‘Baseload’ renewables coming to Australia

first_img FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享Renew Economy:Australia is currently experiencing an unprecedented boom in solar and wind energy investments, both in terms of capacity and dollars. It will likely take the country to a 33 percent share of renewables as early as 2020.But there is another fascinating development taking place–as more and more wind and solar is added to the grid, the shape of their output is also changing, and in a way that should give confidence about a clean energy future based around a high level of variable renewable energy sources.Two significant trends that are emerging: the first is the offering of “firming contracts” to those looking to source a significant amount of their supply from wind and solar, but wary of wholesale price risks when the sun don’t shine and the wind don’t blow. The second is the development of projects that do much the same thing but this time by the physical combination of wind, solar and some form of storage at the one site, or nearby. Proposals and projects are now emerging across the country.One of the first “solar firming” products came from TFS Green, who helped put together a package for ERM Power that takes the risk out of contracting with a solar farm. This is a product that simply seeks to manage the risk from variable solar output by providing price swaps. It allows a solar plant to provide a customer with a firm price for a flat load.Roger Price, the CEO of Windlab, also talks of fully dispatchable renewables–or, to borrow the parlance of the coal lobby, “baseload renewables”, with the Kennedy Energy Park inland from Townsville. The first stage of this project is being built now, combining 43 MW of wind, 15 MW of solar, and 4 MWh of Tesla battery storage. “It’s the perfect match,” Price says. “You get solar in middle of the day, the wind resource picks up as the sun starts to set, blows through night, then drops after the solar” emerges for the morning peak.And, of course, there is the Kidston project in North Queensland, not far from Kennedy, where Genex Power is looking to combine 270 MW solar and 250 MW of pumped hydro, with maybe 6-8 hours storage, and then add 150 MW wind power for good measure.More: The changing shape of wind and solar in Australia’s grid ‘Baseload’ renewables coming to Australialast_img read more

Deshaun Watson has ‘love and respect’ for NFL legend and idol Tom Brady after win

first_imgThis was the just the second win for Houston Texans over the New England Patriots since 2010, and Deshaun Watson was clearly overjoyed with the win. Speaking after the game, Watson said that since Tom Brady had been his role model, it was “pretty awesome” to get one over the Patriots star. The Texans quarterback continued by saying that since Tom Brady is one of the greatest NFL players of all time, he had to get one over Brady before the Patriots star hung up his boots. Deshaun Watson then proceeded to say that there was nothing but “love and respect” between the two after the win.Also Read | Tom Brady Net Worth, NFL Salary, And What Next For Patriots’ Quarterback 9 months ago LeBron James, Tom Brady exchange hilarious retirement tweets with each other FOLLOW US Colin DCunha 9 months ago Gronkowski will be in Miami for Super Bowl as party host SUBSCRIBE TO US Last Updated: 2nd December, 2019 15:05 IST Deshaun Watson Has ‘love And Respect’ For NFL Legend And Idol Tom Brady After Win Deshaun Watson’s Houston Texans emerged victorious over the New England Patriots this weekend. Watson had a few words regarding his idol, Patriots’ Tom Brady. Tom Brady a ‘resource’ – Deshaun Watson after Texans beat Patriots 28-22When asked if Tom Brady had any advice for him, Deshaun Watson said that Tom Brady congratulated him on the win. Watson also revealed that he had been in touch with Tom Brady and that they were going to have a talk in the offseason. He continued by saying that having Brady as a resource to learn from is an opportunity he is going to grab with both hands.Deshaun Watson threw three touchdown passes and had the first touchdown reception of his career during the win against the Patriots this past weekend. A win against Deshaun Watson’s Houston Texans would have meant that Tom Brady’s New England Patriots could have become the first AFC team to clinch a playoff spot in the NFL this season. However, the Texans clearly had other ideas as they successfully frustrated the Patriots during the win. Tom Brady looked visibly frustrated at the NRG Stadium as the Patriots quarterback was pictured yelling at his receivers during the game.Also Read | Gronkowski Will Be In Miami For Super Bowl As Party HostThe Baltimore Ravens can now take the No. 1 seed in the AFC if they match the Patriots’ record the rest of the way. Both teams have a 10-2 record so far. However, Baltimore have the tiebreaker and as such, remain in the driver’s seat for the top seed in the AFC. Also Read | Vita Vea Disappears And So Does Dwayne Haskins WE RECOMMEND First Published: 2nd December, 2019 15:05 ISTcenter_img COMMENT WATCH US LIVE Written By 9 months ago Vita Vea disappears and so does Dwayne Haskins 9 months ago Tom Brady net worth, NFL salary, and what next for Patriots’ quarterback They say that you should never meet your heroes for fear of disappointment, but Houston Texans QB Deshaun Watson begs to differ. Deshaun Watson’s Houston Texans registered a 28-22 victory over defending NFL Champions New England Patriots. However, it appears that beating a Tom Brady-led team was a sweeter victory for Deshaun Watson.Also Read | Rob Gronkowski Slams Tom Brady And Patriots For ‘negative Mood’ Ahead Of Cowboys Win LIVE TV 9 months ago Rob Gronkowski slams Tom Brady and Patriots for ‘negative mood’ ahead of Cowboys winlast_img read more