Employers will be required to set up an I&C body when theyreceive a petition of more than 100 employees from within the undertaking. Thiskickstarts a process whereby the employer has six months in which to negotiatean I&C agreement. If an agreement is not reached, a lead-in period of afurther six months will operate, at the end of which the ‘default model’I&C body will automatically operate. In the next six months, the employer has the opportunity tocontinue to try to reach an agreement on a voluntary I&C body and/or toarrange the transition arrangements for the operation of the I&C defaultmodel.What is the position where myorganisation already has an I&C-type body such as a staff consultativeforum? Will this have to be disbanded?Unlike the position for European works councils, having anexisting agreed I&C body is not a complete defence to stop new negotiationsproceeding to set up a works council under the I&C regulations. However,the draft regulations do provide some limited measure of support in thissituation. Existing I&C arrangements can remain in place unless and until aformal petition, from more than 10 per cent of employees, is received. Where the employer wishes to preserve its existing staffconsultative forum, it has the option to call a ballot of all the employees inthe undertaking to vote on whether they want to proceed with the statutoryI&C negotiation process. If less than 40 per cent vote in favour ofprogressing with the negotiation for a new I&C agreement, then the employercan continue with the existing employee consultative forum, and the employeescannot submit a new petition for an I&C negotiation for a period of threeyears. Where the original petition to set the I&C negotiationprocess into motion is signed by at least 40 per cent of the employees in theundertaking, there is no entitlement for an employer to hold a ballot. Theemployer is forced to go ahead with the negotiation for a new I&Cagreement. What does the default modelprovide for?The draft regulations provide for information andconsultation in three areas:– The recent and probable development of the undertaking’sactivities and the economic situation– The current situation, structure and probable development ofemployment within the undertaking and any anticipated measures envisaged whichmay put a threat on employment within the undertaking– Decisions likely to lead to substantial changes in workorganisation or contractual relations, including collective redundancy and TUPEtransfersIn the first two of these, consultation is described as”an exchange of views or establishment for dialogue”. In the third –substantial changes in contractual relations and work organisation –consultation is defined as “with a view to reaching agreement”. Itshould be noted that this ‘higher’ level of consultation comes close to a formof negotiation, and would include subjects such as terms and conditions, hoursof work, methods of work, places of work, use of machinery and equipment atwork, changed methods of working, and so on.  Interestingly, the I&C Regulations referto “decisions likely to lead to substantial changes of work organisationand contractual relations”. In addition, the default model has provisions relating toconfidentiality. Unlike the position for European works councils, the draftregulations (in their current form) limit the employer’s ability to withholdconfidential information to where disclosure of it would, judged objectively,seriously harm or prejudice the undertaking. What is the timeframe for myorganisation to negotiate an I&C agreement before the default modelstructure is applied?There is an initial negotiation period of six months, beginningwith the date when the petition for the start of the negotiation process isreceived by the employer. If an agreement is not reached by the end of thatperiod, the default model will automatically apply, but there is a furthersix-month lead-in period for the employer to make arrangements for this – forexample, employee elections. At any time, the parties can extend the period ofnegotiations for an I&C agreement. Employers must do the following, all within the six-monthperiod:– Carry out an audit of its existing I&C arrangements– Develop a strategy on I&C– Educate and brief senior management– Manage employee expectations– Devise and implement the employee communication programmes onI&C– Develop an I&C agreement with which to begin negotiations– Train line managers on I&C– Arrange for the election of employee representatives tonegotiate the I&C agreement– Actually negotiate the I&C agreementSix months is a very short timescale to do all this, and ithighlights the importance of doing the preparatory work well ahead of the March2005 deadline.Compiled by Fraser Younson,partner, McDermott, Will & EmeryFive key points for hrKen Allison’s five key points that HRneeds to get right:– Have clear and realistic expectations of what the processwill deliver and what it is for, so that employees do not think it is anegotiating body– Display a willingness to discuss substantial issues soemployees find it meaningful– Ensure staff representatives are trained properly andunderstand their roles– Manage the agenda and communications strategy. Everyone needsto know when consultation is going on– Ensure that senior management commitment is visibleThe legalitiesThe legislation comes into effect forcompanies of:– 150 employees or more in March 2005– 100 employees or more in March 2007– 50 employees or more in March 2008Employee requests only have to be acted upon if 10 per cent ofthe workforce are behind the motion. If the employer already has a consultative agreement withemployees, then 40 per cent of the workforce need to endorse the 10 per centrequest for a review to be mandatory. How the directive is implemented is up tothe employer and employees to decide, unless they cannot agree, in which casethere are standard directive provisions.Claire Logan, organisationalchange manager at SafewaySafeway set up what it callsColleague Councils in March this year. It started with four councils and hassince added another. “We have gone for a staged implementation approach andthen we will roll it out across the whole company,” says Claire Logan,organisational change manager at Safeway, which employs 90,000 in its 480stores across the UK. Each council meets once a month, with between seven and 10representatives, and two weeks later, representatives from those councils go toa Total Council Meeting. “Individual council meetings provide the agenda for theTotal Council Meeting,” says Logan. “That ranges from discussionsabout pensions through to piloting a corporate training programme. If there areparticular initiatives we are wanting to work through we talk to them prior togetting board approval.”Logan says there have been teething problems in the informationflow. “The timing of the meetings is a challenge,” she says.”You need to balance how often you meet with having enough time for peopleto get feedback on the outcomes and generate ideas and suggestions. You need toget that right for it to be effective.”Each council member represents between 50-100 people and 47members have been trained so far. The training focuses on the legal issues.There are council sponsors at a senior level and meetings arechaired by an HR facilitator. Logan says acting as a facilitator swallows upsome HR hours, as does typing up the minutes, but that they have also savedtime and resources through trialling the training programme with the reps. www.safeway.co.uk Comments are closed. Previous Article Next Article Related posts:No related photos.last_img read more

Thomas leads Colorado State past Utah Valley 92-61

first_img Associated Press Written by FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailFORT COLLINS, Colo. (AP) — Dischon Thomas came off the bench to score 18 points on 7-of-8 shooting and Colorado State breezed to a 92-61 victory over Utah Valley on Sunday.Thomas hit all four of his free throws and grabbed six rebounds for the Rams (6-3), who won for a third straight time. Isaiah Stevens, Kris Martin and David Roddy all scored 10 as Colorado State shot 59% from the floor, including 58% (7 of 12) from 3-point range.Casdon Jardine had 15 points on 5-of-8 shooting from beyond the arc for the Wolverines (4-5), who have lost four of their last five games. Emmanuel Olojakpoke added 11 points, while Jamison Overton scored 10. TJ Washington, whose 17 points per game heading into the matchup led Utah Valley, was held to five points on 2-of-13 shooting. December 1, 2019 /Sports News – Local Thomas leads Colorado State past Utah Valley 92-61 Tags: Colorado State Rams/Dischon Thomas/UVU Wolverines Basketballlast_img read more

92-Year-Old Woman Detained With Four Kilos Of Cocaine Hidden On Her Body

first_imgBy Dialogo October 21, 2009 A 92-year-old woman and her companion have been detained in the Madrid-Barajas airport by officers of the Civil Guard, who seized 4,300 grams of narcotics hidden on various parts of the arrested woman’s body. According to a statement, the detentions took place on Friday following the arrival of a flight from São Paulo (Brazil). The attitude of one of the travelers on this flight, who was being transported in a wheelchair, aroused the suspicions of the police officers. The elderly woman and her companion were on their way to take a flight headed for the Spanish island of Tenerife, and when the officers moved to carry out the appropriate inspection, the companion began “a crazed flight.” According to sources, the elderly woman was subjected to a search, in the course of which it was discovered that she was carrying several packets with a weight of 4,300 grams of cocaine hidden on her body, for which reason she was detained. Immediately thereafter, a search was begun in Terminal 4 for the nonagenarian’s companion, a 44-year-old woman of Uruguayan nationality, who was trying to leave the Madrid airport and who was also arrested.last_img read more

There’s a self-storage unit with your name on it

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Gallardo, Brewers blank Braves in Atlanta

first_imgYovani Gallardo allowed just two hits in eight scoreless innings Friday to lead the Brewers past the Braves in Atlanta.[/media-credit]ATLANTA (AP) — Yovani Gallardo doesn’t mind waiting a bit longer for his first career shutout.Sharing a combined shutout with Carlos Villanueva was fine with him, as long as it meant another win for first-place Milwaukee.Gallardo gave up only two hits in eight scoreless innings, rookie Mat Gamel drove in three runs and the NL Central-leading Brewers shut out the Atlanta Braves 4-0 on Friday night.Gallardo (6-2) walked four with six strikeouts and gave up no singles in eight innings. He allowed no baserunner past second base and threw 110 pitches. The pitch count was too high to start the ninth.“I have no problem with it,” Gallardo said of Milwaukee manager Ken Macha’s decision to bring in Villanueva for the ninth. “I’m just happy we got the win. … I keep going until they tell me not to.”Macha said he resisted the thought of leaving the 23-year-old Gallardo in the game.“We’ve been trying to watch his pitch count,” Macha said.“I’m sure he would have liked to have gotten the complete-game shutout.”The Braves’ only hits off Gallardo were doubles — in the third inning by Martin Prado and in the seventh by Brian McCann.“He’s got unbelievable breaking stuff, knows where the fastball is going,” Braves manager Bobby Cox said. “He really is a dominant-type pitcher. I can’t complain.”Villanueva completed the shutout with a perfect ninth inning.Gamel hit a two-run double in the fourth to drive in Prince Fielder and Mike Cameron. Gamel added a run-scoring single in the Brewers’ two-run fifth, raising his batting average from .229 to .256 in his seventh start at third base.“I’m finally getting comfortable with my stats,” Gamel said.“I’m ready for whatever they want me to do — spot start, pinch-hit or whatever.”Gamel started ahead of Bill Hall, who’s hitting only .211 and entered as a defensive replacement.Gallardo, who pitched eight scoreless innings but received no decision in the Brewers’ 1-0 win over St. Louis in 10 innings on May 25, has allowed one earned run in his last three starts.“I felt good,” he said. “The first three innings, my command was a little bit off. As the game went on, I was able to get that under control.”The Brewers began the night tied with St. Louis for first place in the NL Central.Jair Jurrjens (5-3) suffered in first loss in seven starts, giving up nine hits and four runs in seven innings.“We saw two of the best young pitchers in the game today,” McCann said.Cox called Jurrjens’ effort “one of the best nine-hitters I’ve ever seen in my life.”Each starter finished with a 2.84 ERA.Gallardo said he was motivated by the matchup.“He is a good pitcher,” Gallardo said of Jurrjens. “He has good stuff. Everybody knew it would be a pretty good matchup.”Center fielder Nate McLouth was 0-for-4 in his debut with Atlanta. The Braves acquired McLouth from Pittsburgh for three minor leaguers on Wednesday.“It was a little weird,” said McLouth, who was drafted by the Pirates. “I kept feeling like I was the visiting team. But that will pass as time goes on.”The Braves hope the addition of McLouth, who hit third, will spark their offense. Instead, they suffered their sixth shutout loss and set a season low with only two hits.“I know we didn’t look good swinging the bats,” Cox said, adding credit went to Gallardo.Pinch-hitter Greg Norton threatened to end Gallardo’s shutout bid in the eighth when his long drive into the right-field seats was foul by only a few feet. read more

Analysis: Lakers’ plodding pace in coaching search came back to bite them

first_imgThe Lakers seemed to think they were his only option. But Lue had another one: Staying out of work. And in doing so, Lue might have shown definitively that he was their best choice.That misinterpretation of leverage now leaves the Lakers not starting completely from the bottom, but close to it. Kidd and Howard are still in the running, and ESPN reported that former Indiana and Orlando coach Frank Vogel would be interviewing Thursday as the Lakers attempt to speed up their process. The experienced coaches that the Lakers are interviewing have a common thread: Kidd, Vogel, Mike Woodson and Lionel Hollins have all worked as head coaches at least twice before, and been fired from their last jobs at least more than a year ago.There’s a month-and-a-half until the NBA Draft (workouts have already begun) and less than two months until the July 1 start of free agency, and for all the salary cap space the Lakers possess, they still don’t have a coach.If the Lakers had urgency from the start, they might look a lot more stable than they do now. Trail Blazers, Grizzlies advance to NBA play-in game; Suns, Spurs see playoff dreams dashed Trail Blazers beat Grizzlies in play-in, earn first-round series with the Lakers That left the Lakers with three candidates, but just one obvious choice for both success and experience: Lue. Indeed, within hours after the Suns announced their hire, reports surfaced that the Lakers were readying an offer for Lue – not actually yet fielding an offer, but still preparing despite being three weeks into their search. Still, it seemed inevitable: Lue apparently felt good enough about the prospect that he posed in front of a Lakers-themed birthday cake in Las Vegas for his birthday.But when there’s one serious candidate, it reduces leverage, and not content to simply get their man, the Lakers tried to negotiate to limit his security and control – two factors that no coach would want limited.A concern the Lakers had about Walton – the experience of his staff – was passed on to Lue. The Athletic reported that the Lakers wished to dictate at least a few of his assistants, including former head coach Jason Kidd, who was competing with Lue for the job. The Lakers also limited the years in their offer: a reported $18 million over three years, concurrent with the timeline that James is under contract.Given that Walton was given a five-year deal in 2016 (with the fifth year as a team option), Lue could have interpreted that offer as a lack of conviction that the Lakers would keep him on past the James era.Perhaps the Lakers could have pushed hard on compensation. Perhaps they could have pushed hard on staff. But pushing hard on both proved to be too much for Lue, who walked away Wednesday. It’s easy to understand how a coach would feel undermined by the nature of those discussions – particularly one who has already won a championship and coached the star the Lakers wanted him to coach.ESPN reported that the Lakers were unprepared that Lue might turn away, which seems naive. While Lue hasn’t been mixed in with other open job searches (and one is for his replacement in Cleveland), he is still being paid off by the Cavaliers for an undisclosed sum that is likely several million dollars. He also has struggled with health issues in the past related to the stresses of coaching, taking a break in 2018 to change his lifestyle.Related Articles Lakers practice early hoping to answer all questions AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREUCLA alum Kenny Clark signs four-year contract extension with PackersLue’s connections to the Lakers have been evident and compelling since before the position came open. Though just 42, Lue coached the Cavaliers to three straight NBA Finals, winning it all in 2016 with LeBron James. Coaching James has long been a high-stakes, high-pressure job, and only Mike Brown, Erik Spoelstra and Lue have done it with sustainable success. As a former Laker who played under Phil Jackson and alongside Kobe Bryant, there were franchise ties there as well.Speculation rumbled from the moment Lue was fired just six games into the season after a falling out with Cavaliers management. Lue-to-Lakers rumors were hot enough that James’ old coach thought it necessary to reach out to his new coach midseason and tell Luke Walton he wasn’t trying to take his job, according to The Athletic.But when Walton and the Lakers parted ways on April 12, Lue immediately was considered by most observers to be the frontrunner, particularly alongside the other candidates the Lakers grouped him with. From the field, Lue was the only coach who had worked directly with James, who is under contract for at least two more years (the third is a player option) and the only one to have won a championship.If Lue was the clubhouse favorite early on with the Lakers, they didn’t outwardly show it, taking a week to sit down for their first interview with Lue, then leisurely proceeding with sitdowns with 76ers assistant Monty Williams, former coach Jason Kidd and Heat assistant Juwan Howard. ESPN described Lue’s first interview as “relaxed and broad,” without getting into heavy detail – as if the Lakers had all the time in the world.With at least one candidate, they did not. Monty Williams quickly came into additional demand when the Phoenix Suns fired Igor Kokoskov, reportedly in part because they wanted to hire Williams. While hiring a fifth head coach in just four years was controversial, it was a bold move that showed the Suns’ desire to bring in Williams as their top choice. Eventually, that eagerness paid off when Williams agreed to terms on a five-year deal on May 3, having gone through two interviews with the Lakers but reportedly never receiving an offer.center_img How athletes protesting the national anthem has evolved over 17 years Lakers, Clippers schedules set for first round of NBA playoffs In the hours after Magic Johnson shocked the world and every level of the Lakers organization with his resignation, there was no sense where the franchise would head next, but there was a promise as to how it would proceed.A three-paragraph statement, presumably approved by team owner Jeanie Buss, wished Johnson well, and then offered this: “We will work in a measured and methodical fashion to make the right moves for the future of our organization.”It’s now been a month since that day, and the Lakers are still facing perilous uncertainty heading into a critical summer. It’s apparent from the trickling in of head coaching interviews in that span that there has been slow progress, but a high-profile breakdown of negotiations with Tyronn Lue, the most obvious candidate, has set the search back and reflected poorly on the organization.As the Lakers start interviews with a second round of candidates, it seems apt to question if taking this much time has hurt their process – if “measured and methodical” has practically translated to being painfully flat-footed in a process led by General Manager Rob Pelinka and overseen by team owner Jeanie Buss. Newsroom GuidelinesNews TipsContact UsReport an Errorlast_img read more

Wellington Police Notes: Friday, Sept. 16 – Sunday, Sept. 18, 2016

first_imgWellington Police notes: Friday, Sept. 16 – Sunday, Sept. 18, 2016: Friday, September 16, 2016•3:13 a.m. Megan M. Putter, 34, Wellington was issued a notice to appear for defective tag light.•12:35 p.m. Officers investigated criminal damage to property by known suspect in the 200 block N. B, Wellington.•4:36 p.m. Officers took a report of suspicious activity in the 100 block E. Maple, Wellington.•5:03 p.m. Officers took a report of lost wallet in the 2000 block E. 16th, Wellington.•5:40 p.m. Officers investigated criminal threat and criminal use of a weapon in the 1100 block E. 16th, Wellington.•8:24 p.m. Aaron K. Campbell, 32, El Dorado, Kans. was arrested, charged and confined with criminal threat and criminal use of a weapon.Saturday, September 17, 2016•10:18 a.m. Jessica N. Saenz, 30, Winfield, was arrested and confined on two Cowley County Warrants for failure to appear and one Butler County Warrant for failure to appear.•6:13 p.m. Officers took a report of an animal bite by known owner in the 1300 block W. 16th, Wellington.•6:34 p.m. Officers conducted a courtesy motor vehicle accident report involving vehicles operated by William H. Walker, 74, Conway Springs, and Katherine A. Jones, 64, Belle Plaine.•9:54 p.m. Officers investigated violation of a protection order in the 1400 block Michigan, Wellington by known suspect.•11:01 p.m. Jeanne L. Escobar, 45, Wellington was issued a notice to appear for driving while license is suspended and defective tail light in the 1800 block E 16th, Wellington.Sunday, September 18, 2016•1:20 p.m. Officers took a report of suspicious activity in the 1400 block N. B, Wellington.•6:24 p.m. Officers took a report of suspicious activity in the 400 block S. Blaine, Wellington.•6:52 p.m. Officers took a report of suspicious activity in the 100 block E. 20th, Wellington.•7:13 p.m. Officers investigated a theft of cell phone in the 300 block E. 15th. Wellington.•7:35 p.m. Officers took a report of suspicious activity in the area of Michigan, Wellington.last_img read more

Government Drops Effort to Silence Michael Cohen Before Book Release

first_imgFor their part, probation authorities told Hellerstein in court documents that Cohen was sent back to prison for refusing to sign a form that would have banned him from publishing the book or communicating with the media or public.The Bureau of Prisons has claimed that any assertion that the re-imprisonment of Cohen “was a retaliatory action is patently false.”Cohen was released to home confinement last Friday, after being at the prison since July 9.Sources say his book will offer details on the circumstances that led him to plead guilty to campaign finance charges and subsequently blame Trump for allegedly directing him to commit those crimes.The charges resulted from Cohen’s efforts to arrange payouts during the 2016 presidential race to keep porn actress Stormy Daniels and model Karen McDougal from making public claims of extramarital affairs with Trump. The president has repeatedly denied the affairs.In a written declaration, Cohen said that his book “will provide graphic and unflattering details about the President’s behavior behind closed doors.” The U.S. government on Thursday dropped its effort to silence President Trump’s former personal lawyer, saying it will no longer demand that Michael Cohen avoid speaking with the media in the weeks before his book about Trump is released.An agreement between the government’s lawyers and Cohen’s attorney, Danya Perry, lifting the media ban that was keeping Cohen from speaking publicly now awaits a federal judge’s signature.Cohen is now completing the last two years of a three-year prison sentence at home after pleading guilty to campaign finance charges and lying to Congress.He was temporarily released from prison last May due to fears about the coronavirus, and was returned there in June, after announcing that he planned to publish a book that is critical of the president.Additionally, Cohen stated in court papers that the book, titled, “Disloyal: The True Story of Michael Cohen, Former Personal Attorney to President Donald J. Trump,” will be released before the November election.The 53-year-old Cohen had sued federal prison officials and U.S. Attorney General William Barr, arguing that he was ordered back to prison simply because of the book.However, U.S. Judge Alvin K. Hellerstein last week ordered that Cohen be released, saying that the government had retaliated and violated his First Amendment rights.last_img read more

Opening act

first_imgThe 2010 baseball season has begun in Pittsburgh but if the Pirates aren’t careful, their heads may be the trophy hanging on the walls of a few MLB franchises. The season had some pomp and ceremony happening prior to the Los Angeles Dodgers taking the field. Pregame festivities profiled the first home game of the season by honoring Pirate outfielder Andrew McCutchen as the 2009 Baseball America Rookie of the Year. Pirates general manager Neal Huntington and Pirates manager John Russell presented McCutchen with a framed print to commemorate the event. In my opinion, McCutchen was brought up a year late. He should have been the 2008 ML Baseball America Rookie of the Year.Although extremely talented, McCutchen still has an innocence about him. He says, “Just to be able to wake up and say I’m in Pittsburgh and I’m opening up at home is great. It’s a dream come true for me just because it’s something new. I really can’t map out my No. 1 moment because it’s all been great—from opening day to just being in a Pittsburgh Pirate uniform. It’s all been an honor. It’s all been a dream.” Well, let’s hope that the dream doesn’t turn into a nightmare for the Pirates or their fans.Opening day is almost always a day of hope. Every team is 0-0, riding a no loss winning streak, tied for first place. At this embryonic point in the season every club is chasing a playoff spot and a imaginary world series ring.But let’s get to the game, in the top of the first, Pirates’ starter Zack Duke gave up a walk and two hits and before you could say “Dave Littlefield,” the Pirates were down 2-0.But in the bottom of the inning right fielder Garrett Jones went yard with a man on base and just like that it was a 2-2 ballgame. The Pirates triple outfield threat of McCutcheon, Milledge and Jones, if kept together and healthy, might cause a small bit of damage this season. There is always an air of optimism when the season begins. There is always a chance to do good things but eventually the cream rises to the top.I watched the Pirates during pre-game batting practice. There was an air of hope surrounding the club. When I watched the Dodgers warm up they had an air of expectation. It was if they expected to win. The Pirates must forego keeping hope alive, they must keep winning alive. They must stop staggering and start swaggering. They must cease being the opening act for MLB competition and become the headliner. Pittsburgh must become more “lumber company” and less “slumber company.” Hey, in case you didn’t know the Pirates beat the Dodgers by the score of 11-5. Hooray, the Bucs are undefeated.* * *Late last week somewhere in La-La land the Washington Redskins went goo, goo, ga, ga and went and got themselves a quarterback. Philadelphia Eagles QB Donovan McNabb was traded to the Skins for two unceremonious draft picks in 2010 and 2011. The 2009 starting QB for the Redskins, Jason Campbell, might as well begin to sing his final aria in the key of “S” because it is definitely soup time. Mr. Campbell was given many opportunities to lead Washington down the road to respectability but it seemed like he never really could grasp the complexities of an NFL offense nor could he adequately read NFL defenses. Now I know a few folks that have a color issue but that is asinine, to say the least. No I tell you McNabb just happened to ply his trade in a city that hates everyone and every team that does not deliver championships. This is a city that in the past had a sitting magistrate on site to deliver justice to the disenchanted rough- neck fans from the city of “brotherly love,” instantly and expeditiously.McNabb, with all his talent, just could never muster up enough “uumph” to finish the job. Also, when McNabb was transformed from the Michael Vick-like QB that he was when he was drafted out of Syracuse and forced to become a “pocket-back” something changed. The fiery, artful dodger, like atmosphere that he brought to the huddle, was subsequently squashed. His play on the field and his attitude in the huddle became more cerebral and less spiritual and spontaneous.That is what made McNabb exciting to watch. You could not figure out whether he was going to run or pass. Defensive coordinators were up all night with their acid reflux kicking in full gear not knowing which game plan to implement. The Eagles are going to miss Donovan. Head coach Andy Reid is going to miss Donovan. And if the one of the latest acquisitions for the “Skins” ex-Steelers running back “fast” Willie Parker sharpens up his pass catching skills, well Mr. McNabb may be just what the doctor ordered.(Aubrey Bruce can be reached at: [email protected] or 412.583.6741.)last_img read more